Part 5

        Meanwhile back at the campsite where Trunks and Marron were sleeping, Marron was not sleeping very well.  She kept tossing and turning and her entire face was covered in sweat.  She finally woke up screaming, startling Trunks who woke up too.  Her heart was beating very fast and her breathing was very, very heavy.
        “Marron, are you okay?” Trunks asked going over to her.  Marron flung herself into his arms and cried hard onto his chest.  Trunks was so shocked by her actions that he didn’t know what to do.  He just held her tightly and rubbed her back.
        “Marron, it’s alright.  You were just having a nightmare.  Everything is fine now.”  Marron broke out of his embrace.
        “No Trunks!” said Marron.  “Everything is not fine.  Because that wasn’t just a dream, it was my past too.”
        “Your past?” asked Trunks getting confused.  “What do you mean?”
        “I suppose that I might as well tell you.  I am from planet Earth.”
        “Planet Earth,” said Trunks.  “But planet Earth was destroyed by Freeza eight years ago.”
        “And I saw the entire thing happen,” said Marron.  “I’m sure as you know that Kami was the guardian of Earth for many years.  Well on his death bed Kami asked my father Krillin to take over his job.”
        “Your father is Krillin!”
        “Yes, and when my father took over the job, life was at peace for a while. But then early one morning something wasn’t right.  Both my father and my mother could feel it.  Some of Freeza’s men were going from city to city attacking innocent people.  My father and mother went off to fight and told me to stay at home.  But I followed them anyway.  They confronted Freeza and he killed my father instantly.  Captain Ginyu noticed me and tried to bring me toward Freeza but I was so upset about my father’s death that my power level went crazy.  And I ended up attacking Captain Ginyu.  I was about to destroy him completely when my mother grabbed me and flew home as fast as she could.  She put me inside a small spaceship and then launched it into space.  I’d just barely made it out of Earth’s atmosphere when I saw the planet explode.  Within a few minutes I had lost everything that I had ever loved.  My entire world was completely destroyed.  I had nowhere to go. I ended up traveling from planet to planet.  A few years ago I hooked up with Bra and we bought the Winnebago together.  Things were going fine until we had a little encounter with The Ginyu Force.  We just barely made it out of there with out lives.  We had to borrow money from Garlic Jr. in order to repair the ship, but we haven’t been able to pay him back.  So now if we don’t pay him back then there will be a great price on our heads. That’s why we need the reward money.  I have to admit that I didn’t want to get involved because I new that if Captain Ginyu found out that I was helping you it would put us all in danger.  And now everything is going wrong. I’m sorry that I put you through all this.”
        “Marron!  I’m sorry, I had no idea,” said Trunks.  “Look I owe you a big apology.  I was quite wrong about you; you are not the cold, heartless being that I thought you were.  You are very brave and very fearless.” Marron smiled.
        “I’m not fearless.”
        “You are compared to me,” said Trunks.  “Look this whole thing is not your fault.  It all started when I ran away.  I shouldn’t have done that, but at the time I didn’t know what else to do.”
        “If you don’t mind me asking, why did you leave your bride at the alter?”
        “I suppose that I might as well tell you,” said Trunks.  “I wasn’t in love with her.”
        “Then why were you going to marry her?” asked Marron.
        “That’s a good question,” said Trunks.  “Because I’m a prince and I have to marry a princess.  And technically she is the last princess left in the galaxy.”
        “Well, what are you going to do when you get home?”
        “I’m going to marry her.”
        “But you don’t love her!”
        “Yes that is true.  But I have to marry her.  You see I’m my family’s only heir.  And I also care about my people.  They need me to take over the throne after my father dies.”
        “You mean that you would give up your happiness for your family and your people.”
        “Yes!  Because they have done so much for me.”
        “Trunks it’s my turn to apologize now.  I was wrong about you.  I thought that you were nothing but a selfish, spoiled, little brat.  I think that you are the most unselfish person that I have ever met.”  Trunks smiled at Marron as he reached over to pull her into a hug.  After letting go the two of them just stared into each other’s eyes, they leaned closer and were about to kiss when Trunks stopped.
        “I’m sorry Marron but I can’t do this.  I can’t fall in love with you.”
        “But Trunks…”
        “Marron listen to me,” said Trunks.  “It wouldn’t work, I’m a prince and when I get home I have to marry a princess.  I think that we should just go back to sleep.”  And with that Trunks went back to sleep while Marron stayed awake thinking about what had just happened.