Part 6

        Soon the sun was beginning to rise and the group of four was still sleeping.  But not far from them was that same young Namek who had been following them the entire time.  He then opened up a small communication device that he was carrying with him.
        “This is a message for Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force.  I have located Prince Trunks and his friends.  Here on Solton, one of the Moons of Vega. If any other information is needed just contact Krilo.”  And within a few seconds the Ginyu Force received the message.
        “Captain Ginyu,” said Zarbon.  “We have located Prince Trunks, with the help of one of our spies.”
        “Solton, one of the Moons of Vega.”
        “Great, set a course for Solton,” said Captain Ginyu.  “Within 24 hours they will be our prisoners.”
        Meanwhile things were not going so well back on Solton, because the heat of the sun was incredible.  Not only that but Trunks, Marron, Goten and Bra could not find any water.  They kept walking, trying to see if they could find some source of fuel.  Finally it got to the point where Marron and Bra couldn’t walk any further.  So Trunks and Goten had to carry them. They tried to keep on moving but finally Goten realized that he could not go any further.
        “That’s it, Trunks, I can’t go any further.”  He was breathing very heavy.
        “Come on Goten, there’s just one more don to go.”
        “No, you said three dons ago.  I got no more left.  Oh, waiter, check please.”  And with that he dropped Bra on the ground and collapsed right next to her.
        “Must go on,” Trunks said to himself.  “Must go on.”  Then he realized that there was no use fighting it.  “Oh, who am I kidding?”  And he did the same thing; he dropped Marron to the ground and collapsed right next to her. Well it looked like the end for Trunks, Marron, Goten and Bra.  But just at that moment a group of young Nameks who were around the ages of 5 to 9, came walking up on the don where the four of them had collapsed.
        “Hey look!” one of them said.  They all rushed over to the four bodies lying on the desert.  “You think that they’re still alive?”
        “Only one way to find out,” another one said.  “Lets give them some water.”
  Within a few minutes Trunks started to wake up, Marron and the others did too.
        “Thank you,” said Trunks grateful.  Then he got a clear picture of whom his saviors were.  “Hey Marron are we in the United States?”
        “Well then how did we get to Disney Land?”  After their strength was returned the group of Nameks asked them to follow them.  And Trunks decided that, that would probably be the best thing to do since the Nameks know the planet best.  They followed them to a very large don, which was really a secret hideout.  Removing some of the sand, they opened a door that led down a bunch of stairs to a huge room.  The Nameks told Trunks and his friends to wait there.  Just then a young Namek walked in the room carrying a walking stick that was taller than he was.  He smiled at them.
        “Hello there, my name is Dende.”
        “Dende!” Trunks, Marron, Goten and Bra said together.
        “You’ve heard of me?”
        “Are you kidding?” said Trunks.  “Who hasn’t heard of Dende?”
        “Dende the Wise!” said Marron.
        “Dende the all-powerful!” said Bra.
        “Dende the Magnificent!” said Goten.
        “Thank you but I am just plain Dende.  But I am also the keeper of a great power.  The legendary Dragon Balls.”
        “And when the seven Dragon Balls are brought together, one has the power to summon the eternal Dragon.  And the Dragon will grant that person two wishes,” said Goten.
        “Correct,” said Dende.  “But now I am needed to help you four with your problems.”  The four of them just stared at Dende not knowing what to think.
        Meanwhile not far from the hideout Captain Ginyu, Zarbon and a few other soldiers were on Solton trying to find Prince Trunks.  They had been searching for least an hour and had no luck.  Finally Captain Ginyu stopped walking.
        “Something wrong Captain Ginyu?” asked Zarbon.
        “I’m feeling a strong power level, that is very, very close.  It’s coming from that don.”  He pointed to the hideout.  Zarbon walked over to the don and removed some of the sand and found the door.
        “Your right Captain Ginyu, there’s a secret entrance here.  I’ll call for an attack squad.”
        “No!  We can’t go in there.”
        “Because Dende is in there and he is the keeper of the legendary Dragon Balls and their power is far too great.”
        “Well then how are we going to go in there and get Prince Trunks?” asked Zarbon.
        “We will wait until nightfall and then we will not go in there.  They will come out to us.   And we’ll use Marron as the bait because I know Marron’s one weakness,” said Captain Ginyu with an evil smile on his face.