Name: Sara-Chan
Date of Birth: February 15, 1986 Dimension Four
Place of Birth: Planet Listol of the Nekos in Mepachu City
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Soft Brown / Reddish-Black
Eye Color: Ocean Blue / Red
Fur Color: Beige with black stripes
Marital Status: Let’s just say that I’m currently unmarried
Occupation: Guardian of Listol
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, Playing, Eating, and Talking / killing
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Sushi, Chinese, Chocolate, and Chocolate
Favorite Color: Hot Pink, Purple, Red and Black
First Time Turned Neko: When I was nine years old a girl was teasing me so I said something nasty to her and she slapped me. I lashed out and grazed her cheek with my nails. She cried and her friends all ganged up and began to kick me into the dirt. I then slowly turned Neko and flew into the air blowing them all away.
Personal Quote: Life is hard, eat chocolate. / Life is hard, eat someone.

---Part 2----

    “Retreat to Earth! Our energy source cannot submit life much more!” Captain Pludaima hissed, pushing the mother and her baby onto the escape ship.

    “But the child is Listol’s chosen guardian! You saw how the mother tree handled her! She needs to stay! And I need to raise her!” The mother pleaded and wept at the captain.

    Pludaima fought back tears. She knew the mother was the one to birth the guardian, but they just wouldn’t be able to survive on the planet now. The mother tree was dying. And it would take many years to re-grow the new one. Everyone would parish before they would be able to see it. “Listen I know the child is the guardian, Jedire, but you could not survive this barren place now. No one would. Now go to Earth. Perhaps you can take her back one day. When Kaiy spirit has re-grown the new tree. BUT NOW YOU MUST LEAVE! GET ON THAT SHIP!”

    The mother wailed one last time then solemnly climbed up to the deck. Baby in arms. Laying back in one of the life pods, the glanced down at her daughter. She cooed and purred peacefully, fist stuffed in her mouth. “Oh, my baby. One day you will return to Listol. But for now, you must grow up on earth. I will teach you what you need to know about our home. Then you will be able to defend our planet.”

    The child fell asleep in her arms. And soon the mother drifted off as well.

________________________8 YEARS LATER____________________

     Sara sat on the swings looking around the playground. She was unsure of herself. This was the first time she was allowed to be away from her mother. She looked over at her. Her mother was on a bench on the far end of the playground watching her. Sara felt slightly afraid because she knew that not everyone liked the Neko race. The people had their own share of weird races. But the Nekos had only been on Earth a few years and were rejected. Sara was afraid because she had seen how cruel people could be.

     She swung back and forth nervously for a little while, and then looked back over at her mother. Smiling, Jedire motioned for Sara to come back over to her. Sara grinned and started running toward her, feeling safer. But none too soon, before she even reached her mother, she ran smack into an older boy knocking them both down. Horrified, Sara scrambled backward. The boy stood up quickly and held out his hand to Sara. “Are you okay?” He asked.

     Sara was in shock. She was certain he would break her neck or something. She looked at his hand. Then looked up at him. Then hesitantly, she took his hand, careful not to scratch him with her claws and he helped her to her feet. She watched him run off and thanked him silently, slowly walking towards Jedire thinking. Why had he helped her? She ran into him and he had every right to get angry.

     Jedire took Sara in her arms and hugged her. Sara smiled and breathed in her mother’s scent. One day she would return to Listol. And she would prosper. Sara looked over her shoulder as her mother released her. She saw a little girl with long black hair and a black tail on the swings by herself. Sara walked over to the girl and sat in the swing next to her.

     The girl looked at her. “What’s your name?”

     Sara smiled purred inside. “I’m Sara.”

     The girl then grinned sweetly. “Hi Sara-Chan. Miz Ai-Chanieez!” Both girls began to giggle together, and the rest, as you might say, is HISTORY!