Hi Haruko! I just have a couple of question, y'know, concerning my fanfic. I need the opinions of as many people as possible.
1) What would you think if Aoi and Nusumi got together romantically?
2) If you watched the movie, "Titanic" (1997), did you like it?
  Okay! That's all! Thank you very much! Oh yeah, um...(oh man...) one favor. I mean, it's not really you please just make a lil' sketch of how you think Nusumi and Aoi look like? Just, y'know, a quick draft or whatever. I'm just curious of how people think of my made up characters. I'm so SORRY!!! You're probably dealing with a lot of stress and all so just FORGET IT!!! ... Okay, bai!
HaRUko^: 1) Personally I think they can be a cute couple! ^_^ (hey, happy ending for everybody okay? ^_^) 2) Oh, I LOVE that movie! I cried at the end too ^_^;;. The graphic effects were cool as well. But I just watched once tho.... o.o;. lol! I love to make a sketch of how Aoi and Nusumi-chan look like ^_^ But I guess you're right about the stress apart...^_^;;;; Hey dont worry, I'll keep that sketch ideas in mind ^_^.
what marronchan said was wrong. There are alot of tp fans out there who love marron as a person, just not as a girlfriend for Trunks. 
HaRUko^: There you have it. Not ALL TP fans hate Marron ^_^;.
I can't seem to open your e-mail link but I am the 2nd best artist in my school. My X is a little better. Could you e-mail me so I could send you some pics with `reply`? Thanks! 
HaRUko^: It's not really hard to send your pics to GTM ^_^. Just click on 'Compose' in your E-mail account, enter GTM e-mail addy and send your pics as attachments! Thats it! ^_^
hi haruko.i just wanted to say that I HATE THAT STUPID COUPLE WITH P&M!GEEZUS!dont you?according to the GT,they were only friends right?RIGHT?you wanna know why?because itsTRUNKS AND MARRON 4 EVER!!!!!thats why i love your dedicated it to that couple,besides g& the way,FINISH GREAT TEACHER GOTEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please?i love that story.time to express my feelings:i wanna SERIOUSLY SLAP THAT IDIOT WHO MADE GT!WITH TRUNKS AND HIS GAY SHORTS AND IGNORING MARRON THE WHOLE TIME!!!!dont you?you see,akira toriyama didnt make the gt series^-^but i bet he wouldve made it RIGHT!!!!!!by the way,please answer ALL my questions,NOW!!!!!!!!!!!please?    
HaRUko^: Woah...calm down...(o_o);; you're scaring me! When you said P&M, did you mean by Pan&Marron as a couple? Ehh...I don't think I'm into gay couples.. lol! I'll try to finish GTG as soon as possible...just don't kill me!! By the way, you're right about the GT Series. Akira Toriyama didn't made GT. But even if he did, I don't think he'll be focusing on small character such as Marron (sadly..). Anyway, Thanks for your complements, Lauralu! ^_^;;;;; *hides*
tp+gm fan:
 Arggggg....its not all one sided! If you havent noticed, tm fans are just as bad, if not worse than some of the tp fans. And lots of people hate Pan. Lots of people hate Chichi. Lots of people hate Bulam. Its The same. Its bound to happen, people WILL hate Marron. Its hard to like a charactor when you don't "know" them. Her personality is basicaly judged on the 4 minutes she had on screan! And shes not one of the most underapresated charactors! There are HEAPS more who have it worse!
HaRUko^: I'm sorry...maybe it's my bad english but what is 'underapresated'? o.o; Anyway, you are right. You just cannot expect everybody to like the same thing you do. As for the characters in the DBZ/GT series, a LOT people have no reason to like 'em  just because he/she appeared 4 minutes in the series (such as Marron who you mentioned). Then again, a LOT of people doesn't like at least one character just because they appeared TOO MUCH on the series (this explains why some people hated Pan, Chichi Bulma or any other popular characters)! Sometimes we just have to realize that every each one of us has different interests, tastes and even point of views. Everybody just gotta hate something! ^_^ And YES I do noticed TM fans just as bad. AND maybe worse. But I just don't get involved in this TM-TP squabble. Let's just say there are a lot of other important things out there ^_^;. Anyway, Thanks for your opinions! 
Do you have more pictures of Bra
HaRUko^: I'll try to get more rare pics of B-chan from the series. Make sure to check on the ScreenShots Section soon !^_^ 
Hey HaRUko^!!  I hope you remember me!  It's Lita-chan (the not so popular chicka in da old message ^_^!  Well, I just wanted to say "Hi!" because I haven't seen you in a long time and I miss talking to ya!!
p.s. I'm trying to start my own anime...with stories and even an RPG game on the computer.  If you have any good ideas(which I'm sure ya do) I'd be happy if you could help me a bit!  If your too busy, I understand :)Well, hope to talk to you soon!  <3 Jennifer(snowtigri)
HaRUko^: Hey Lita!! Of course I remember you! It's been a long time, huh ^_^. I loved to share some of my ideas for your anime. Sounds very interesting ^_^. We can talk about this on AIM hopefully soon! ^_^


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