Pan:Who is Pan married to?
HaRUko^: To be honest, I don't know. Actually nobody knows who Pan married to because they never show it in the series who she ended up with!
Kiko Sukino: Hey Hello there Hotaru I must say I am a huge fan of your work I swear I read Just a Feeling in one night I could not go to sleep until i was done it was great. I am a huge Goten and Bra fan,my girlfriend Marie likes them too but hey favotite is Trunks and Pan, personally I like Trunks and Marron more but I still love her. Well there are 2 things YOU MUST DO. 1: Finish Great Teacher Gotenand 2: Tell Bikini-chab to finish her fanmanga Dragon Ball Ultra, I have been waiting for updates for those forever, well see ya.
HaRUko^: Hey thanks! And I will TRY ^_^; to finish GTG when I have the time! Oh and if you wanna see more of DBU, look for the URL in the Links section! Say hi to your girlfriend!
Carolyn:Your pics, fanart and everything about your site is SOOOO lovely! I WOULD lOVE to see more fanfics on Bra, Goten , Marron and Trunks.Iam a major T/P fan but for some reason i just love T/M also! Maybe it's Marron's kawiiness of her looks with Trunks.But I hate t/p fans who bash Marron in their fanfics! It's just STUPID! Oh and i love your fanarts! Do you like Pan and Ubbu as a couple?(I think they would be a cute together!)
HaRUko^: Carolyn, you're the coolest TP fan I ever met! And like you, I also think that all these bashing stuffs are all stupid! I do like Ubbu and Pan as a couple! They're one of my fave actually ^_^. Anyway, Thanks!
Pan_Briefs: Why is Marron so stupid and idiotic and why do think that she could EVER be worthy of Trunks? i'm just wondering....g'day
HaRUko^: Boy, I wish there are more cool TP fans out there like Carolyn. But ah well, not all people in this world are nice. But hey, Why is PAN so stupid and idiotic and why do YOU think she could EVER be worthy of Trunks? Im just wondering. And no, I don't need to hear your answer because I don't care. Just as much as you wouldn't care mine. Good day!
Matthew Glen Spangler:Awesome site Harkuo!I look foward to it's new up dates.And could you tell Ai-chan to send what she has of Is It Just A Bet.I love TM as a couple dont you*my question dont work*Well I gotta run.bye
HaRUko^: Oh yeah, I love T&M, thank you ^_^! Actually I just updated more of Ai-chan's fanfic not so long ago O_O. Hey I think you should send her an e-mail or something and tell her to send more of her fics to GTM! We all LOVE her fics!
Gabriel:Is it true that there is goingto be a GTM show?When?
HaRUko^: Eh? No I don't think so there will be a GTM show O_O;. Where did you hear this stuff? lol!
elfs shoes:Who would you have most liked Pan to hook up with? (Don't be biest just cause you like tm, k? ^^)
HaRUko^: I would have to say Ubbu (who else?)! Ubbu respected Son Gokou as a mentor and as his own family. This made Ubbu grew closer with the Son's. I bet he still feels quite attached with the Son'e even after Gokou's death. I know, i know they never mention Ubbu and Pan in the anime. But just imagine: Ubbu has a 'thing' towards his mentor's grandaughter! ^_^ 
K-chan:R you a html master? Where did u learn htmls? I'm still having hard time with htmls. I luv ur layouts! I'm trying to improving my website's layout. Uhh.. its closed right now.. thats cuz i'm trying to learn to improve my layout. Anyway.. keep up good work!! ^-^_v ~K-chan
HaRUko^: lol! Noo K-chan, I'm not a HTML master (wish i am..). I used Netscape Composer to build my website ^_^ since its easy to use and all ^_^. But hey, good luck on your site! and Thanks!
Yukina:Hulloe... if you dunno,... I'm a regular visitor to yours site! I really like this site so much I bookmarked it on my PC. The Epics are excellent... and I love the Fan manga ' Don't Mess With Marron'... it's great... but how come there isn't much updates on the fanmanga section? It's really nice of you to set up this site for pple like us to see the possible futue of the dragonball offsprings... All The Best!
HaRUko^: Hey thanks Yukina! I'm still caught up with my job and all right now so im afraid I won't be updating the manga section anytime soon  ~_~ gomen-neh! But if I do have the time, I'll make sure I'll update it as soon as possible! 
Chichi-San:Is your ego big enough yet? It seems all you ever do is boast; "GTM-your #1 fanfic achieve!"  Ha, yeah right. Most fanfics in here are written poorly with far to many grammar mistakes. Besides, there are websites out there that are better by FAR than GTM.
HaRUko^: Em..Actually.. it's "GTM - your #1 fanfic ARCHIVE". And just because of that little thing you said all I do here is boast? O_O; And why do you have to insult all the poorly written fanfics here? That means you're insulting their efforts, not my website! These people, these fanfic writers who you said with poor grammars, have spent a lot of time to write something and all they want is for us and the others to read! And that's what GTM do, we post everyone's works. No matter how good or bad it was. I just don't get it why it bothers you so much. And yes, I DO know there are like MILLIONS of websites out there are better by FAR than my poor GTM! But guess what there are MILLIONS of sites out there who think their websites are better than the other one and some(or a LOT) websites even called their crappy little homepage as 'THE BEST ANIME SITE so on so on'! Why don't you send them an e-mail and tell them they have a huge ego too^_^. 

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