From Tokumei Kibon:Hi Rukawa! Hi HaRUko^  ^_^! I was just wondering if HaRuko^ was going to work on Great Teacher Goten any time soo ^_^ 
Rukawa: Hey, T.K! Haruko's still working on it! I already read some new chapters but I'm not sure when will she publish it!  
HaRUko^: As, Rukawa said, I'm working on it ^_^;;. I'm just lack of ideas for a while and now I'm busy with lotsa craps here...BUT!! I WILL try finish it soon! Thank you for asking!  
From Dude from hell:Doesn't Trunks look gay in his shorts? 
Rukawa: He looks gay alright. Some parts in DBGT, he even acted like a faggot! That's what sad about DBGT. They messed up a lot! Thank God they put away that stupid moutache on Vegeta's face! And as for Goten, what's with the purple pants?!?!  
HaRUko^: Not only the shorts made him look gay, but also that scarf around his neck! I know I drew Trunks for my arts in his shorts and scarf, but I'm just keeping the originalityof DBGT. But I really prefer he put something else! 
From Nikki-Chan: Hey ya Haruko and Rukawa!! Remember me!! It's me nichole Parrish!!! I've been comeing to this page sence god knows when!! I grew up now!! And everyone jumped me to Nikki-chan!! I had to leave this page for a bit and when I came back...HARUKO WAS GONE!!! So I asked Chibi-chan when you where comeing back and she answerd soon!!! I came from that day on every day and I've also been so tigted up with everything I fanily get to write!! I think your page gets better and better everytime I come! I'm also trying to make a page but I'm not getting very far YET!! I also wrote a new fic if your intersted!! And I finshed the otyer one.., i finshed "The Perfict Plan" I was going to send you the end but thats when I found out you were gone ^_^' Well I talk to much and see ya around!! BYE! 
Rukawa: It's great to hear from you,Nikki! Most of us was sad to hear that Haruko was leaving GTM for a while. She will be stillaround, but not always. And please!!! Send us more fics! We love receiving fics! Just send 'em in!  
HaRUko^: Hiiii Nichole! It's really been a while! I hope I can online full time just like the old days and chat with you! Hope to see you again this November! Oh yea! More fics pls!  
From marina mcgee:I swear this is the best t,m,g,b site ever!!!!!!!can u draw and send me a pic. of goten as Tom De Longe (blink-182)(the guitarist...)(all the smaal things guy) like I said before my favorite db site!!! I told all my riends about it... write back to me k? 
Rukawa:Hey, Thank you very much! And you told your friends about GTM? That's cool! We promise we will keep trying for the best!  
HaRUko^: Blink-182? LOL! Sure Marina. I will try to work on your arts. But don't expect it to be too soon,okey? I have a long lists on fanarts to finish ^_^". And thank you so much for being a loyal fan of GTM!   
From:Jewel: Why do u open the chatrrom only Friday and Saturday Night???   
Rukawa: The chatroom was opened sometime in May this year. The only month when Haruko was free while I was having my holiday ^^;. Well, Haruko was the one who set that scheduel...why don't I let Haruko herself answer that for you,hm?^^;    
HaRUko^: Hi Jewel ^_^. You see, the reason I made that because I'm only free during Saturday and Sunday mornings. And since most of my net freinds are Western it's Friday and Saturday nights for them! Timeline problems, I know ^_^; I hope I can hang out more in the chatroom! But wait until November! I will be online full time and the chatroom will be open everyday! 
From Kanki-chan:I love this site...GTM is the best...I've been coming here for more than a year know...I'm suprised everytime I come back here...its amazing.  ::jealousy:: I don't have any suggestions, I just want to say that I love this site and the whole thing inspired me to start my own! Thanks sooooooo much Haruko and Rukawa!   
Rukawa: MORE THAN A YEAR? Wow! That means You have been visiting GTM since it started! And thank you for your compliments on GTM! We are very happy to hear that. We will do our best to make this site as the best visiting site for the fans! And don't stop loving GTM! ^^    
HaRUko^: We live to inspire and be inspired. And the best goal is to achieve our dreams. My dream is to make a website where everybody would apreciate it, and I achived it ^_^. I would like to wish you good luck on creating your own website and just tell us if you need any help! Thank you so much for supporting GTM! And you know what? sometimes it's good to get jealous! Because jealousy lift your spirit higher to get better and better until you don't need to be jealous anymore because you know you are the BEST!!    
From:  Hyulk MWAHAHAHAHAHA! : When are you going to get more Trunks and Marron Fics?   
Rukawa: If only I could, I want to get more T&M fics EVERYDAY! But it's really depends on the writers who send us their T&M fics. I just hope Ai-chan,Marron,Animako and other T&M writers will send more T&M stories for all T&M fans pleasure!    
HaRUko^: Hey, tell us (if its not a big problem) if you found any T&M fics that we don't have it here in GTM! We will apreciate that! 
From: Tom_huckle: Why don't you get an RPG or an MBfic for your mb?   
Rukawa: We are looking forward on our upcoming RPG Project. But we already decided to put up new section on GTM during November (Where The new version of GTM should be completed). So RPG section will be opened sometime in November. But in the meantime, why don't you hang out with the peoples in our MessageBoard? Maybe you guys can start your own RPG!   
HaRUko^: You should ask NateDawg about RPG's! He's the only guy I know who's REALLY into RPGs! Maybe he can reckon you to some cool RPG sites. ^_^    
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