From Minky:HEY!GREAT page guys.^^ And I'd also like to say thank U for showing me the cool side to Marroon. :] I didn't think much of her, but now I adore her ^-^! I still like Trunks and Pan a as a couple best, but Trunks and  Marron look cute together now too :]And I LOVE "Just a feeling" soooo muuch!!Also, I'll probably send soem GTM fanart in soon and a fanmanga ^^ 
Rukawa: Thank you! We are giving Marron the credits she deserves unlike most sites, she's always the last character in the list. You know what I noticed? Since GTM got active, now more and more people doing sites for Marron! hey, I can't wait for you to send your fanarts!  
HaRUko^: You love JAF? Haha! Thank you!! And I can't wait for your fanarts too!! Especially fanmanga....I love fanmanga ^_^. Once again, thank you Minky for coming to GTM!  
From Ree: Remember me?  I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, still working on 'fics, still here! But I'm in COLLEGE now.  *imitates Macaulay Culkin* "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"But onto the important thing: the site.  WOW!!  Mrs. Rukawa, you are an EXCELLENT manager!!  I think you two are doing a FANTASTIC job and I can't wait until November!!! 
Rukawa: Hi Ree! Glad to hear from you again. Haruko actually been asking me all the time, if you're still around. I'm going to be in college too next year ^^ *imitates Macaulay Culkin* AAAAHHHHH!!!! Oh! Thanks for saying i'm 'excellent'..afterall, I know I'm better than Haruko......  
HaRUko^: NANI?????? *smacks Rukawa* Ree! I can't wait to be back for good! I hope we can chat again like the old times!! and I missed your writings ((~_~))  
From Tanya:I love this site! I'm it's biggest fan! Maybe you shoud put some games here? Huh? 
Rukawa: Great suggestion! We are thinking about opening up more interesting sections to this site. We will be opening an Adoption Agency...then RPGs... and we certainly love to open a game section! But what type of games? Quizes? Hey, tell us more if you have anymore cool ideas for the Games section!  
HaRUko^: I love the idea too! Now we have to find someone who can help us with this section ^_^. Oh! and thank you for being GTM's biggest fan!   
From Nikki-chan:Hi Sorry to bug you again I just have to ask you a qusetion really fast. Haruko I wanted to know if I could Use some of your fanart for my page? Many the single Marron and Goten pics and the G&M pics together! my page is called Marron's's not really up yet but if you want to cheek it out here is the url!! Well thanks for your time!! Your friend Nikki-chan 
Rukawa: Oh, this message is for Haruko...hehehe, okey =).  
HaRUko^: Hi again Nikki-chan!~ And don't worry, you're not bugging us. I love receiving messages! And of course you can take anything you want from GTM (^_^) and Keep up the good work in your site! Oh yeah, I have some more good G&M pics to finish.....but it'll be up by Nov ^_^. 
From Ai-channieezz:Hiyez Rukawa and Haruko!!!!!  I have a question(and I have no reason for asking it) would you feel if your Dad was Vegeta, and you had a brother named Trunks?  
Rukawa: I will feed all the jerks i knew to my father then I would go anywhere with Trunks! Because where there is Trunks, there is GOTEN!  
HaRUko^: HEY!! THAT's SUPPOSE TO BE MY ANSWER!! I would hang around with my bro who have a cute friend too. And if Vegeta is my daddy......uh....if..vegeta is my daddy.....ummmmm.... 
From J.K-chan:Hi!!I planning to wright a fic, but is it possible to post it without putting my email. Is not that I don't want comments or anything but I just can' can I post it without email??  
Rukawa: Of course! No problem! Just send us your fics! all readers will like it even if they can't send their feedbacks to you. 
HaRUko^: Of course you can! The only reason we put the e-mail addy to all the authors is because maybe some readers might want to contact the authors themselves. Just send us your fics and we'll be happy to publish it for you! ((^o^))  
From RoOnZz:Hiyez Rukawa and Haruko!!!  It's Leah(Ai-channiez sister)!!  I was just wondering...could I call you guys Porkchop(Haruko) and FruitLoop(Rukawa)?  
Rukawa: Fruit Loop?!?! Woah-ho! I'm not really a tuty-fruity type of girl! But that nick's kinda cute! Sure you can!  
HaRUko^: LOL!!! I want to ask YOU one question! What makes you call me a Porkchop?!  
From Lenie-Chan:SO not fair, you guys are like the masters of HTML *drool* I need to learn this stuff!! That way I can make my site look kool too!  
Rukawa: Woah! We don't use HTMLs here. I'm not an expert in that and I'm certainly not some HTML snobs who act liket hey're so perfect in everything. GTM was made with Netscape Composer' It's easy to use! I recommended you to use that =).  
HaRUko^: I'm saying this on behalf of myself. I'm DUMB in htmls! I don't know to do those tags thingy. GTM is a simple site ^_^. Thanks to Netscape Composer! And thank YOU for your compliment! 
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