Shooting Star
by Sailor Leo

Disclaimer: I dont own DBZ or DBGT

 Marron laid on her bed.  She couldnt sleep, and she tossed an turned restlessly.  But no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt rid herself of the images that flooded her mind of the lilac haired boy known as Trunks.  Marron sighed, frustrated.
 She sat up, and looked out her window.  The cool air always calmed her.  That was an advantage, living on Kame-sans island.  The weather was always perfect.  Even in the summer, as it was now, the weather was perfect.  For some reason, the water was always calm.  Her Tou-san had told her about how Piccolo blew up the moon, and from what she learned from science class, the moon affected the waves.
 Marron had never seen the moon, but she had seen it from some pictures.  Marron scanned the sky again, looking for something, but she didnt quite know what.  She could clearly see the stars.  Then, there was a shooting star.  'I wish' Marron thought while looking at where the shooting star had been 'That someday, my soulmate would walk right up to my door and claim his love to me.".  Marron knew the wish was stupid, and Dende hardly ever granted wishes.  Marron leaned back on her bed and stared at the ceiling.
 Images of Trunks had filled her mind again.  Marron had trouble sleeping ever since her 19th birthday...everyone was there, and even Goku had come along to take a break from Uubus training, as he did for everyones birthday.  Marron remembered well as Trunks, Goten, Ubuu, Bra, and Pan had each tought her something neat.
 Android 18 had wanted Marron to be a fighter all her life, but Krillin never wanted his daughter to lead the violant life he did, and he didnt want his daughter hurt.  But all of Marrons friends tought her a technique.  Goten had taught Marron to do the fusion dance.  Ubuu taught Marron the Kamehameha attack.  Bra taught Marron to fly, and Pan had taught her the Masenko attack.
 It was then that Marron realized how much her friends cared for her.  They risked their privelages to teach Marron to defend herself if the time ever came.  If any of their parents found out that Marron learned to fight against Marrons wishes, they would all suffer consequences.
 Trunks had met her privately, and gave Marron the best present of all.  Her first kiss.  Marron had never seen him after that.  She sighed again.  Then she heard it.  She heard something against her window.  She looked out, and saw the last person she had expected "Trunks!" she all but screamed.  Trunks grinned.
 "Hey Marron, whats up?" he asked.  Marron stared at him.  "Trunks! What in Dendes name are you doing here? If my parents catch you.."
"They wont.." Trunks said as he brushed a strand of hair from Marrons face.  'Dende his hands feel so warm' Marron thought.  Trunks looked at her 'She looks so beautiful under the stars' he though.  They were both blushing.  "Trunks, is there something you wanted to tell me?"
"Hmm? Well..Marron...since that day at the party..."
"What is it Trunks-kun?"
Trunks couldnt take it any more.  He gave Marron a long kiss, and much to his surprise, Marron had returned it.  There was no need to say it, a bond had been formed...perhaps from a wish of a shooting star.


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