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Silent Hill
by Queen of French


I am the mighty. Not that mighty really. Couldn't even keep my wife alive. She just, died. Just like that. Not exactly like that, she died from a disease. I'm not telling you her name. It hurts too much when i say it. So you'll just have to forget about her. I couldn't. I still can't. But enough about her, about me.

My names Trunks Vegeta Briefs. Pretty corny huh? I'm 28 and i have one daughter. Well, i'm not her biological father, but i found her on the road in a cardigan by herself. She was about 1 at that time. My wife was still alive then. Her name's Cheryl. Cheryl Kirra. You know her last name. Same as mine. Briefs. Anyway, she's 7 now. We just live on the Outskirts of Seattle. We moved there after my wife died. Good thing i know American and don't look like a Japanese person hey? I try to be a good father. Cheryl is home schooled. She's got something like, 15 friends though anyway. Brown hair, Bright blue eyes and average sized. I trained her but only to level 20987. Don't wanna over do it now. But enough about me and my daughter, on with the story.

Cheryl and I had planned on going to Silent Hill, her favourite holiday spot for the Christmas holidays. She really liked it there. I don't wanna move there though. I heard there is some dark magic going on there. I'm a strong believer in God, so i'm sure i don't want her getting involved in that sorta stuff. It's a long drive, but we go there anyway. Really nice small little town. I'm sure the people there don't bite, so it's safe. It was about 10:30 when i was driving down a windy road. Lots of twists and turns. A lot of shrubbery too. Cheryl is sleeping. she looks so cute like that. A motorbike comes up behind us. A lady with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles at me and i just smile back. She overtakes me and drives around the corner. When i turn around the corner, i see her police bike on the side of the road. as i turn to look at it, all i catch is a glimpse of blue in front of the car as  slam on the brakes. Then everything goes black.
My vision is so fuzzy... my head hurts, badly. I've got a throbbing pain on my forehead. It's like a migraine or something. I had a lot of migraines before. You know why. My visions come back. Still blurry but okay. As i scanned my ruined Porsche, I glanced at the empty passenger seat beside me and groaned. Wait a second, empty? EMPTY!? Cheryl was there! How long was i out? days, hours, minutes, weeks? Maybe i took so long she decided to get some help. "Cheryl? Cheryl? Where are you darling, daddy is awake now." I said it in my most soothing voice so as not to scare her. No reply came. As i got out, i only then noticed that the whole town was in the thickest fog probably ever seen in the world! And it was empty. Completely empty. Cheryl must be so scared right now.Poor girl. How terrifying. I guess i'll just explore the town, then at least i'll have i better chance of somebody helping me find Cheryl. Footsteps. I can hear footsteps! small little ones. Perhaps Cheryl's footsteps?! i walk over to where the sound is coming from. There's Cheryl! Just 5 meters in front of me. "Cheryl? Cheryl it's daddy. Why don't  you come to me now honey?" I try to persuade her but she starts to run away. "Cheryl, where do you think you're going?" oh no! I think i said that too strictly because now she's sprinting. I'm so dumb! She's only 7 not 17 Trunks! I can't believe i was so strict! She must be scared out of her little mind right now! I have to get to her! I've started running after her now. We're in a large alleyway now and i'm chasing her. I can hardly see 2 feet in front of me! I can't see her! Where'd she go!? Did i lose her? Oh. She's stopped. She's smiling now. Does she know something i don't know about this town? It's like she knows her way around Silent Hill like the back of her hand. She's ran into an alleyway. Much smaller one now. I open the gate to see a mutilated body on the corner of  a building. It's small like a dogs body. It's basically a mess of blood and entrails! My stomach is churning.

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