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        Star Android part 2. Death Blow
        Sat, 17 Mar 2001 21:00:01 -0700

Nova grinned.  He didn't care what happened to the humans, as long as
could tell him where 17's cabin was.  He knew no one could stand up to
Polaris.  He sighed, rubbed his forehead, then watched the battle.
  Trunks was back up.  Vegeta too.  And currently, Goten was Super
Saiyan 2,
and trying to hit Polaris.  Polaris easily dodged all of his blow's,
then decided to go on the offencive.  She quickly grabbed Goten's arm,
yanked him forward.  She had her foot aimed at his face, but then at
last moment, she jumped on the back of Goten's head, and jumped
Then she clotheslined Trunks, almost beheading him, and jumpkicked
backwards into Goku.  "Why are they here so early?  This is not
good!"Piccolo said throwing off his weighted clothing.
  Nova watched and laughed.  "You won't be able to defeat her, even
with all
of your weighted clothing off, and all of you against her!"
  "Well, mabey we could take YOU then!"Yamcha yelled and flew at the
  Nova only grinned.  As the human flew towards the android, Polaris
beating up on Goku and Vegeta.  When Yamcha got to Nova, he tried
him in the neck.  Nova's head didn't move a bit.  Then the android
Yamcha by his hair, and tossed him into a tall grey building.
"BASTARD!"Tien yelled flying towards Nova with Chaoutziou.
  Nova simply kicked Tien in the face, k.oing him immediately, and then
kicked Chaoutziou in the stomach, sending him flying into Bulma's car.
  Nova grinned again, "I'm much stronger than Polaris, you can't win
eiother of us!".
  Polaris quickly demonstrated that, as she picked up Pan, and slammed
into the ground.  She then kicked the quater saiyan, sending her
through the dirt, and into the same building as Yamcha.  Gohan flew at
Polaris, max Super Saiyan, and caught Polaris off guard.  Polaris
into Nova and they both stopped in mid-air with an angry look.  "I'M
DONE YET!!"Gohan shouted.
  "Oh yes he is..."Polaris muttered.
  A yellow beam flew at the 2 androids, hitting them dead on.  When the
smoke cleared, they were gone.  "WHAT THE--"  Gohan was cut off.
  Polaris kicked Gohan in the back, sending him towards Nova, who
him in the gut.  Then the android kicked Gohan in the chest, back to
Polaris, who punched him in the face.  Nova then jump kicked Gohan in
back of the head, and Polaris charged up.  Nova quickly vacated the
"STAR FLARE!!"she shouted as a red blast extruded from her body, and on
  The half saiyan screamed, and fell backwards.  He could feel his skin
bubbling, and his vision was very blurry.  Pan, unaware of what
flew at Polaris blasting small ki blast's.  Polaris easily knocked them
away, and grabbed Pans hair.  She then proceeded to throw Pan into the
ground, and then kicked her again.  This knocked over Videl, and made
grin.  3 Piccolo's surrounded Polaris.  All of them charged up, and
into the ground at Polaris.  Again, and again, and again, and again,
again.  When the smoke cleared, Polaris stood there unaffected.  She
as Nova did, and flew towards the nameck.  Using a hard punch, she sent
hand through on of the piccolo's chest, and through him into the
Piccolo.  "This isn't good..."Trunks said getting up.
  Nova grinned again.  Vegeta went Max Super Saiyan as well, and went
towards Nova.  The saiyan prince charged up.
shouted blasting the beam at Nova.  Polaris turned her head to look at
blast. "HehehehAHAHAHAHA!!  Now you androids see true saiyan power!
AHHAHAHA!!"Vegeta laughed.
  The smoke cleared, and there stood Nova.  Comepletely intact, still
grinning.  "Nice shot, wanna see mine?" A black ball appeared in Nova's
hand.  He threw it at Vegeta.  When the black ball hit the saiyan
prince, he
was tossed backwards, and fell to the ground, now a normal saiyan.
flew at Nova now, anraged by the site of his father being tossed.  Nova
turned, and blasted Trunks.  The same thing happened.  Goten flew at
and the black ball appeared in Novas hand.  And Goten went flying as
"Do I have to knock another one of you down?"he said with a smirk.
  This time, Krillin came flying towards Nova.  "Fools.."Nova said and
blasted Krillin to the ground.
  Now Juhachigou flew at Nova.  This shocked him.  Juhachigou punched
him in
the mouth.  It didn't really hurt Nova, just bothered him.  She punched
again, and again, followed up by a roundhouse.  Nova batted her to the
ground, and sent some sort of green goop at her, sticking her to the
  "JUHACHIGOU!!"Krillin shouted as he flew towards her.
  Nova kneeded Krillin in the stomach as he passed.  Kirllin fell to
ground.  Nova grinned.  Meanwhile, Cygnus watched from the shadows,
"Why are
they so content on hurting people?  They seem to enjoy fighting.  Yes,
  Polaris kicked Goku backwards.  Then she looked around, everyone was
except the androids.  She began seeing it was no fun...until she saw
something interesting.  Bra Breifs.  She smiled slightly, and ran over.
"Hey Nova, what about this bimbo?"the android said pointing towards
  "Hmm, do what you want with her, I don't care"he replied.
  She ran over to Bra, and grabbed her by the hair.  Bulma ran towards
but Polaris simply kicked her in the gut, sending her to crash into a
different car, and break the window.  Polaris pulled on her hair
then kneed her in the gut softly.  Just enough to make her scream in
She charged a beam, two inches in front of Bra's face.  Polaris
crashed into Nova, and both of them slammed into a building.  Vegeta
flew at top speed and bombarded into Polaris.  Bra quickly dragged her
mother into the car that they came in, and stumbled to a hospital.
Androids, looks like you can't handle a little shove."Vegeta said
with his world famous smirk.
  Nova and Polaris just grinned in reply.  "Are you saying you'd like
to go
one on one with us?"Nova said smoothly.
  "Sure, I could use a good warm-up"Vegeta said again.
  The flash of gold light was seen again, and Vegeta was SS4.  "Which
one of
you wants to die first?"Vegeta continued, totally sure of his own
  "Go ahead Polaris, I don't mind"Nova said.
  "Thanks"Polaris said walking up.
  "Hmm, so I fight another girl android"Vegeta stated.
  "To bad I won't be so easy"Polaris said arrogantly.
  Vegeta ran at the android, and punched her in the face.  She flew
backwards, and crashed into a building.  Vegeta wasted no time, and
faster towards her, and kicked Polaris in the chin.  She went flying
upwards, and Vegeta grasped her arm and threw her to the ground.
have to increase my power...alittle"thought Polaris.
  Then, as Vegeta caught up to the android, she disappeared.  Then, she
reappeared behind Vegeat and kicked him in the back.  Vegeta would have
crashed into the ground, but Polaris kicked him in the back, and
whipped him
upwards.  He felt the wind rush through his hair, and then was elbowed
the gut, and went gliding into the concrete ground.  Vegeta left a body
imprint, and the golden glow disappeared.  Polaris moved a strand of
from her face, and looked at everyone.  "I'm sorry, who's next?"she
  "I am"Goku said becoming a super saiyan.
  "Goku"she said again.

  "Those foolish androids"Dr.Gero mumbled to himself.
  "They don't know that I can switch my data into another body in the
of an eye"he said grimly.
  "now, to release my new Cell"he said walking up to a blue tank.
  The tank was glowing, and was filled up with goo.  Inside the goo, a
creature that looked exactly like Inperfect Cell.  Dr.Gero pressed a
and Cell's eyes opened up.  He broke the tank, and bowed to Gero.
Adaman"Dr.Gero said to the creature.
  "Hello"Adaman said back.
  Gero nodded, and Adaman knew what to do.  Then, they were feet away
the battle.  Polaris was about to fly at Goku.  Within seconds, that
a reality.  Adaman sped infront of her, and kicked her bacwards.  Her
twisted to it's side, and she crashed into a wall.  Nova looked
shocked, and
looked at the creature.  "Hey Polaris, you okey?"Nova yelled backwards.
  "urgg...yeah, I guess so"Polaris replied, throwing rubble off of
  Nova looked towards her, and when he looked back, Adaman was infront
him.  Nova immediately remembered what happened to 17, and jumped
  "HAHAHA!!  You can't jump away from your problems!  You know what I'm
going to do!"Adaman yelled and flew after him.
  Cygnus looked alittle surprised.  "Nova!! Help!"Polaros yelled.
  Dr.Gero had her by the throat, now that she was temporarily weakened.
"POLARIS!"Nova yelled flying towards her.
  Nova knocked Gero away from her, and Polaris fell to the ground.
caught her, and lied her on the ground.  "NOVA, BEHIND YOU!"Cygnus
  Nova had a look of fear in his eyes.  One that had never been there
before.  He hesitantly turned around, to find nothing there.  He looked
relieved, and turned back to Polaris.  She was being absorbed by the
monster.  "POLARIS!"Nova called, trying to pull her out.
  He didn't succeed though.  When it was hopeless, he turned, and began
flying away.  Adaman disappeared and reappeared infront of him though.
Then, he grabbed Nova's leg and tossed him to the surface.  "HAHAHA!
not so
tough now!"shouted Gero.
  Nova got up an went into a fighting stance, but quickly felt
behind him.  He turned to see Adaman....