by Pan-chan





 chapter 1

The days grew long and hotter. The unmerciful sun took its toll on every living creature that inhabited the dry
and thirsty area. The nieghborhood grass had become straw and caked dirt, the ponds were now mud
puddles and birds had no reason to sing on this scorching day leaving the cricket moles and locus to chime
in the desert like heat as buzzards fed on dehydrated carrion. It was the hottest and driest summer of them
all. Pan slouched lazily on a under an old oak tree.  Her good friend, Bra, sat on few branches above her ,
the same way, too lazy and hot to twitch a muscle.

 The town was quiet and dead. The front door swung open as a boot came flying out, landing sideways on
the walk pavement just outside. Immediatly after, Trunks stepped out of the house with a huge fustrated
look on his face. Screaming was heard inside, "Don't you even try and hunny me Bulma!" and the
angry Vegeta came stomping out of the house to Trunks with a glass mug in his hand as he continued with
steam coming out of his ears.Vegeta came out yelling at Trunks "What do you think I am Trunks? Blind?!
Didnt you think I'd eventually find out about your sudden date last night with Pan ?!" He screamed, "Telling
me you were going  to hang out with Goten! How dare you!!" and he chucked the glass mug with all his
might , the glass shattered into a million peices in Vegeta's hand.

 "C'mon dad !Trunks started saying.I really was hanging with Goten last night! I just stopped by Pan's
before going home because she said she wasn't feeling well! I was just checking up on her, that's all! I
swear  it! Now stop this nonsense, you're tearing the house apart!" "Nonsense!" Vegeta shrieked as he
reached for another cup of mug that stood tall on the counter and began taking threatening steps towards
his room and he grabed a broom."I'LL SHOW YOU NONSENSE!!!!!!!!"

 Finally Goku and Chi chi awoke to the alarm clock that didn't last long til Goku busted it on accident. Chi
chi got up and put on a purple dress.She made some hot coffee and delicous eggs. "Goku your breakfast is
done."she called and without hesitation Goku rushed down stairs and eat like a speeding bullet."Hey Chi
chi are we still going to Vegeta's House?"Goku asked with food stuffed in his mouth."Yes"Chichi replied.

 When they got there they saw Vegeta trying to hit Trunks with a broom and Vegeta screamed, "I DON'T
WANT YOU EVER ON THESE STEPS HERE AGAIN!!!!!!" Goku and Chichi stood there with eyes wide
opened and didn't even say one word.Vegeta kicked Trunks out of the house and the door slammed in front
of him, causing the Welcome sign that Bulma bought to fall and break in two. Trunks sighed with fustration
and slowly paced his way back up the door steps, knocked on the door with the knuckle of his pointer
finger and said in a loud tone, "DAD  I LIVE HERE !!!!!"Vegeta replied"NOT ANYMORE TRUNKS!!!"Goku
and Chichi just stood there amazed at what happened.

" What's the matter with you Vegeta your kicking our son out of the house." Bulma said.Vegeta didn't say a
word and just sat on a chair in a mean looking face.Bulma resumed her resting position on the couch, "You
know you broke my welcome sign on the door Vegeta and u broke the stool and you broke the broom and u
broke.... rrrr............YOU PARCTICALLY BROKE EVERYTHING!!! Vegeta still said nothing."Grrrrrrrrrr....
hmph"Bulma walked away into her room which now looked a mess.

Trunks sighed and walked off to Goten's house not even talking to Goku and Chichi. "Man,dad is taking this
way to hard ,I mean I could understand if I made Pan pregnant then dad would have a better reason to
get balistically mad at me! I barely even talked to Pan! Trunks shook his head, "Vegeta can really get a
story screwed up sometimes." and Trunks glanced up between the green leaves of a tree, the blistering sun
that hung above him and said, "When the heck is this sun gonna call it a day?! It's been like the Sahara for
the past two weeks!" Trunks said  "Maybe should take advantage of it. Go on vacation somewhere near the
ocean and drink margaritas all day and take Pan,Goten and Bra." Trunks smiled and then thought (dad
won't have to know i'll just say i'am going on a vacation with Goten and Bra then I could say Pan is going to
go on a vacation somewhere else)Trunks sighed "Yeah right dad wouldn't beleive me for a minute.Oh well i'll
just tell dad that i'am going on a vacation with Pan,Goten,and Bra like i'am ever going to come up with a lie
that could trick dad." "I could sweep Pan right off of her feet by taking her to an island somewhere! I'm sure
she'll want to go!" Trunks thought(Yeah, I know Caliente Island near the Bahamas is looking pretty nice this
year!) Trunks was silent as he thought with wide eyes and said. She would love me for it! It would sure
make her happy." and with that, Trunks stood and said, "What a great idea! I'm gonna take my girl to
Caliente Island on vacation! We'll relax next to the shore of the ocean, drink pina coladas and wear
mongolia flowers around our necks! It'll be like a dream come true!" Trunks Smiled It would be a good


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