"It's Caliente Island!!" cried Marron and she quickly reached in the compartment over her head for her large
straw hat ready to dash off the plane. The others immediatly glanced out their windows and through the
whisp of the white clouds was the island in all its beauty. The sun light cascaded upon it like a dream world
lost in the ocean that covered its shores. Hours later the plane landed upon the pavement and came slowly
to a stop. When the word was given everyone in the air craft stood and began gathering their belongings as
a large crowd took over the aisle. People squeezed and shoved trying to make elbow room as they groaped
for their luggage on board. Goten squeezed through the crowd and made his way towards Bra and helped
her with her bags. "Mind carrying mine too there Goten?" Marron smiled jokingly as she smaked her pink
gum and just as she said that. And one by one the people stepped down the stair walk and onto the
ground. Pan emerged with her sunglasses ready, a giant white hat and a red scarf that flew wildly around
her neck. "Oh Trunks it's beautiful!!" she clapped with glee. Trunks then too emerged from the plane piled
with his one suitcase and her six bags. He struggled behind her off the plane trying to breath from the purse
that strangled his neck as he carried the many other heavy bags. Pan continued to breath in the fresh air
carrying nothing but her camera as she exclaimed, "It's wonderful! It's fresh! It's fabulous! It's -"
"It's the air port hun!" interrupted Trunks in a low unenthused tone, "I think the smog and screwing up my
eyesight. I can't see straight ahead of me...or maybe it's your giant grey bag I got here!" he added
sarcastically. Pan rolled her eyes, "Oh honestly Trunks, try and appreciate the surroundings for once."
Trunks dropped the mound of bags that consumed him. "What do you have in here?!" cried Trunks, "We're
only staying for the weekend!! !! I swear if you brought that mammoth hair dryer..." and his voice trailed as
he opened her largest bag. Pan gasped and screamed as she ran to him and tried to stop him from opening
it but it was too late. Slowly Trunks frowned when he brought out a yellow thong bikini and a tiny triangle
top. He glanced at her and shrieked, "Where's the rest of it?!" Embarrased, Pan immediatly snatched it
away from him and stuffed it back in her bag as she replied, "I wanted to surprise you." but Trunks pointed
to the bathing suit in the bag and asked in a shocking tone, "You weren't gonna actually wear that on the
beach were you?!" Pan stood straight up face to face with him and replied with her nose in the air, "And
what if I was?" Trunks shook his head, "Uh uh, no! You're not wearing that on the beach of this island! You'll
have guys drooling after you halfway back to the rental car. It's not happening!" and Pan laughed, "And
what's so bad about that? Insecure are we?"  Trunks grabbed her wrist and pulled her close as he
whispered, "This is our vacation. I don't care who's here, you're gonna be mine this weekend! No one elses!
I dont wanna have to shake other guys off of you with a stick! You're with me here!" and those words
touched  Pan as she placed a tender hand against his face, "Aw baby. Well if you feel that way about it, I'll
just stick with the sun dress..." and she glanced down at the yellow bikini in the bag and added with a
wink, "and wear that in the hotel room." A smile slowly appeared Trunks's face and he quickly picked up all
the bags, grabbed her hand and jerked her with him as he exclaimed, "We have to hurry before our
reservations in that hotel get pushed aside!!"


"You lost our reservations?!?!" cried Goten from behind the front dest in the lobby at the Marriot Hotel. The
tall lanky sharp dressed man replied with dignity, "We were having computer problems earlier. We're sorry
for the inconvenience but-" and Vegeta squeezed through the flaberghasted gang of people up next
to Trunks and said with anger in his tone to the man behind the counter, "So where are we suppose to
sleep for the night!? Where we gonna put all our stuff?! THIS IS UBSURD!!!"
And the clerk began roamaging through his computer files and replied, "We have one room on the fifth floor
that's not being occupied. I can put you down for in there. It's nothing much but it's a place to sleep and set
your stuff down till we get this problem resolved."
"All of us in one small room?!?!" cried Bulma who squeezed next to  Vegeta at the front counter. And the
clerk nodded, "I'll have Jeffrey bring up your luggage." The tall man then chimed his bell on the desk and a
short young man emerged from the elevator dressed in a maroon outfit ready to help them in carrying some
bags. Fustrated and filled to the brim with attitudes, they all dropped their bags at once and left towards the
elevator leaving the one luggage man alone with legions of bags and suit cases. The young man glanced at
the clerk who rolled his eyes and stepped out from behind his desk to help the bell boy with the bags.


Disgust over came them, "Oh my god." exclaimed Marron as she froze at the door way of their room. It was
old and resembled a jail house cell. The furniture was made of old wood that didnt look very sturdy and dark
like it was once burnt. The white painting on the walls were peeling revealing the crusted cement behind it
and damp leeks in the cieling. The floor was deprived of carpet revealing an old chipped wooden floor with
stains and mildew. The one mirror that stood from the decreped dusty dresser was smeared and gave a
poor reflection of the room that smelled of sulfer and rust. "I dare not look at the bathroom." replied Videl as
she analyzed the beds dressed with wrinkled white and black stained sheets and small flat pillows. The
room was humid and needed to be aired out so Chichi opened a dirty window with all her might allowing
some breeze to flow in. She slapped her hands together releaving herself of the dust and dirt from what she
just touched as she said, "Well I guess it just needs a little spring cleaning." and  they looked at her with
crazed stares.Juhachi-gou reached into her purse and brought out a hankerchief and wiped the dresser top
with it revealing under the mounds of grey dust a golden shine. "Well it was once beautiful." she replied,
"Just needs a queen's touch, that's all."
"Or a bull dozer." cracked Gohan as his eyes darted around the ceiling corners for roaches or rats.

Just then the bell man and the clerk showed up with their bags and dropped them all at the door way. Out
of breath from carrying it all, the clerk said, "And here's your key. Our number is written on the phone, call if
you need any service." and with that they left the room. Pan pouted as she threw her arms around Trunks, "
Trunks, what is this?! I thought we were gonna have a place to ourselves with candlelit lights and
champaign."Pan then took her arms off around him and Trunks held Pan's shoulders and replied, "Look I'll
get this fixed. We're not staying here. Let's all just settle here for one night and tomorrow, make our way to
the beach and have a good time."
Not knowing what else to do, the others nodded in agreeance accept for Vegeta who was mad about the
whole trip. At least the beach was something to look foward to. And with that everyone began to unpack.
"There are only two beds. Who's sleeping with the rats tonight?" asked Kurirun and the everybody grew
silent waiting for some volunteers. Gohan sighed, "Look, Videl  I will take the floor for a night and-" "You
will?!?!" cried Videl , "Yes Videl, I will. I promise I'll stay up all night and watch for the roaches to make sure
they dont carry me away during the night!" and one by one the they slowly agreed that the woman would
get the beds while they the men had the floor.
Later that night, everyone all got ready for a long sleepless night. The bathroom was crammed with
the women who pushed and shoved for the sink. "Move your elbow!" cried Marron to Bra as they both tried
desperatly to brush their teeth. "Ow! You got toothpast in my eye Marron!" screamed Bra as she rubbed
her left eye. "This is ubsurd!" cried Vegeta and the men just watched the women as they kept pushing and
shoving."Could be worse," piped up Kuririn, "We could be stuck outside in the streets." Goku  replied, "At
least we'd have more room!"Vegeta screamed and just then a loud banging came upon the bathroom door,
"Hey you girls done in there!?!" cried Goten, "A number of good guys out here exist too you know! There's a
line out here for emergencies!!"
"We'll be out in a minute!" Bra cried back and Juhachi-gou spit out wad of toothpaste and reached to turn
on the focet only to find there was no water. The women froze. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING
ME!!!!!" screamed Juhachi-gou . Pan didn't know what to say or do except hollar out to the guys who waited
outside, "Make that another hour!!!"


Only a few of them were getting a night's good sleep. The room was covered with masses of fur with
protruding arms and legs hung out lazily everywhere. Bra lied on the bed . Beside her slept Bulma, Chichi,
Marron,Juhachi-gou and Pan all shoved like rag dolls on the bed. Pan tried desperatly to get sleep but
something underneath her was bothering her comfort state. She frowned and pulled a sheet of newspaper
from under her and was about to toss it when the headline suddenly caught her eye. It was the beach
hotel's newspaper and the headline read : Mrs Caliente Island Queen Bathingsuit Pagent.
Bra immediatly awoke at the sound of it and snatched the paper from Pan's hands , "Lemme see that!"
Bra's large eyes darted across the page as she read with incredible speed. Slowly the others began to
awake wondering what the excitment was all about. Bra suddenly squeeled with excitment as she
struggled to get to Goten .Goten slowly awoke and glanced at her with a frown, What the heck is wrong
with you?"
Bra leaped with joy squeeled, "A bathing suit contest today for the Caliente Island Queen Competition!"
the women sat straight up with interest as Bra continued to read, "but we need to sign up now. The
competition is at two in the afternoon."
"Then what are we sitting around here for?!" cried Marron, "No one's getting any sleep anyway!" and with
that only Marron,Pan ,Juhachi-gou ,and Bra got up, got dressed and dashed out the room leaving the guys
and Chichi,andBulma in complete confusion. "Did you EVER see a woman get ready so fast in your
life?" Yamcha commented in the awkward silence. And with no more said, the guys and Chichi and Bulma
all immediatly went back to sleep.

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