Sweet, sweet serene blue sky
Holding me in my place
I see one fair autumn eye
The other one seemed to chase
The memory of rose petals
And the sweet morning dew
And to chase the only last living
Memory of you
Spring rains bring me happiness
Beyond compare to the storm
Except when the currents of wind
Gently start to form
A sudden race of being
A temple I must cross
If I am is to see
The wondrous kind of loss
The loss was meant to be kept away
From baggage, torture, pain
And yet since it had found it
There is nothing left to gain
I see a certain crossroad
A decision in my time
And yet it does not compare
To the choice I made in rhyme
Shadows come and leave again
Within the twenty-four
But when a ship comes upon
A desert isle shore
The crew gets up and searches
For what they all might need
But all the time they are searching
One thing takes them that is greed
Once this happens its too late
To think of other plans
For now the quick sand devours them
Before they may take clans
Get away before its too late
To get influenced by peers
Or you too will soon become
One of the nightly leers
Black from white and back again
With news that won't be told
Instead of spreading gossip
You should be spreading hope
Listen to a promise
The only thing that will last
But while you are still waiting
Please don't go too fast
Slow down now and listen
To what the wind has to say
For when your done
Your search is only
A moment away

"Sweet Sweet Serenity" by Emmy-chan