A Tale of Flying
By T.F.

     "On Guard you little twirp!!" 5 year old Trunks yelled at 4 year old Goten, trying to plunge his wooden sword into Goten.

     "NO!! I won’t let you get the princess!!" Goten yelled, defending himself with his own wooden sword. 3 year old Marron watched patiently, as the two boys played Star Wars. She had to be Trunks’ prisoner and Goten had to save her from him. So, she just sat there, watching the two boys try and ‘kill’ one another. Just then, out of no where, comes Mirai Trunks, with Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan. It looked as though they had been sparring.

     "Hey guys!! What are ya playing?" Goku asked. Trunks and Goten looked at him and shrugged.

     "I’m the good guy, Luke Skywalker is the name, and I’m trying to um…save Marron, who is Princess Leia, from the EVIL clutches of Trunks, who is Darth Vader. We’re fighting with out lazy beamswords. Mines blue and Trunks’ sword is….. um… PINK!!!" Goten squealed, as Trunks powered up, and went after him, staying in his human form. Marron just looked at the two, and shook her head.  Mirai Trunks sat down next to her.

     "They’ve been doing that all day long, and I’m really tired of it. All they ever do is fight… That’s why I’ll never like them. They always fight and it’s really scary. Well it scares me.." Marron whispered to Mirai Trunks.

     ‘You won’t think that when your older,’ Mirai Trunks thought, as he thought of his fiancee, Mirai Marron….

     "HEY BOY!! SNAP OUTTA IT IF YOU’RE HUNGRY!!!" Vegeta yelled. Mirai Trunks blushed. He patted Marron on the head silently, and got up. He followed everyone to the kitchen, where Bulma was cooking something delicious. Goten sat down next to Marron, and smiled at her. She smiled back politely. Trunks plopped down next to her and grunted.

     "Whaddya wanna do now Trunks?" Goten asked. Trunks shrugged.

     "I dunno… Wanna play Hide and then peek?" Trunks asked.

     "It’s not called that," Goten shook his head.

     "So, I’ll call it whatever I want!! NOT IT!!" Trunks yelled. Goten yelled ‘NOT IT’ too. So Marron got up, and stood by the tree and started counting.

     "1, uh, 3, 7, 10, 6, 100, 89, 16, 34, 56, 21, 88, um…..5!! Ready or not, here I come!" Marron looked up. She saw Goten behind a bush, and Trunks right behind her…. Wait right behind her?? Yes, right behind her! She spun around, and ALMOST tagged him, when he shot up in the air.

     "HEYY!!! You can’t fly! It’s not fair!!" Marron wailed. Goten came out and nodded.

     "Yeah, remember! She can’t fly!!" Goten agreed. Trunks rolled his eyes.

     "Well, how come her mom and dad can, but she can’t?" Trunks pointed out. Goten thought about it.

     "Yeah, how come?" Goten asked her. Marron backed away. She didn’t know, and they were pressuring her to tell them why. Tears started to flow, and they started taunting her.

     "Marron can’t fly! Marron can’t fly!" Trunks and Goten laughed. Marron started crying so hard. She gathered up all her strength and yelled at the top of  her lungs,

     "I will learn how to fly!! You’ll see! You stupid bunch of smart butts, that are  really dumb, and smell like 3 day old poop!!" Marron soon covered her mouth after she realized what she had said. Trunks and Goten were dumb founded. Marron ran into the house crying.

     ‘I will learn to fly and teach those jerks a lesson,’ Marron thought, as she ran into the living room.

     ~*~ Boys are so mean ~*~

     The next day….

     (Kame House, moved to land by Goku’s Kameamea..)

     "Krillin? Have you found Marron yet?" 18 asked her husband worriedly.  Marron had been missing since early this morning, when Krillin woke up to find his daughter not in her room.

     "No I haven’t. Have you seen Nookie either?" Krillin asked. Nookie was their  dog, a big dog, like a sled dog.

     "No, she must’ve taken him with her.." 18 cried. She sat down on the couch,  while Krillin made calls to other peoples’ houses, asking them if they’d seen  Marron, and/or if they’d come and help. All that came were Goten, Mirai Trunks, Trunks, Goku, and Gohan. When they were all there, 18 gave out orders.

     "Goku, you and Krillin take the north and west part of town. Mirai Trunks, you  take the forest, Gohan and I will take the east and south parts of town, and you  two boys stay here to see if she comes back," 18 ordered, as they all went their separate ways.

     Where Marron is..

     "Okay Nookie…. Now I’m gonna learn to fly. All I hafta do is jump up, and  poof!! I’ll fly," Marron explained. She jumped, but no luck. So she tried jumping  off of a rock. Still no luck.

     "This isn’t fair….. Maybe I hafta jump off something bigger.." Marron looked around and saw a very steep cliff. "Perfect…"

     Mirai Trunks

     "Okay, so where to start in the forest. She’s probably not here, but oh well…."  Mirai Trunks said aloud. So he flew up and looked and looked and looked. Then  he heard a loud bark. Like from a dog. Didn’t Marron take Nookie along?

     "MARRON?!" he yelled, but got no answer…. Where could she be?? Suddenly he felt a big WHOOSH by him, but he ignored it.


     "Nookie hush!!" Marron scolded Nookie for barking. It whined. Just then she heard a voice…. She couldn’t make out what it said, so she shrugged it off.  Finally Marron was at the top of the cliff. After falling on her butt numerous times, and getting cuts and bruises, she was looking forward to flying home, but how would Nookie get home? He’s to heavy to carry…. But she brushed that thought aside and counted. She was gonna jump, and if she didn’t fly, she’d die.  Marron looked down at the sharp pointy rocks down below and sucked in her breath. On the count of 5 she’d jump.

     "Woah kay, 1, 3, 7, 10, 6, 100, 89, 16, 34, 56, um…21, 88 and um…5!!" Marron  jumped into the sky.

     "I’m flying!" Marron laughed, as she flapped her arms. "Oh no! I’m falling!!!"

     To be continued……….

     Just Kidding…………….

     Mirai Trunks

     ‘I’m flying! Oh no, I’m falling!!’ came in the distance. Trunks heard it, and put on full speed ahead.


     "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" she cried all they way down. She was to die!!!

     Mirai Trunks

     "MARRON!!" he yelled. No answer, only a wail. He flew full speed ahead, arms in front of him.


     The cliff was higher than she’d expect it to be….Soon enough she’d land on the pointy rocks below, blood dying her perfect blonde hair orange. She could already feel the jagged rocks, stabbing a hole through her stomach. ‘What have I done?’

     Mirai Trunks

     He heard a faint yell, then nothing. Absolutely nothing. No ‘Thank god you saved  me’ or anything. He looked down. Trunks, of this time, would never get the pleasure of having Marron, of this time, as a fiancee, like in his time. Mirai Trunks had a moment of silence, for her. He then flew back to the Kame House, on land, to tell the bad news.


     Well hope you liked the story… It teaches something that you’ll just have to read, cause here’s the end!!!

     Mirai Trunks arrived at the Kame House. Everyone that looked for Marron, was there. He sat down on the couch next to Gohan. Silence filled the room.

     "Any luck?" Gohan asked him, breaking the silence. Mirai Trunks looked down, tears forming in his eyes. He slowly looked up at Krillin and 18.

     "Marron was in the forest. I guess she fell off a cliff or something trying to fly. I tried to find her in time, but I was to late," Mirai Trunks explained. 18 gasped, as Krillin’s face whited up. Goku scooted up to his best friend, and patted his back, for comfort.

     "S-She may still b-be alive?! D-Did you s-see her body?" 18 choked out. Mirai Trunks shook his head.

     "I didn’t want to. She probably died anyway. I heard her screaming, and then silence. There was no noise," Mirai Trunks sighed.

     "YOU IDIOT!! WHY DIDN’T YOU GO AND SEE IF SHE WAS DEAD OR NOT?!" Krillin yelled at her. Just then someone spoke.

     "Cause she isn’t dead, she’s sleeping!" a figure said form the doorway. It was Trunks, holding a sleeping Marron!!! Marron awoke to her mother’s squealing, and asked where she was, but soon found her mother’s arms. Goten was behind  Trunks, carrying Nookie, the dog.

     "See what happened was that we taunted Marron, and she got mad and tried to fly. We knew that she’d try to fly, but she couldn’t so we silently followed Mirai Trunks hoping we’d find her, and when we heard her scream, we flew right past him very fast, and Trunks caught her, before she could hit the rocks below. She fainted and then we picked up Nookie, and flew here. Since Mirai Trunks went away so fast, we couldn’t tell anyone," Goten explained. 18 handed Marron to Krillin and glared her ‘famous’ glare at Trunks and Goten.

     "Oh no Goten! 18’s giving us that glare again!! RUN!!!" Trunks yelled, as he pulled his friend outside the door, with 18 at their tails.


T.F.  >>Moral of the story:

NEVER taunt someone to the extremes. They just might try and do it, and fail by dying or getting seriously injured. The help Marron got would probably never come. You would never forgive yourself….. ********************************************************************************************

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