Note:This fic is the next chapter in "Friends Forever".

By, T.F.

  "Okay, letís see, where are my earings?" Marron looked around for her earings, getting ready for the date with Goten. She couldnít find them anywhere!! Soon she heard a knock on the door.
  "Dude!! Heís early?" Marron, rushed down the steps of the Kame house. She had to get the door, since her parents were out for the rest of the night. She opened it. To her surprise, she saw Trunks!!!
  "Trunks! What are you doing here??" she asked in surprise.
  "Canít a guy come over anytime to see his best friend?" Trunks questioned. Marron smiled, and pinched his cheek.
  "Come in then," she beckoned. Trunks stepped in.
  "Well, how do I look?" Marron asked. Trunks looked her up and down and was shocked!! He was amazed by her body! He then smiled, knowingly.
  "Whoís the lucky guy?" he asked.
  "I guess thatís a yes, and the lucky guy is Goten," Marron smirked.
  "Wait, Goten?" Trunks asked. "When did you two become a pair?"
  "Um, like a week ago, he asked me to dinner, so I agreed, why?" she gave him a questioned look.
  "Nothing," Trunks frowned.
  "Oh," Marron shrugged. "Iíll be right back!" She hurried out of the room.
  ĎDamn Goten!! He knew we both liked her, but HE had to ask her out!! And didnít BOTHER to tell ME!í Trunks thought, walking around looking at all the old pictures of Krillian, Goku, Gohan, Bulma, Chi-bi Goten, and himself as a child. Wait a minute, Goten and Trunks? He picked up the picture with three little kids on it. One was Goten, another was Trunks andÖÖ. Marron? They kept these pictures? These were from so long ago! Why would they keep these pictures? Krillian doesnít like to think about the past!
  "I made Daddy keep these pictures. I didnít want him to throw them away like he was, when we moved," Marron sighed. She was looking at them too, with her head on his shoulder. Trunks smiled.
  "Why was he going to throw them away?" Trunks questioned.
  "Well, you know about what happened between him and Goku, right?" Marron asked.
  "No, we thought you moved because you didnít like us anymore," Trunks said. Marron shook her head.
  "Itís nothing like thatÖ.." she began. "Back then my dad and Goku still sparred, even though Goku was far stronger than him. They still loved spending time with each other and hanging around. Well, one day, Goku got a little to ahead of himself. He confronted my dad and told him he was way to weak to continue sparring with him, so they couldnít do that anymore. My dad got really mad, and started telling my mom about it. She confronted Bulma and Chi-chi about it, and they started saying that Krillian was just a wuss compared to Goku and Veggie-chan. So, they got mad and left, taking me with them."
  "But, why did you guys come back?" Trunks asked.
  "Because Goku called my dad and apologized for it, and they became friends again." Marron finished. They sat there in silence. Just then the phone rang, and Marron answered it.

M: Hello?
G: Hey Marron!! Itís Goten!
M: Oh hey!! Whatís up?
G: My mom and Bulma are making me take my little niece and Bra to see The Little Mermaid 11, since they canít find Trunks.
M: Oh, I see.. *She looked at Trunks*
G: Well, I gotta go so, maybe Iíll see ya later?
M: Yeah, I guessÖ.
G: Well, byeÖ

p>   They hung up. Marron turned to Trunks.
  "You were supposed to take your sister and Pan to the movies tonight? So you came here?" Marron raised an eyebrow.
  "WellÖ.." Trunks backed away. Marron came towards him, with an evil glare in her eye. Trunks stopped with his back to the wall. She came up to him, centimeters away from his lips, and whispered, "Youíre it!" She ran away as fast as she could with Trunks at her back. She ran and ran, not knowing where she was going. Trunks chased her out to the porch and caught her. He picked her up and twirled her in the air. She laughed and laughed. He set her down, facing him.
 Trunks was inching up to her lips, just as the sun was about to set on the Kame Island, when she backed out of his strong grasp. She backed in to the house, beckoning him to come in. He followed her into the kitchen. He was trying to back her into a corner, when she took a water bottle from the counter and sprayed it all over him! He took one, and sprayed her, but then stopped, picked her up, and took her towards the bathroom.
  "Trunks, please donít! Iím sorry for spraying water on you, and plus, youíll get my new dress all messy!!" she screamed non stop, but he kept on going. Trunks set Maron in the bath tub and turned on the water faucet, laughing and laughing, until she pulled him into it, with her. They splashed and splashed happily. All of a sudden, Marron stopped. Trunks looked at her questionally. She looked deep into his sea blue eyes, and brushed a lock of purple hair out of his face. He raised his hand up to her face, and put her hair behind her ears. Their faces inched closer and closer, until their lips finally met.


  Soon after, they stepped out of the tub, and Trunks helped Marron to her room, do get dried off, while he cleaned up their mess (what a gentleman!!). She came out in her pink bathrobe and smiled at the soaking wet Trunks.
  "Do you want to get dried off? Iíll go get you a towelÖ" Marron offered. Trunks shook his head.
  "Nah, Iíll just fly and get dry," he answered. Marron shrugged.
  "I guess Iíll see ya later then," she smiled.
  "How about Saturday, at the fair? Pick you up at 10 a.m?" Trunks considered. Marron nodded. They shared a final kiss, and Trunks left.

T-chan: Sorry it was so romantic. I just saw the guy of my dreams in concert, er Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, and Iím in love!!!
Luv, T-chan
Ai-chan: Does that mean I get to go with Goten to dinner now? Since Marron's going with Trunks?

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