The Best Sakura Viewing
by lada613

Getting up with excitment, Bra got dressed and ran down the stairs, carrying a bag full of clothes she planned to use
that day.

"Good am,ya'll!" she said merrily, sitting at the table. Trunks looked up from his paper and winked. Vegeta just
snorted. Bulma, on the other hand, said something.

"Teenagers. I can never understand your "language". 'Good am'? 'ya'll'?" she said, looking confused.

"Oh ma, you'll be kickin' in no time! Jes get all ready for a bangin' show later, and is all good!" Bra said, half way
finished her cereal.

"Nevermind." Bulma said, sighing.

"BEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!" Goten's alarm clock sounded. 'Ugh. Why do I have to wake up so early?' he thought. He
looked up, rubbed his eyes, and stared at the calendar. 'Oh yeah. The sakura viewing is today.' he said, remembering
B-chan. He searched his drawers until he finally found a small black box. 'Yup, after the show, I'll ask her.' he smiled
and put on some clothes. Picking up a bag filled with clothes he prepared the day before, he flew out the window

"One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Now, turn. Now switch. Yes. That's it. Goten! We're doing it! It's
working." Bra squealed in happiness in the middle of their practice.

"Yeah B-chan! This is fun. Everythin' is all synchronized. This outta be fun." Goten replied twirling the same time Bra

"Gosh, will they all be suprised. This is phat, yo!" she said, turning off the stereo.

They smiled at each other, laughing happily.

"Wow! Everyone is here!" Bra laughed, sitting down next to Pan and Marron.

"Hey Bra, I heard you and Goten are good at everything together." Marron said, looking at her with an evil look in
her eyes.

"Yeah. Champion duet team, champion dancing team, you guys are good!" Pan added.

"Oh, its nothing." Bra said, blushing.

"Bra and Goten sing and dance together?" Yamucha said, sitting down next to them.

"Well...we sort-" Bra tried to reply but Goku but in.

"I didn't know you two did that together. Why don't you show us?" he said, smiling his "I-am-Goku-so-cute" smile.

"Um...I don't know...maybe-" once again Bra was cut off.

yelled, raged.

"Vegeta, its ok. They're just going to sing." Goku said, looking quite bewildered.

"I SAID NO! SHE WILL NOT-" but before Vegeta could finish.

"ALRIGHT ALREADY! GIVE IT UP! WE'LL SHOW YOU!" Goten shouted, smiling.

The sound of the commotion drew the other z-fighters, z-wives, and z-children to the scene. They all sat down
watching them.

"B-chan, lets go." Goten said, holding up his bag.

"Ok." she said, racing towards the changing room.

10 minutes later...

"I'm so excited! I wonder how much longer it'll take them?" Marron said in Trunks's arms while watching the night
grow dark.

Suddenly, the lights turned on one by one and music started playing. The song was "You can do it" by Ice Cube.
Bra and Goten came in and started dancing like in the movie, "Save the Last Dance." Everyone was so amazed and
speechless, they all almost forgot to breathe. When it ended, they all clapped as the song replayed itself. This time,
Marron and Trunks got up and started dancing, as well as Pan and Ubuu. They were all synchronized, the adults
were stunned. Bra stopped dancing and walked up to Vegeta.

"Otousan..." she whispered.

"What brat?!" he snorted back.

"Will you...will you...uh...will you..."

"I have no time for your stuttering little mouth!"

"Dance with me?!?!" she said, exasperated.

"I will not! That would make me make a fool of myself!!!"



With that Bra walked sadly away, causing Vegeta to frown. He didn't want her sad but he didn't want to make a fool
of himself. Crying frantically, Bra ran by a tree. Goten saw this and was about to head that way, when some guy from
Bra's school walked up to her and started talking to her. Jealousy filled him and he wanted to punch the guy to
death. He saw Bra and the guy head to the dancing floor. Saddened, he thought that Bra would never be his. She'd
want someone her age, not him. With one last glimpse of his love, he flew into the night sky.

5 minutes later...

"Have any of you seen Goten?" a devestated Bra asked each person there. The guy from school tried to act like he
cared why she was crying but really wanted to fill her in. Fortunately, Vegeta came and beat the stuffings out of him
when he heard Bra screaming. Vegeta even danced with her for a little bit, that made her feel a little better.

"Nope." they'd all say.

Suddenly, a song played on the dance floor. It was "Crazy" by K-CI and JOJO. How she wished Goten was there.
She wanted to tell him how she felt. Sighing, she was about to head to her seat when Goku stepped in the way.

"Care to dance?" he said, smiling.

"Sure." she said, still hurting.

"You love him, don't you?" he asked her as they glided across the floor.

"Who are you-" she couldn't continue for she wondered where Goku learned how to dance so well.

"You know who. Goten." he said.

Something seemed different about Goku tonight...then she knew.

"Yes. I love him with all the depths of my heart." she smiled as she lowered him into a passionate kiss.

"OH MY GOD! BRA IS KISSING GOKU!" Trunks screamed.

But Goku's voice sounded from where he was talking to Yamucha.

"Someone call me?" he asked, puzzled.

Everyone looked at Goku with Yamcha then at the Goku on the dance floor. Sure, it looked like Goku kissing Bra, but
they all knew at once.

"Will you marry me, B-chan?" the so-called Goku said.

"Oh...Goten-kun...I'd love too." she said, holding him closer, as pink petals danced around the two lovers.


Lada613: Whatcha guys think of that? It wasn't that bad was it? To tell you the truth, I had another fic but my bro
accidently erased it. Hehe I'll try and restore it. Well, hope someone like my fic. :)