The Bet
by The.Kitts


it was a stormy night outside capsual corp and bra couldnt sleep she had her best mate right becide her and brother had his best mate over aswell GOTEN she thought of goten and how hot he looked with no top on dame he was fine and then she thought about kissing him she started to laugh really loud and that woke up marron 'wat the.......what r u doing bra'

'oh nothing just thinking'

'bout what'

'some one'

' who tell me bra please please'

'na dont worry about it'

'tell me bra' marron said jumping on her and strangaling her

'get of me marron'

'not until u tell me'

'ok ill tell u'

'well i was thinking of GOTEN'

marrons mouth was really wide

'and i thought of how hot he was ans i thought of kissing him'she said laughing

marron was also laughing

'so u like goten'

'yeah i think so'

'thats alright i guess i mean he is really cute but not as cute as trunks'



'oh my goodness this is so cool'


cause then we could go on double dates'

' cool ah i mean me and my friends were talking about him and we all agreed we wanted to get him in bed'

bra kinda screwed up her face at that thought then she started to crack up laughing with marron

'and all my mates would be so jelous if i went out with trunks'

'u know wat lets make a bet 'bra said

'ok what is it'

'that if we go out with them we get them in to bed by 2 months'

'alright your on'

it had been two months since bra and goten have been going out (and the same with marron and trunks)

bra and marron were talking at capusal corp the couples were sleeping over night with each other

'you know that bet we made after two mounths going out with our boy friends we had to get them into bed'said bra


'tonights the night'

'alright then' by saying that bra got goten and pulled him into her bedroom and stayed their alnight

and marron pulled trunks into his room and they stayed their alnight as well

all i can say is goten and trunks are lucky buggas