The Boys are back in town!
By Amanda elpert

Goten, Goku, Gohan, Vegita, Trunks, Ubuu, Krillian, Piccolo, Tien, and Choutzu have been gone for about 6 months and the girls have been getting ready for a coming home party at the beach.

"So mom what is the surprise for dad?" Bra raised her eyebrows twice so her mom would catch on. "Bra! Donít say that in front of everyone." Bulma lightly hit her in the arm smiling, "But mom we always hear you, so itís always obvious donít think that Marronís or Gotenís parents donít do the same thing cause they do" Bra pointed out. "True but donít say that in front of your father it will wreck the surprise" Bulma laughed. "So what are you two talking about?" Pan sat down next to them on a towel. "Pan arenít you supposed to be helping us?" Bra took off Panís sunglasses. "No i am the youngest, so i donít have to do anything." Pan smiled and snatched her sunglasses back. "Well i guess youíre too young to be making out with Trunks in the back of your mom and dadís car?" Bra whispered and Pan blushed. Bulma looked up and laughed. "Hey Bulma I donít think itís funny." Pan got off her towel and got a pop can out of the cooler. "Well just trying to visualize you and big Trunks is really hard to imagine." Bulma continued grilling hamburgers. "Oh real funny" Pan rolled her eyes. "So tonight are we going to the boardwalk?" Pan started dumping bags of chips into bowls. "Yeah i have to see if itís ok with Goten, but i am sure he wonít care." Bra shrugged stacked presents that went by name. "So bra why is Gotenís box so small?" Pan lifted it up and shook it. "Hey itís not yours! Itís something special."
Bra put it back down and went back to the presents. " Hmm it feels like nothings in it. Hey Bulma do you know what it is?" Pan ate a couple chips. "Yes, Pan i do itís a tasty condom." Bulma laughed. "Oh my god! I got trunks one before he left." Pan laughed with Bulma. "Hey itís a joke ok? The night before he left we were watching Gladiator and Goten made a joke about using a condom, and i said they should use a tasty condom." Bra explained and then went back to her work. "Ok sure, what is Vegita going to say though?" Pan realized. "Goten isnít going to open it in front of him Duh!" Bra looked back at them with a retarded look. "Mom did you bring the stereo?" Pan yelled. "Yes, Honey itís in the car" Videl answered. "Bra, come with me."
Pan walked to the car. "Bra what did you drive here?" Pan looked around for her Convertible. "I rode Trunkís moped. It was so fun and then this really hot guy said hey sexy want a ride in a real manís car. It was a truck!" Bra laughed. "Ok I donít see that funny" Pan opened the door to the car.
"Well be that way then." Bra leaned against the car. "When is Goten coming home?" Bra whined. "They said theyíd be here at 4:00 so wait itís only 3:00. "Hey you guys!" Karla yelled. "Great I donít see why Tien likes her so much." Pan put her head back in the car. "Probably because she is the only girl that isnít freaked out about his third eye." Bra whispered and then waved at Karla. "Good point." Pan grabbed the radio and slammed the door. "Hey Karla so did you pick up Marron?" Bra wanted to make her look bad. "Oh yeah you know she is a really shy and quiet girl, Ubuu needs someone like her." Karla
smiled her usual annoying perky smile and walked off. Marron was just getting out of the car. "Hey whatís new since this morning?" Marron threw her towel over her shoulder. "Well i just found out that Bra bought Goten a tasty condom." Pan locked the car up. "Really planning to use it anytime soon?" Marron laughed at Karla falling in the sand flat on her face; Bra and Pan cracked up too. "Hey Karla need any help?" Bra yelled trying to be a pain in the ass. "Bra donít be a shit!" Trunks accused. "Oh my god TRUNKS!" Bra hugged him. "Oh thatís knew my baby sister missed me." Trunks laughed.
"Shut up. Where is Goten?" Bra looked up. "He is coming with a surprise for you later at Four when everyone else is coming." Trunks looked over at Pan. "Hey! There is a hot babe over there who is she?" Trunks laughed. "Hey did you miss me?" Pan whispered. "Will go ok?" Bra pointed out towards the beach. "Yeah you do that." Pan said from over Trunksís shoulder. "Where is Pan?" Videl asked. "Oh she is with Trunks." Bra pointed at them making out.
"Tell Trunks to go home!" Videl shooed Bra back over there. "Hey um.. Trunks? Videl says go home." Bra tried to talk to him while he was lip locking with his sweetie. "Ok just one more kiss." He muffled. "Yeah you do that." Bra turned back in disgust. "Is he going?" Videl questioned. "Videl tell me something do you have a brother?" Bra turned Videl around.
"Yes, why?" She was confused. "Well I just lost my appetite by watching my brother make out with your daughter, wouldnít you?" Bra stopped at the table to get a snack. "I thought you said you lost your appetite?" Videl gave her a dirty look. "Oh that was just so you wouldnít make me walk back there." Bra smiled. Videl just huffed. "Hey Iím back." Pan brought the stereo with her.
"Ok letís finish this we have ten minutes before they get here" 18 yelled.
"Mom do I have to do anything else?" Bra asked. "No, you can go change at the gas station with Pan and Marron." Bulma let her go. " Hey you two come on we get to go get ready." Bra ran to the truck with Marron and Pan behind her. "What are you wearing Pan and Marron?" Bra stuck the key in the ignition while listening to Marron and Pan explain there clothes that they bought. "Bra can i see your CDís ? Marron asked before she grabbed. "Yeah, just give them back." Bra pulled into a fancy restaurant. "Let me talk to the manager." Bra got out and walked out. "hey she has that song the Boys are back in town! Itís perfect for the guys" Marron got excited. "Hey put in we will rock you." Pan slid up in the driverís seat. The song started and Marron and Pan started singing the song when Bra opened the back door and pulled out a bag. "So i take it we have permission?" Marron yelled over the music. "Yeah, now shut that shit off and lets get dressed." Bra yanked her
bag out of the pile. "Bra how did you get him to let us change in the bathroom?" Pan asked with curiosity. "I worked my charm" Bra did her double eyebrow raise. "All you did was say, I am Bra Briefs. Wow great charm." Pan winked and snapped her finger. Bra just laughed. "Hey Bra!" Jeff threw his arm over her neck. "Hey Jeff can you leave me alone i am busy?" Bra rolled her eyes. "Jeff we are going into eat so go.. far away." Pan shooed him off.
"Jesus Pan your starting to turn in to your mom." Jeff joked. "You son of a bitch! Take that back!" Pan jumped him. "Hey! Stop! Pan!" Bra screamed.
"alright I take it back" Jeff walked away and mumbled Bitch. "Jerk" Marron whispered. "Lets just go inside." Bra grabbed Panís arm. The girls walked into the restaurant and went to the bathroom. "Hey are you putting your bathing suit on under your clothes?" Bra yelled from her stall. "Yeah, I need a tan." Marron answered. "Yeah your really pale Marron." Pan agreed.
"You two done?" Bra packed her stuff in her bag. "Yep, what time is it?" Pan asked Bra. "Oh no! itís 4:16!" Bra scrambled with her bag. Marron and Pan hurried with putting there stuff in there bags. They ran through the restaurant and into the jeep. "Hurry!" Marron jumped in the back. "Well i donít want a ticket Marron." Bra slammed on the breaks. "Sorry" She squeaked. When Bra pulled up they felt really bad. "DAD!" Bra ran and gave him a hug. "Hey Panny!" Goku and Gohan yelled. Pan ran upto her father and gave him a hug. "Did you miss me?" Gohan smiled. "Your babbling about phiysics? Yeah." Pan smiled and then went over to her grandpa and gave him a big hug. "Itís good to see ya again." Goku laughed, "Whoa you have grown taller." He put his hand on her head. Pan looked back at Marron who was hugging Ubuu. "Hey wait i have a surprise." Pan ran back to the car and grabbed a CD. She slipped it into the stereo. The song started to play. Trunks, Ubuu, and Goten started singing The Boys Are Back In Town. Then Gohan and Goku sang the parts they knew. "Hey look at Karla sheís
bawling." Bra pointed out to Pan. "Hey sexy!" Goten whispered in Braís ear while he wrapped his arm around her waist. "Goten! Oh My god I missed you so much." Bra squealed. "Hey your late." Goten noticed. "yeah sorry we were getting ready" Bra admitted to him. "Well with those short shorts and that swim suit top iíd say your the best homecoming gift ever." Goten picked Bra up and flew her over the water. "holy shit! Goten if you drop me Iíll dump you!" Bra threatened. "You wouldnít dump me you missed me to much." Goten smiled and let Bra go. When she came up from the water she look like she was going to murder Goten. "Goten I think you should run now and fast cause Bra was in track." Trunks warned. Goten ran onto Trunksís Moped. Bra ran and jumped on it and they drove off. "Well I bet there going to have fun." Pan took her shirt and shorts off and layed down on her towel. "Oh my god!" Trunks whispered. "Hey I heard that!" Pan laughed. "Where is Ubuu?" Trunks looked around and then he looked in the water and saw Marron and Ubuu swimming.
"Itís great to be home" Trunks turned over and put his arm around Pan.
"Did you really miss me?" Trunks whispered softly in her ear. Pan turned over and looked at him. "Of course i did!" Pan was shocked that he would say that. "
I was just wondering." Trunks smiled and laid back with his hand behind his head. "Pan... I love you." Trunks huffed. "Is it that boring to admit?" Pan laughed. "you know before i got here i jumped one of Braís friends" She wanted Trunks to say "So did ya kick some ass?" and sure enough he did.
"Well i would of but then Marron and Bra stopped me." Pan laid back down, and curled up next to Trunks. Within minutes they were both asleep.
"Ubuu, look at them their so cute." Marron tilted her head to get a cuter picture of them. "Yeah but weíre cuter" Ubuu wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. "That tickles!" Marron laughed. "When i was gone did you what did you feel?" Ubuu stood there. "I felt sick everyday. But then i looked at Pan and Bra and they sat around bored, and I realized it wasnít like you were dead. So we went out a few times. But lots of days we sat around wishing you guys would come home" Marron hugged Ubuu again. "Hey I am not going anywhere for a long time so donít worry. Itíll will be kinda like i am retired." He laughed at his own joke. "Ubuu I am cold." Marron whined. "Ok letís go back in then." Ubuu brought her a towel and they laid under a tree and ended up just like Trunks and Pan. "Hey Bra do you want to go back yet?" Goten asked.
"yeah I am cold." Braís mouth shivered. "Here take my shirt." Goten pulled over and gave her his shirt. "Thanks, I havenít seen you without a shirt on in a long time." Bra smiled at his six pack. "Well you want to go home?"
Goten smiled at her checking him out. "Hey you done yet?" Goten waved his hand in front of her face. "yeah lets go." Bra was a lot warmer with Gotenís shirt on. When they got back they saw Trunks and Pan curled up on the beach. Marron and Ubuu sleeping under a tree. Bulma fighting with Vegita. Gohan and Videl had taken off probably to make out. They were still like little kids. and Goku and Chi-chi were walking off together. 18 and Krillian were taking Pictures of the kids and everyone else. Karla was dumped by Tien because he found someone else on the trip and everyone was together and with someone special. "This was a good day" Goten smiled at Trunks and Pan. "The best." Bra sneered. "It could be better." Goten looked at a bucket. "Hell yes," Bra picked up the bucket and dumped the ice water from the cooler in to it. Then Bra splashed it on Marron and Ubuu. While she was running away. Goten took the bucket and was about ready to dump it when everyone stopped to watch. Everyone wanted to see the brave Goten piss Trunks and Pan off big time. "1...2...3! " Goten dumped the bucket on Trunks and Pan who screamed really loud. Trunks got up and punched Goten. Goten got back up "hey Buddy have a nice nap?" Trunks looked down and saw that his dick was sticking out. Bra went over and gave her present to Trunks instead of Goten. "I think i got you mixed up." Bra handed the present to him and he opened it. "BRA! your dead!" Trunks screamed.