The Fight  - part 1
by Shaney

Author: I do not own DBZgt!!! This is My first fanfic.Tell me if it's good



(The z team was at the Brief's House.)

Goku: You know why we are all here
Everyone: no
Goku:We are getting ready for a big fight and It is  the day when Vegeta turn good.
Vegeta: Shut the hell up Kakkoroto
Goku: Damn you do not have to be so harsh
Vegeta: Anyway   whom are we fighting?
Goku: Those 3 hot girls named Alex Courtney and Shana
Chi-chi: What did you say about those girls
Goku: ahahah I said they were witches
Chi-chi: More Like Bitches
Juuhachigou: I heard a story about the story about them. They are the Strongest girls alive.
Goku: ya we have to pepair. You know we have to use the kids.
Chi-chi: No not my Goten
Juuhachigou:Marron does not know how.
Bulma: Not Bra
Videl: No not Pan

(Pan, Bra and Marron in Bra's room)
Pan:you do not know how to fight
Marron: Yes I do
Bra: Your mom does not know you know how to fight.
Pan: Who is your trainer
Marron: ah........
Bra and Pan: Who is your trainer
Marron: Ok you can not tell nobody
Marron: My Trainer is .......... Trunks
Bra: What My bother.
Pan: Don't you have a crush on him.
Bra: you do!!!!!
Marron : No!!!!!!!!!
Pan: That is not what you told my yesterday.
Bra: What you did not tell me!!!
Marron:Ok ok ok I have a little.

(Trunks, Ubbu, Goten in Trunks' room)

Tunks: Which one of you two want to spar.
Ubbu:I do not want to spar.
Goten:Me nether
Trunks: What is up with you two?
Ubbu: IlikePanALlttleBet
Trunks and Goten: you do
Trunks: Well I like......... M...A....RR....ON A LITTLE
Goten: did you tell them
Trunk: No
Goten: Well tell them.

Author: Well how did you like it? There is more next time. Well Trunks Ubbu and Marron tell there fillings.And Just who are those girls find out on the next time The Fight Part2