The New Team Rocket
By:Katsurina Dennisu

Yet another boring day at Capsule corp.Kat loved it there.But no one wanted to train her.Vegeta was an arrogant..well I wont go on.Piccolo was..Piccolo.Kuririn was Busy taking care of Marron(his daughter,stupid!).Juuhachigou only wanted to shop.Juunanagou's rather large ego wouldnt let him.And the others made up stupid reasons not tp train her."We might hurt you."Yamcha once said.Katsurina plummetted him through a wall after that."Im busy with Lunch."Tenshihanan said.Lunch was out of town.She didnt bother to ask Goku.He was too powerful.Gohan had his focus on his new wife,Videl.What was there to do?She could only spar with Goten and Trunks so many times before getting bored.She headed over to Juunanagou's house.She knew he would kick her out but decided to go anyways."Want do you want this time?"he asked irratbaly.Kat smiled.She had always had a crush on Junanagou.But he was too old..err..maybe not,since he couldnt age.At least she thought so."Nothing.Just to spar."she said."Im busy."Juunanagou replied."Chickening out?You scared of a girl J-man???"She said with a smirk."CHICKEN?How dare you??!?!?!?"Juunanagou said as he charged out of the door.He aimed his fist at her stomach,but she easily blocked it.Her ki rose as she swiftly kicked him into a tree.He instantly got up and charged at her.Kicking and punching at her.He got her a few times too.But she was too strong.He fainted when she kicked him too hard.He woke up in his bedroom.He found a note on his dresser:
           Yo J-man!I left for the other side of Japan.There is more challenge there.There are also a lot of cars.I heard there are these things called pokemon.I decided to go pick some up myself.If Trunks asks tell him where I went.Dont hurt him either!!Just because he could kick your butt any day of the week doesnt mean you should get mad.Here is a senzu bean for your trouble.Bye!

                           Kat(remember to tell them that it was a girl that beat you!!!)
Juunanagou smirked as he noticed the senzu bean on his dresser.He ploped it into his mouth.He heard a knock at the door.

 Trunks stood nervously at the door.He knew that Juunanagou would be in a grumpy mood.He also knew that he was Kat's idol.So he had to be respectful.Actually,Juunanagou was the only adult who would spar with her.Juunanagou answered the door and told Trunks about how Kat went to the other side if Japan in search of pokemon to beat."Pokemon??"Trunks said.So he levitated in the air and took off to the sky.

 Kat was in the forests of Japan when she noticed three voices."Ash,why do have to be so stupid.You're never gonna get another pokemon.You should just quit now."A girls voice said.Kat heard the word "pokemon"and immediately flew over.There were three kids standing there.Two looking in thier early preeteen years.The other had dark skin and spiky hair.Probably more around her age.She levitated slowly to the ground in front of them.They all stared in amazement."H-How did you..?"The younger boy said.Instantly,the older boy jolted in front of her."Hello,Im Brock.The former leader of Pewter City gym.Pleased to meet such a lovely girl."He said pulling a bouquet of flowers from out of nowhere."Uh,where is this girl that you're talking about?"Kat said.She never thought of herself as lovely or beautiful.Only Trunks said she was.The boy pointed at her,"Right there."He said.

 Trunks levitated down to the ground of west Japan.He searched for Kat's ki and immediatey found it.He flew towards the direction and saw her with three other people.One of them was only inches away from her. Trunks quickly flew towards the her."Kat!Ive been looking all over for you!"He said as he grabbed her and pulled her away."Uh,she'll be right back.I need to talk to her"He said.'Darnit,how come other guys have all the luck' Brock thought to himself.

 "Kat,what are you doing here?!?!"Trunks asked."I just wanted to train.This was the only challenge.You and Goten are getting a little boring to spar with.I thought sparring with these three would be cool."Kat replied."Hmm,well."Trunks said with a grin," can spar,but why not in style?".Kat raised an eyebrow."I have an idea."Trunks said.

 "Where are those two?"Ash said."Maybe they ran away cause they saw your face,Ash."Misty said."WAAAAHHH,another girl lost!"Brock cried.Just then,two shadows apeared in front of them.

"To protect the universe from devistation!"

"Better beware....we're the next generation!"

The figures revealed themselves."Kat?!?!"The three said.Kat grinned.

"To announce the power of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to galaxies below and above!"



"Team Rocket fly off faster than light"

"Surrender now or you'll die in the fight"

 "Hey that wasnt too bad!"Kat said."Yeah,we did pretty good."Trunks said with a nod."I like the way we changed the motto."Kat said."Now on to the brats,Hand over the Pinkachu!!"Kat said."Its PIKACHU!!!"Ash said,"We will fight you any day and win with our pokemon power!!"."I dont think so."Trunks said as he turned super saiyan.Kat powered up a ki
blast and knocked Pikachu out cold.Ash released all of his pokemon.But they were all beaten easily."That was pretty good training."Kat said."Yeah,lets go home."Trunks agreed.So they levitated into the air and took off."That was wierd."Ash said.