Part 3: Marron: Trunks is the guy of my Dream? No Way!

Marron was walking through the hallways of her school.  But only one thing was on her mind, what else; the bet.  "I'm gonna need a miracle to fall in love, it is easy to find a guy, but to fall in  love with them that easily isn't that easy." Marron thought.  she opened her locker and put some of her books that she needed later inside.  She closed it. "Hey Marron, long time no see." Someone said behind her.  Marron looked at who it was, it was her bestfriend in school, besides Goten and Trunks.  "Hey! Nice to see you again Parson!" Marron said cheerfully. Mika Parson was her bestfriend since the first day of highschool. She always liked to call her Parson instead of Mika, it was a nickname.

"What's up?" Mika asked.

"Nothing , well nothing exciting that is." Marron answered.

Mika gave her a light puch on the shoulder." Yeah right!  After spending a summer with two very hunky bestfriends, nothings new? Give me a break."

"I didn't spend my whole summer with them, I was working at a camp." Marron answered.

"So?  You spent like a week with them! So tell me did you hook up with them yet?" Mika asked suspiciously.

Marron stared at her like she was some crazy nut.  "Excuse me!  There my bestfriends in the whole wide world!  No I wouldn't hook up with them!" Marron answered sarcastically.  She started walking to her first class, with Mika following her.  They always had there classes together.

"Well how bout Trunks?"

"Mika, Trunks is just a bestfriend and that's it, got it?"

"Whatever!" Mika said like Marron lied to her.

"What did you mean by that?" Marron asked annoyingly.  Mika payed no attention to the question as they just walked into class.  They sat in seats beside eachother.

"You know what I mean by that Marron!"

"Well I don't."

"It's obvious, you flirt with him 24/7, talk to him all the time, youguys are always together, you guys share all your things, you help eachother to much, some people see you hugging in the beach!"

Marron looked at Mika." Wht are they?! Spying on me?!"

Mika sighed." Come on Marron!  You _are_in_l-o-v-e_with_him!"

Marron backed up.  "Those are just some stupid rumors done by some stupid baka's."  Then she opened a book and pretended to read.  Mika came up to her and just suddenly snatched the book from Marron's hand. "Parson! Give me that book back!" Marron yelled.  She tried to snatch it but Mika backed up and she missed.

Mika gave Marron a very suspicious smile.  "Are you sure those are just rumors?"  She said suspiciously.

Marron sighed.  She hated when anyone teased her about Trunks.  They always teased them about being secretly inlove and having a secret relationship without anyone knowing.  "Yes, I know."  Marron said finally.  Then she snatched the book back from Mika's grasps.

"Marron, how can I be sure your telling the truth?"

"Have I ever lied to you?"


"Okay, maybe the time where I told you I broke up with Brandon but it wasn't true, but that's it."

"Oh yeah right, how bout the time where you told me about returning my library book but didn't?  Or how bout the time you told that Bryan finally asked you out and were gonna go out, but just lied so you wouldn't go on a double date with me, cause I asked Trunks to be your date?  Or how bout the time where you said you didn't get in trouble cause of us going to the movies with guys, but the called my parents and you lied?  Or how bout the..."

"Fine, okay, okay, I do lie sometimes but, this time I'm telling the truth."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, there's been rumors about me and Goten, not only Trunks." Marron reasoned.

"But who has more rumors?"

"Parson, just shut up, I know I'm not secretly in love with Trunks, so if you beleive what you beleive then fine."  Marron turned away.

"Okay then fine, I'll leave you alone." Mika said.  "But when you and Trunks finally see the love that you guys are hiding and don't wanna show your gonna say to yourself, "all along Mika was right" beleive me."

Marron turned to Mika. " How mushy can you get Mika?"

"Hey I'm just telling you what I think."

Marron was about to say something but the teacher walked in, so Marron turned back facing the front of the class.  She looked at the teacher, she looked very young for a senior highschool teacher.  She looked like she was in her mid 20's.

"Hello class, my name is Miss Marcian."  The teacher said introducing herself.  "I'm new here so I'm expecting a good class, from what I heard you people are a good school."  Ms. Marcian said.  She started saying some other stuff and some school crap.

Marron was listening to the teacher, but she felt someone nudge hersleeve, she turned around.  "Hey Marron, you wanna go to the mall later?  I heard there's a big sale."  Mika whispered to her.

"Sure Mika, I can go."

"Maybe we'll see Trunks."

"You keep on mentioning stupid Trunks because you like him."

"That's only one of the reasons."

"What are the other reasons?"

"You guess, ask yourself, can love be hiding right under my nose?"

Marron sighed.  But eventually she thought about it.  She was all lost in her thoughts she didn't here the teacher say her name.

"Is there a Marron here?"

Mika saw that Marron was all lost in her thoughts.  "Marron say "Yes"." Mika told her.

"Yes..." Marron said like she was in some dreamworld.

"Marron snap out of it!"  Mika whispered loudly.

"What?"  Marron said snapping out of her trance.

"Is there a Marron here?"

"Oh...yes...I'm here."

"Okay, you were in a little dreamworld there."

Marron blushed a bit while she heard everyone giggling.  "Marron, who were you thinking of?  Trunks?"

"Shut up, your the one that got me into that."

"So you were!"

"Leave me alone."

"We still on for the mall?"

"Yeah, sure."  Marron said.  She was still thinking of what Mika said. Can love be hiding right under her nose?