Part 5: Mistaken Identity 
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“Marron?!?!"Trunks gaped.

“Ummm? It’s me." Marron said. “Who else would I be???

Goten and Mika came up from behind them cracking up.

“Why are you guys cracking up? What’s so funny?? Is it what I’m wearing?!?!??''Marron asked.

“HAHAHAHAHA!! Marron? It's Trunks! Were laughing at Trunks!!"Goten said.

“Yup!  Trunks!" Mika said.

“Why? What did Trunks do??"

“Well, all started off a while ago, when he said, he found the g----?"Goten was cut off cause Trunks jumped on top of him, and smashed his head to the ground.

Marron looked at Trunks. “Why’d you do that?!?!? I was listenting to Goten!!!! Are you gay!! Why are you on top of him?????-Marron said. “Your not a fag are you??Marron said.

“What?!? Ofcourse not!! What Goten’s saying is--" Before Trunks could continue, he was cute off by Mika

“Is that, Trunks mistaked you for someone else."Mika said, still laughing. “He told Goten he found the girl of his
dreams when he was looking at you, and then, he was about to ask you out!! But he didn’t know it was you!!"

Trunks was turning tomato red, with Goten laughing under him. “MIKA!! SHUT UP!!"

Marron started blushing.

Before Trunks could say anything else, Bra came along carrying 3 bags from Contempo. She looked at everybody, then looked at Trunks and Goten. “Oh my god y bro’s a fag."Bra said. “He’s on top of Goten"

Mika started giggling.

“What’s going on?????"Bra asked.

Mika was about to open her big mouth, but Marron stopped her. “Oh nothing Bra, just some slight misunderstanding, that’s all!!?"Marron said, blushing and smiling.

Trunks got off Goten, and Goten got up. “Yeah, that’s all.Trunks said.

“Well..okay."Bra said. “Ni-chan and Goten, you guys need to carry my bags!!"

“You mean the three bags your carrying?"Goten asked.

“Um, no, these are just the stuff I don’t want you to carry."Bra said.

“Then where are your bags!?!?tTrunks asked.

Bra pointed to a stack of bags and boxes by the door of contempo.

"WHAT?!?!?!?!!?! ALL OF THAT?!?!?!?" Goten and Trunks screeched.

Mika and Marron started cracking up.

“Well?We better go, besides I still have to do some homework."Marron said. She gave Trunks and Goten kisses on the cheek. “Good luck." She said, laughing.


Marron was at home reading a book. It was already 11:30 at night, everyone was asleep and she couldn’t sleep.

“I’m calling Trunks." She decided. She was about to reach for her phone, when it started ringing. She picked it up.

“Hello?"She asked.

“Marron, It’s me Trunks."

“Woah, I was just about to call you!"

“Well, I couldn’t sleep, and I was going to tell you that Romeo and Juliet is playing on TV, if you wanna watch." Trunks said. “I know how addicted you are to that stuff.?

“WOW!!" She ran downstairs with the phone, and opened the TV. Her and Trunks just stayed on the phone, just watching they’re TV’s. After a little while, Trunks started hearing soft sobs.

He knew Marron would always get emotional on these kind of movies. “Marron? You okay?" He asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay, it’s just so sad." Marron said. Trunks and Marron kept silent till the movie ended.

Marron sighed. “That was so romantic!! But we better go to sleep, it’s already 12:30."Marron said.

“I still can’t sleep!" Trunks whined. “I’m not sleepy yet!! Don’t go!!"

“Trunks!! Come on!! We have school tomorrow!''

“O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?" Trunks asked, in a romantic sad tone. He was using one the lines from the movie. They would always do that. They’d take a part from the movie and act it out, it always would crack ‘em up.

Marron giggled. “What satisfaction can't thou have tonight?"

“Okay, I don’t know anymore!" Trunks said.

Marron started laughing. “Well, I have to go now Trunks, night."

“Good Night Marron, bad dreams!" Trunks laughed.

“You to!" Marron said. “Bad night Trunks, and let the bed babes bite!" Marron said, then she hung up.

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