Part 9: The Argument


Trunks looked at her.  “Something wrong Marron?” Trunks asked, sipping on the SUPER EXTRA LARGE
Milkshake that they were sharing.

Marron didn’t answer.  She was playing with the straw and dazing off.

Goten was eating his banana split, then looked at Marron.  “Roons?  Are you awake??”

Marron looked up.  “Wha??  You guys were saying something?”

Trunks looked at Marron and raised an eyebrow.  “Why were you dazing off all of a sudden?”

Marron looked at the milkshake.  “Nothing, just thinking, that’s all.” She started drinking the milkshake again.

Trunks looked at Goten.  Goten gave Trunks those “she’ll never tell you what’s up” look.

“Um, well…” Trunks started off, trying to change the subject.  “Who are you going to homecoming with?”
Trunks asked.

“James asked me to homecoming.” Marron started.  “So I’m going with him.” Marron said, smiling a triumphant
smile.  “Who are you guys going with?”

“I, Trunks Briefs, is going with Shellise!” Trunks arrogantly said, smiling a very Vegeta smile.

“Shellise?  The new student?” Marron asked.

“Yeah, the new student.” Trunks answered, smiling.  He was sipping on the Milkshake.  “How about you Goten?”

“Ugh…I don’t have a date yet.” He answered wryly.

Marron and Trunks’ eyes widened.  “You don’t have a date yet?!?!?!” They both yelled at the same time.

Marron and Trunks looked at each other, then Marron looked at Goten.  “Seriously Ten, you don’t have a

“Seriously, I don’t have a date yet.” Goten answered.  He looked kind of frustrated at the same time…he looked…well weird.  It wasn’t what you would exactly call the “Goten look”.

“Is something majorly wrong with you?  I don’t get it!  I mean last year, you asked a million girls to homecoming and they all said yes!  You came in with 4 girls hanging from your arms and millions of others following you!” Marron screamed, laughing at the same time.

Goten and Trunks laughed.

“Didn’t I make such a spectacular entrance, last homecoming?” Goten asked in a husky sexy voice.

“Oh yeah!” Marron yelled laughing.  The three friends burst out laughing and talking about the past events that they went to.


“Hi Trunks!!!” someone said, cutting Marron off from her sentence.  They all looked at the person who
yelled “hi trunks”, and guess who it was?  Shellise!  Marron’s smile turned into a huge frown.  Goten looked at her and gave her a strange look, and she smiled again.

“Hey Shellise!” Trunks said.  He stood up and she jumped up and gave him a real big hug.  She and Trunks
kissed each other.

Goten looked at Marron, she had a big smile on her face, but, he knew it was fake.  Shellise looked at

“Oh, hi!  Aren’t you Trunks’ friend?” Shellise asked.

“Yeah, names Goten, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Shellise.” She said smiling.  She looked at Marron.

“Your Trunks’ other friend, right?” She said with a mixed tone.

“Ugh…yeah!  I am!  Nice to meet you, I’m Marron.” Marron said with a bright(but fake) smile on her face.

She gave a really big smile.  “Hi!  I’m Shellise, listen can you move besides Goten so me and Trunks can
sit together?”

Marron’s eyes widened.  “Ugh……sure……” Marron said nonchalantly.  She got up and moved besides Goten.
She has this kind of angry and vexed look on her face. Trunks looked at Marron.  He could tell that she
didn’t like Shellise that much, but she was doing a pretty good job of hiding it.  Shellise sat down and
Trunks sat down beside her.

Shellise smiled and looked at them.  She had one of those smiles where you just smile at everyone since
you have nothing to say anyway.  It looked like she was waiting for Marron or Goten to say something about
her so called beauty, or how she got with Trunks and etc.

Everyone else smiled to.  Marron looked at her.  She was wearing a really nice bracelet.  It was white gold with sapphires.  “I like your bracelet, who gave it to you?” She asked.

“You don’t know?????” Shellise looked at Trunks and held his hand.  Marron looked at Trunks then at Goten.
 Goten had this look on his face, which told her she was really missing something.  His expression also had
this mix of “oh my god” on it.  She had no clue what was going on.

“Actually, I don’t know…”

“REALLY?!?!” Shellise shrieked.  “God, I know you and Trunks are bestfriends, but the way I see it, it seems
your guys are just distant friends.” She giggled.

Marron started getting really annoyed.  Trunks could see the look on her face, and so could Goten.

“Hey Marron, you want….”

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Marron said cutting Goten off in a mad, but, friendly tone.

“Well, Trunks gave it to me to wear to homecoming!  Duh!  Everyone in the whole school knows!  Even his
sister!  And Goten!” She said pointing at Goten.  “I’m like, surprised you don’t.” She said in a giggle.  “I mean you guys ARE bestfriends, aren’t you?”

Marron kind of looked hurt and angry.  She avoided to look at Trunks, she wasn’t exactly pissed at Shellise
for talking like that, she was more pissed off cause of Trunks.  “Bestfriends…at least I thought so…”
Marron thought angrily.

“Personally, I thought you were the first person he told.” She said.  She had a triumphant look on her
face.  It wasn’t exactly the look of sympathy.  “Ooh!  A milkshake!  Is this yours Trunks???” Shellise asked.

Trunks was looking at Marron, he knew how she was feeling, at least he thinks he does.  He looked at
Shellise and gave a friendly “boyfreindly” smile to Shellise.  “Yeah it is mine, go ahead have some!”

Shellise smiled and giggled.  “Thanks!”  She started sipping on it and she looked at Marron.  “I still
can’t believe you don’t know!” Shellise said. “Personally, I REALLY did think that you were the first person he told!” She said in a clueless girl tone.

“Well, I guess not, I’m not the first person he told.” Marron said angrily.

“Right, you’re the last person he told.” She said giggling.

Trunks was smiling still…at Shellise.  It looked like he enjoyed looking at her or something.  Goten had a nervous look on his face, since he wasn’t looking at Shellise but at Marron.

“Well, listen, I have a test on Monday I have to study for.” Marron said standing up.  This time you could
actually see that her smile was fake.  “It was nice meeting you Shellise.” Marron said.

“You to!!” Shellise said.  “I still can’t believe you were the last person he told!” She repeated.

“Yeah, whatever.” Marron said in an angry tone.  She looked at Goten.  “Hey, Goten, you mind driving me
home?” She asked, still avoiding Trunks’ eyes.

“In your car?” Goten asked confused.

“Yeah, you mind?” Marron asked nicely.


“I could give you a ride, Marron.” Trunks offered.

She looked at him.  She gave him a sarcastic smile. “It’s alright Trunks, Goten can drive me home, thanks for offering “bestfriend”.”

She grabbed Goten’s hand and pulled him outside.  “Drive me home, I don’t really feel like driving.” She said angrily.  She tossed him the car keys and went inside; slamming the door.

Goten caught the keys, and got in.  He didn’t want to say anything, since, she was in that “mood”.

Tears flowed down Marron’s cheeks, and she kept wiping
them as they fell.  “My bestfriend is Trunks…my bestfriend is not Trunks…my bestfriend is Trunks, but, I guess I’m not his.” Marron thought.