T&M The Epic Part 12; Almost Halloween!!

 Trunks and Marron decided to call Goten…I mean 1 just to bother him and 2 so he could get out of bed and help them…oh and 3 so Trunks would have like someone to so agree with on not being Peter Pan.


Goten walked up to Marron’s door and yawned.  He quickly looked at his watch.  “Damn…it’s still 8:00 in the morning…” He sighed and had an angry look on his face.  “I’m going to punch Trunks in the face if this is a stupid reason for waking me up so early in the morning…”

He knocked on the door.  Krillen opened the door slightly and smiled.  “Goten!  You’re up early in the morning!” He opened the door more.  “Come in!”

Goten drudged himself in.  “Looking for Marron?”  Goten looked at Krillen and slowly nodded.  Krillen looked a bit concerned.  “Are you okay?” Krillen asked.  “Marron’s upstairs by the way.”

Goten yawned and walked up the stairs.  “I’m fine…” Goten answered while walking up the stairs.  He walked to Marron’s door.  Before he could knock Marron opened it.  “What took you so long, Ten?”

Goten raised an eyebrow and walked to her bed and plopped down and closed his eyes.  Trunks and Marron looked at him a little confused.  “Ten…we’re here so we could talk…not sleep…”

Goten glanced at Trunks and yawned.  “I came from a party last night…I came home kind of late…I’m just a little sleepy…” Goten paused and yawned again.  “So…where are we going?”

Marron raised an eyebrow.  “Goten…what ARE you talking about?!?!” Marron yelled.  “We’re here for costumes!  Remember?!?  Our Halloween traditions??”

 Goten sat up.  “Oh…I thought we decided on the three blind mice?”


 Marron giggled.  “I thought we decided on Peter Pan?”

 Goten raised an eyebrow.  “Who’s going to wear the tights?!”

 Marron giggled.  “Well…your hair is more of the Peter Pan…”

 Goten threw a pillow at Marron.  “OUT OF THE QUESTION ROONZ!”
 They all sat down on their regular places when they’re in Marron’s room.  Goten had the bed, Trunks had the beanbag, and Marron had her fluff of 145 stuffed animals.  Marron wanted Beauty and the Beast.  She wanted to be Bell, Trunks was going to be the clock, and Goten was going to be the Candle.  Of course Goten and Trunks disagreed.  Goten and Trunks wanted X-men.

 “NO!!  I DON’T WANT X-MEN!!!” Marron pouted.

“WELL WE DON’T WANT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!” Goten and Trunks retorted.

“How about Aladdin?!” Marron asked.

“Why are we talking about Disney Characters?!” Trunks shrieked.

“Yea!!  They’re all gay!” Goten added.

Marron threw her Elmo doll at him.  “Will you shut up?!” Marron yelled.  “Let’s just ALL calm down, okay?!”

Goten and Trunks both crossed their arms.  “Fine.”

“I have another idea, and it doesn’t have to do with Disney or any other characters from Cartoons or shows.”  Marron said.  The guys looked at each other giving each other the “Should we hear it?” look.  Goten and Trunks looked back at her and gave her the “Okay Roonz, shoot” look.

Marron rolled her eyes.  “Well, we’re going to need partners!!” She said.  “So, here’s the idea!  There’s going to be 4 of us in this.  The first pair is going to wear funky fortuneteller costumes!  The guy in this is like going to dress up as a big old funky Cassandra looking fortuneteller!  And the girl…is going to be wearing a fake mustache, drumming drums!!” Marron told them excitedly.  “Then!!  We’re going to be going around like “Trick or treat!  Do you want your fortune told?  We have proof that we tell the truth!”.  Then whoever the other pair is are going to be wearing a wedding gown and like a tux!  Then of course we’re all going to act stupid, and go on with the act!”

Trunks raised looked at her in boredom.  “Don’t like it.”

“I like it…” Goten said nodding his head, having a smart expression on his face.  Trunks glared at him.

“Do you REALLY want to wear a SKIRT!??!” Trunks asked.

“Who says I’ll be wearing the skirt?!” Goten replied.

Trunks shot back.  “I’LL be wearing the skirt…???”

Marron giggled.  She jumped up and hugged Trunks.  “Well, I guess I’ll be playing your drums Cassandra.”

Trunks stood up and pushed Marron off.  “NNOOO!!  NO NO NO NO NO!!!  I AM NOT WEARING A SKIRT!  AND BIG OLD GOLD EARINGS!!” Trunks stomped on the floor.  “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!”

Marron and Goten burst out laughing.  “OH COME ON, TRUNKS!” Marron said, trying to make him feel better.  “How about we make Goten wear the wedding gown, also?  And his partner…guy or girl, can wear the tuxedo!” Marron said smiling.

Goten raised an eyebrow.  “NO WAY…NO NO NO NO!” He stood with Trunks and they both crossed their arms.

“Sorry Marron, we’re not doing it.” Trunks said firmly.  Goten followed up his answer by nodding.

Marron started making her puppy dog eye look.  She started to pretend to cry.  “I…*sniff*…I…”

Goten and Trunks sighed annoyingly.  “You ACTUALLY believe that “we”,” Trunks pointed to him and Goten.  “Goten and Trunks would fall for THAT corny look?” He and Goten laughed.

“Yea, do you ACTUALLY believe that WE would fall for THAT look?” Goten followed.

Marron continued her look.  She looked more innocent every second.

Trunks and Goten sighed.  “Oh come on Roonz!  Cut it out!”

“We can’t stand that look!!!” Goten whined.

Marron continued the look on her face.  Trunks and Goten sighed one more time in defeat.  “Fine, fine…”

“We’ll do it.” Goten said finishing Trunks’ sentence.

Marron brightened up and practically jumped on both of them.  “YEAY!!  GREAT!!  LET’S GO BUY THE COSTUMES!!”

Goten paused.  “Roonz…”

Marron looked at Goten.  “Yea, Ten?”

“Who’s going to be my partner?  Who’s going to be “the man”?” Goten asked looking a ‘bit’ confused.  Trunks glanced at Goten and then at Marron.  He gave her the “he has a point” look.  Marron cringed at the thought.  “Darn…I haven’t REALLY thought of that yet…”


Marron giggled nervously.  “Well…um…no…”

Goten rolled his eyes.  “Why don’t we just let Prez pay a sexy girl with a cute butt who’s willing to wear a tuxedo on Halloween to walk with the HOTTEST,” Goten straightened up his collar. He had this triumphant “I’m the Man!” look on his face.  “Guy on Earth?”

Marron stood up.  “THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!  Well maybe…” She turned to Trunks.  “Right Prez?”

Trunks backed away.  “No…besides!  Why do I have to pay?!”

Goten and Marron crossed their arms.  “Isn’t it obvious?” Marron said.  Goten followed Marron’s reply with a nod.

“Oh come on!” Trunks said.  “Goten, aren’t there some girls that are just WILLING to get with you without money???”

Goten flashed a smile.  “You find me THAT attractive, lover boy?”

Trunks snapped a deathly glare at Goten. Marron giggled sitting down on the bed.  “Yea, LOVER BOY, you find Ten here THAT attractive?”

Trunks was about to answer and then paused. “WE’RE GETTING AWAY FROM THE POINT!!” Trunks screamed.  “THE POINT WAS; WHY DON’T WE JUST ASK SOMEONE INSTEAD OF PAYING THEM?!??!?!?!?!!?”

Goten flashed a jokingly sexy smile at Trunks.  “You didn’t answer the question.”

Marron laughed.  Trunks shot another deathly glare at Goten.  He grabbed Marron’s Tuxedo Mask doll.  “How about I shove this up your ass?  Does that answer your question?” Trunks asked stepping closer.  “Or would you like me to demonstrate.”

“Demonstrate!” Marron yelled.

“So who’s my partner now, Marron?” Goten said changing the subject.  Trunks put the doll down and sat back down on the beanbag.  He grabbed a bag of Potato chips and started munching.

Goten looked at the bag and snatched it.  “Guys…maybe we could go eat first?” Goten asked stuffing chips in his mouth.

Trunks snatched it back.  “Leave it alone Ten!”

Goten snatched it back.  “I DIDN’T EAT BREAKFAST YET!”

Marron sighed.  “Ten…”

“COME ON!  You call me at 8:30 in the morning, and I just came from a date last night!  I came home at 2:00 in the morning!”

Trunks raised an eyebrow.  “Dang…what’d you guys do all night anyway?”

“None ya.”

Marron giggled.  “Well…how about I name some girls?  And then you and Trunks decide whether you want the girl or not?” Marron suggested.

Goten nodded.  “Okay…just as long as they’re cute and sweet I’m in.”  Trunks just gave her the “whatever he says” look.

“Okay…” Marron paused and turned around.  “Well…” She thought for a bit.  “How about Mika?”

“I like it!” Trunks said.

“I don’t.” Goten said disagreeing.

“Why not?” Marron asked.  “She’s exactly what you’re asking for!”

“So?” Goten replied.  “She’s not exactly MY type…if you get what I mean after all, no offense to you or Trunks or anything.”

Marron rolled her eyes.  “Fine…” she paused again and thought.  “How about Najeda?”

“You mean Nay?” Goten asked.

“WHO?!” Trunks asked a little off.

“You know, Najada Patolo!” Marron replied.  “She’s the pretty Hawaiian light skinned girl that has A LOT of talent.”

“Oh…” Trunks said realizing who she was.

“You went out with her dumbass.” Goten said.

Trunks looked at him.  “I did?  You aren’t serious…”

Marron looked at the Goten.  “He did?!”

Goten laughed.  “DUH!  In 7th grade!”

Marron and Trunks gave out a sigh.  “You dumb monkey!  We’re seniors now and your talking about 7th grade!” Marron yelled.

“Shows how much you guys are paying attention to each other to much.”

“What’s that mean?!” Trunks and Marron shrieked at the same time.

“Uh…we’re getting off topic here!!” Goten yelled.

Marron crossed her arms.  “Okay…Hanna Wilson?  Stephanie Christenson?  Mary McCord?”

“Aren’t they all lacrosse players?” Trunks asked.

“Yup!” Marron said smiling.

“Nope, not my type.” Goten said.  Marron and Trunks sighed.  Marron probably named a hundred names.  They went on till 10:00 just going on and on babbling about names.  Later on Marron and Trunks started getting sleepy.

“COME ON TEN!” Marron yelled.

“PICK ONE!” Trunks yelled after.

Goten lied down.  “Just name some more girls!”

Marron sighed and plopped down on the beanbag where Trunks was sitting down.  “Jee…um…how about…umm…”

Trunks and Marron sighed and kept silent.  Goten waited patiently while eating chips and all the other food that Trunks brings over.  Goten picked up a bag full of little square shaped small cookie looking things.  "What're these?  They look tasty...I've never seen these in the market before..." Goten sniffed inside the bag and smiled.  "Smell good to..."

Marron glanced at him and started giggling.  "Goten...you...mmpggff!!"  Trunks covered her mouth.


"MMGGFFHHFFFF!!" Marron yelled under Trunk' grip.

Goten shrugged and stuffed them all in his mouth and swallowed.  Marron's eyes widened, and Trunks fell to the floor laughing.  "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"What?" Goten asked with a confused face.


"DOG FOOD!!!" Trunks yelled continuing Marron's sentence.  "HAHAHAHAHA!!"

"WHA?!?!" Goten jumped up.  "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?!"

Goten jumped on Trunks and started choking him.  "YOU LITTLE...!"

"PHAAA!!" Trunks yelled.  He pinched his nose with his fingers.  "GENGT ONGFH PMEE!!  YOUNNGR BREANGTH SMENGLLS LIGNKE DONG FOONGD!!"

"ARGH!!!" Goten and him rolled over and started wrestling on the floor.  Trunks jumped up and flew out Marron's window.

"SEE IF YOU CAN CATCH ME NOW DOGMOUTH!" Trunks yelled.  He made a funny face at him.  Goten followed him of course.  He slammed him to the ground and started wrestling him again.

Marron looked at them from the inside of the house.  She sighed slowly.  She walked to the kitchen and grabbed some Oreo's and Dog Food.


Marron sat on her bed waiting for the two to come back from the bathroom.  Goten was in hers and Trunks was in the guests.  She heard the toilets flush.  They both came in.  "EEww..."

Marron tried her best not to laugh.  "You two are even."

The two boys plopped down on their usual places.  “Now…back to the girl count?”