Don't get mad at me, but I just like this pic ^_~;
First, I gotta tell you that this is a Goten/Marron fic. For those who doesn't love them as a couple. LEAVE NOW QUICK!!!!  But to all their loyal fans, please STAY! Here, have some cookies. Sit back now and make sure you're comfortable cause you're about to read an awesome fic about these unlikely couple.
I know there's a LOT of people out there who loves these two hooked up together from some visitors who requested more fics about them and of course when I noticed "More than Friends" by Marron (which is also a Goten/Marron fic) is now on the top spot in My Favourite FanFics category, I finally realized how many Goten/Marron fans out there.
Well, Thanks to Nichole who wrote this story because FINALLY another Goten/Marron fic on my page ( Lyra is writting one too ^_^ ). I HOPE for those who've been waitting for this couple's fic will enjoy this story. It's great. DOZO!
Warning: A bit of foul languages here....^_~;;;;

Part One: The Plan
Part Two: The Carnival
Part Three: Dinner Disaster and a Broken Promise 
Part Four: Star light RomanceNEW!!
Part Five: Invitation's and the Royalty DanceNEW!!

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