Unnoticed Love
   By:SuperMoonprincess AKA Barrie Ann Clark

   "Danmit Goten!"Bra yells as she slams the door in his face.

  "oh! Bra!im.......uh.........so sorry i didnt know you were in there ill go im......sorry" Goten is blushing very badly and feeling very stupid for walking in on his best friend's little sister in the middle of getting dressed and he slaps his forehead."Duh! this isnt the bath room this is her bed room!" all of a sudden Bra comes marching out."what the hell are you still doing here!?!

"Uh........i was looking for the bathroom and i forgot you moved into one of the bigger rooms and i used to use the bath room in this one i......im sorry" Goten studders hoping Bra will buy it Bra looks at him for a second then puts her hand on his cheek" its ok its a big house and its easy to walk in the wrong doors but please knock before walking into any doors around here who knows you might walk in on my parents once and believe me you wont want that to happen im sorry for blowing up though."

   "Its ok you had every right and im sorry. I'll be looking for the bath room again"
   "its down the hall to the right and dont go left thats my parents room ok?"
   "ok...." Goten wonder out of sight of Bra still blushing on walking in on her he knew that was her room why did he go in? he went ahead and got that out of his mind and grabbed the bucket her had drop at the sight of bra and found the bath room and filled the bucket full of freezing cold water and brought it back to Trunk's room where poor trunks was still sleeping. goten thought for a minute.
   "i always do this to him when i spend the night and im already 27 should i keep doing this its so childish............OH WHY NOT!"Goten thinks to his self then gets an evil grin and dumps the water all over Trunks causing him to wake up in a fit.

"WHAT THA...........GOTEN AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!COLD!!!"Trunks couldnt get the whole sentance out before feeling the rush of freezing water take its affect."HA HA HA ! I GOTCHA TRUNKS!" Goten yells and laughs at his shivering friend and almost falls over.

"I...im gonna g..et you b..b..back for t...that g.g.goten!"Trunks studders from the cold and his teeth clatter together as he goes and gets a change of clothes and dries off.

"So what do you want to do today Trunks???"

"Well first i want to kill you then i was thinking i could drag your corpse along to see the 13th warrior how does that sound?"

"Well other than the corpse part that seems like a good idea ill meet you down stairs ive got to change my self."Goten walks out to the bath room and he gets it right this time and gets dressed and meets Trunks down stairs and they head off to the movies together.

   At the Movies..........

   "Trunks hi we're over here!"Marron yells in line with Bra for the movie tickets.

   "Marron i didnt know trunks and goten were coming."

   "oh ya i went ahead and invited them i hope you dont mind..........do you???"

   "oh no i think it'll be fun....."

   Goten looks at Trunks." i thought it was going to be just me and you?"

   "Oh Marron invited me and i didnt know you were going to be accidently locked out of your house and crash at my place for the night so i just thought you could come. Why? you want to leave???."

   "oh naaa..... it wont be bad i'll leave."

Trunks walks up to Marron and puts his arm around her and heads in with her leaving Bra and Goten standing out side."Well i guess they are going to be making out the whole time."Goten says in a grumpy voice."well Goten its not that bad they are not going to do something like ditch us here or something.

"not bad?!? i was plaining to have fun with Trunks today not sit in the movies and watch them make out!"

" quit being selfish Goten you dont have to  stare at them just watch the movie and dont pay attention and you dont
   have to yell at me!"

   "i wasnt yelling!"

  " Yes you were goten! "

   "noooooooooooo I wasnt!"

   "Your being so imature Goten!"

   "Well your being a Brat Bra!"

   "That was uncalled for!"

   "well its true!"

   "No its Not!"

   "Yes it is!"

   Almost drivent to the point of tears bra slaps Goten and yells, "I'm leaving!!!!" and throws her capsule on the ground and a hover car appears and she hops in it and leaves but not in time to not hear Goten yell while holding his face in shock."GOOD LEAVE THEN I DONT CARE YOU'RE JUST A BRAT!!!"this makes Bra starts to cry as she zooms off in her
hover car. Goten is still holding his numb face in shock." why did i have to call her that....." he takes off to his house not going into the theater.
   Bra is really upset and pulls off to the side of the road and starts to cry letting out loud sobs cupping her hands around her face leaning down in her seat. as Goten flies to his house he sees Bra in her car crying and he has a erdge to go hug her and say he's sorry but he doesnt and keeps flying trying to ignore her crying and thinks."why is she crying over me?"
he keeps flying away from where Bra is.
   Bra wipes the tears off her face and tries to clean her face up enough to go home with out her parents asking questions.  For next couple of weeks Bra and Goten avoid each other not talking or anything................

   The phone rings at the Son's house and Goku answers."Hello....."

"hi is Goten there this is Trunks."

"oh hi trunks he'll be on the phone in a second............hows vegeta??? i was thinking of stoping by for a suprise visit and see if he wants to spar we havent for a couple of days he might like that."

"I dont know about the visiting but the sparing he would'nt mind i'm sure of why dont you come over today my mother will be shopping and im probably going to the fair with a couple friends and Goten if he wants. My dad will be here by himself and he could use someone to watch over him and make sure he doesnt get in to something."

Goku breaks out laughing on the other side."yeah sure I'll head over today here's Goten."

"hey buddy."

"Hi Goten i was gonna go to the fair today i wondered if you wanted to come???"

"Sure ill meet you there ok???" "

ok in about an hour?"

"ok bye.   see you then." they both hang up.

   Bra and Marron are in Marron's car and Marron's driving."So Marron who are we meeting at the fair???"

"Well your brother and Goten why???"

Bra's face turns blue.  "Did you say Goten???."

"yeah, why?"

"Well me and him got into a bad fight and im trying to avoid him."

"Oh i didnt know you two were going out."

"GOING OUT?!? where did you get that idea???"

"Well because you're blushing right now and when me and Trunks get in fights we do the same exact thing your doing and then we kiss and make up and then its like we never got in a fight."

Bra starts to think of her and goten kissing and blushes so red she glows."Yep i was right you are blushing."marron says
and Bra looks at her."ME? BLUSHING?!? NO IM NOT BLUSHING!!!!."Whatever Bra call it what you want."Bra Grumbles at

   At The Fair..............

   Bra and Marron hop out of the car and find Trunks and Goten standing by the gate and Goten's eyes get wide."Trunks you didnt say they were gonna be here!" "

"Well it will be fun! C'mon, you ran off last time so you are gonna have to suffer through today it will be fun!"Goten gives Trunks an evil look but Bra and Marron are infront of them before he can hit Trunks.

"Hi Trunks hi Goten!" Marron says in a cheery voice but Bra and Goten dont talk but just follow them in."ok what ride you want to go on first???"Trunks says looking at them all."How about the Pirate?"Marron asks."Well i dont really wanna ride anything at the moment ill just sit at the side and ill go on some later."Goten says in a low tone.

"I dont really want to ride anything either maybe later."Bra also says.

"Well ok well be right back were gonna ride some rides."Trunks takes off with marron leaving them behind  "so.......... ....what do you want to do???" Goten says looking at Bra but she doesnt answer and gives him the cold shoulder."Oh, common Bra you cant still be mad at me i should be mad YOU SLAPPED ME!"

Bra turns toward him with a evil look."YOU DESERVED IT GOTEN!"Goten gives her a glare."

"Well you deserved being called a brat cause you are one!!!"

Bra's eyes teared up and she slapped Goten again and turns to run away but Goten grabs her shoulder and swings her around to gripe her out but he sees her crying again and cant they just stare at each other."I........I'm sorry Bra i didnt mean to hurt you........."

"I'm sorry too goten......." all this time they were getting closer and closer."You know you aren't a brat."

"I didnt mean to sla....." bra's sentence was cut off from a passionate kiss that lasted for ever for them but then when they finnally broke away they stared at each other in in shock."Wow!" still looking at each other. "Where did that come
 from?!?!?"Goten says still in total shock."

"I dont know i didnt expect that to happen maybe a hug but...........Wow........" Marron and Trunks were the whole  time hiding behind the one of the game stands in total shock but then decided to act like nothing happened and walk up to them."Hi guys you want to go on some rides now???"

Bra and Goten jumped.  "Uh!?! I've got to go uh... Clean my room!" Goten flies off as fast as he can.  "Well i don't feel
well uh........i think i wanna go home." Bra trying to make excuses to get out of there.

"well ok Bra do you have a car???"marron asks.

"oh.....ya i never leave home with out it. I'll see you guys later." Bra runs out of the fair grounds and hops in her hover car.

   Goten and Bra try thinking what happened and dont really see each other for a week. Untill................

   The phone rings and Bra answers."Hello?......"

   "Uh hi.......Bra its Goten............."

   "uh.......hi Goten do you want to talk to Trunks?"

   "uh no i wanted to know if you could meet me at the park?"

   sure ill be right there."

   ok bye."


   They both hang up and bra runs in her room and throws on a better out fit and combs her hair and puts on make up so on and so on.....and Goten does about the same.

   At the park.................

   Bra is sitting on the park bench as Goten walks up and she stands and they start walking down the path of the park."so.........what did you want to talk about?" Bra asks.

   "well i guess.........us."

   "Oh. well, what about........us?"

   "well what we did the other day............."


   "Well what do you think i mean i really like you Bra, a lot! And i wanted to know if..........you.........uh.."

   "Wanted to go out and be a couple?"Bra blurts and cuts Goten off.

   "well yeah thats what i was gonna ask..........well do you?

   "Yes very much.but what about our age? I'm 17 and you're 27 thats 10 years apart............"

   "Well the age doesn't bother me Bra does it bother you???"

   "No of course not if doesnt bother you............"At this point they are holding hands and walking very slowly.
   "well, then are we going out?"

   "yes........."Goten leans over and kisses her and then they keep walking



   "I love you.............."

   "............i love you to Bra................ "


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