From: Meioh
NOTE: A couple or so more years after the end of Z. Bra is eight.

 “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Bulma screamed full of joy. “I FINALLY did it! Yes!” she jumped up.
 “What are you DOING?” Vegeta demanded his hands over his ears. That woman can be loud at times.
 “I did it Vegeta! I finished my experiment that I have been working on for six months! Oh yea!”
 “My ears…”Vegeta mumbled under his breath.
 “I’ll be right back in a hour or so Vegeta, watch Bra while I’m gone okay?” with that Bulma grabbed a bag and ran out of her laboratory. Vegeta stood there, then looked at the blue-haired eight-year-old who just walked in the room.
 “Hi daddy! Come play with me!” she grabbed his hand.
 “Why me?” Vegeta rolled his eyes, but followed his active little daughter.


 Bulma reached Gohan’s house in top speed. “Gohan!” she knocked on the door.
 “Hello? Bulma-san!” Gohan met Bulma at the door.
 “Well let me in Gohan! You won’t believe what I have!” Bulma invited herself in. Gohan stood at the dorr wondering what the commotion was about.
 “I did it Gohan! I finished the project!” Bulma said more mirthful than usual, Gohan noted.
 “Uh… What project Bulma-san? What does this have to do with me?”
 “Silly! Come on! Remember a couple months ago…?” Gohan’s blank face said no. “Oh come on! You asked me to help you with some question of yours…” Bulma angrily told the entire scene.
 “Oh yea, but so what?”
 “So what? SO WHAT? Gohan! I’m a complete genius!”
 “Um… Bulma-san, you lost me,” Gohan still held the blank look on his face. ‘What is she up to now?’ he wondered.
 “Come with me, and take of those ridiculous glasses,” Bulma instructed.
 “But Bulma-san! I can’t see without my-“ Gohan started, but a look from Bulma almost immediately made him take his brown glasses. Bulma grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom.
 “Now, be calm, Damnit! Otherwise this’ll screw up!” Bulma never learned patience even at her age, but Gohan was by far used to it since he was six.
 “Uh… Bulma-san… what are you doing to my eyes?” Gohan was calm, but that didn’t mean he liked what was happening.
 “Relax! Be completely still no matter what you fell, alright?”
 “Okay Bulma-san…” Gohan soon felt something go in his eye, but he kept still as Bulma “patiently” asked.
 After doing so to both eyes, Bulma finally claimed she was done.
 “Wow! Bulma-san I see perfectly! Without my glasses!” Gohan looked around everywhere, making sure this wasn’t some illusion or anything.
 “I told you, I’m a genius!” Bulma said, an undeniable smirk on her face.
 “What are you going to call it?”
 “How does… contacts sound?”