The Virus
by Marron
Crunch, crunch, crunch. Marron cheerily waked home from her boyfriend's house. She had been helping
him cook himself dinner. The freshly fallen snow blanketed everything in a powdery white fluff all over everything.

Snap! The sound made Marron jump 2 feet off the ground. She spun around to see who it was but nobody was
near. She ran back a few feet but hers were the only tracks that she saw. She looked behind trees and bushes and
saw no foreign tracks other than hers. Then she realized how much Trunks hadn';t wanted her to go back so
soon. She looked up in the sky but knew she wouldn't see him there. *He would have made a mad dash
home so he would be waiting for me when I came running back.* She shrugged it off and continued on her way
home. The only other disturbance she had was Mr. Brown's dog that followed her to her front door. She
turned the doorknob only to find it was unlocked. *I was sure I locked it but then again, Trunks was rushing me.*
She walked in. Nothing had been disturbed. She put down her purse and threw her jacket over the back of her
couch. She walked in to the kitchen, tea sounded especially good to her, so she filled her kettle with water and put it
on the stove. She turned to her pantry and saw one of the most frightening sights she had ever seen. A trail of blood
lead to her basement door, which stood ajar. Slowly she made her way to her phone, careful not to make to much
noise. *Never mind. If the killer is still here, he'd kill me as soon as her was sure I was here.* She grabbed
her jacket and dashed out the door.


"Pan, is your uncle home?" Marron's voice came out in a small squeak.

"Marron?! Marron, what's wrong?!" Pan asked her white-faced and panicked friend.

"Your uncle? Your dad? Your Grandfather? I need someone's help. One of them must be close."

"Yeah yeah. Goku's here." she dashed out of the room, leaving Marron in a heap on the couch.

Goku came running in a few seconds later. "What's wrong?" he asked his best-friends daughter.

"'s in my house. I don't know what but it's wrong. Just wrong. Go to my
house. Be careful." she warned him, her voice quivering

Goku dashed out of the house worried. He knew that she was afraid of bugs and creatures of that sort but this was


At Krillin's funeral, everyone sympathized for Marron. Her mother had left for some reason, many years
before. They only had memories and pictures, other than Marron herself, that brought back her mother. Krillin was
all that she had left and now he was gone.

That night Marron pleaded to not go home, but Trunks promised her that he would stay with her till she kicked him


3 weeks after the burial of the human Z warrior, Trunks slept in his own bed. He and Goten assured Marron that
they would check up on her house every hour.

That night while alone in her small house. A loud thud came from outside her door. She jumped and grabbed
Trunks' sword and quietly opened the door. Taking a wary look around. Then she realized the source: the
picture of her and her parents at the end of the hall had fallen. Upon her closer inspection she saw that cord had
broken. She walked back to her room, climbed back into bed and fell asleep.


The warm morning sun shined in Marron's room, warming up her tile floor. Her stomach growled so she
made her way to the door. Something told her not to open the door but her hunger pushed her on. She opened the
door and gasped. 2 dead, blood covered bodies leaning up against the railing outside her bedroom. She knew who
it was immediately and felt like breaking down and crying but didn't. She knew that killers eyes were on her.
Dashing back into the room she grabbed the sword and ran back out to face it monster.

"You’ve taken my father, my boyfriend and both his and my best friend. While your at it, why not take me too.
Only thing is I will be going down fighting."

A dark figure silently emerged from the shadows. Only because of her great hearing was Marron able to swing the
sword. The demon jumped back and screeched. "Give up. You could join them sooner that way."

"NO!" She growled, "I owe it to them to at least kill you too!" She charged but the creature dodged again. She
screamed as she felt a sharp pain that spread down her back. She spun around and felt the sword sink into
something, not knowing what. The last thing she saw was the creatures some how familiar face fading over hers.


(Clipping for Satan Times)

Satan City- June 2079- Over the past 2 weeks, strange deaths have occurred, on of which has taken the life of one
of the original of the Special Forces members. Krillin was found dead inside his daughters house but there have
been witnesses to prove that she didn't do it. Then just yesterday, family members found Marron,
Krillin's daughter, Son Goten, a family friend and fellow fighter, and Trunks Briefs, Marron's boyfriend
and also a fought along side Krillin. They also found another female who has recently been identified as her
Mother. Investigators have found conclusive evidence that her body had been infected by a virus which threw her
into her killing rampage. They say the virus was set to really emerge on the 25 but something happened and it was
set off early. It was also set to destroy all members of Earth’s Special Force. Luckily, Marron defeated it. Her
friends Bra Briefs and Pan say that she always wanted to do something great in her life and help all of man kind.
She did both, but it also took her life. We are in great debt to her. They all protected us against evil and they all will
be greatly missed. A funeral service for all 4 has been arranged for Thursday.


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