What If...
Chapter 1-Julia R

Trunks and Goten were sitting in “da joint”, their favorite hang out, grubbing on everything they could get their saiyan hands on. Just then a blond in pigtails walked in.

“Supp cuties!” said Marron.

“Hey.” said Trunks and Goten in unison with their mouths full of pizza. (Talk about lack of manners) Marron sat down and joined them.

She watched them eat while she got herself a coke. She thought to her self “Pigs! No wait monkeys!” and smiled.

“Hey you guys it’s Friday, you know what that means...” said Trunks.

“Arcade and ice cream!” exclaimed Goten with a twinkling gleam in his eyes.

“Umm, gotta cancel on that one boys cuz, I’ve got a date.” said Marron with a huge smile.

“What?!” shouted Trunks in shock.

“You have a date? Who‘d wanna go out with you?”

“For your information lots of guys wanna date me! So there!” said Marron as she stuck her tongue out at Trunks.

“Hey that reminds me, I’ve got a date with Paris” said Goten. “Sorry.”

“No way you guys can‘t just bail it‘s like tradition.” Trunks wined.

Goten’s phone started to ring and Goten answered it.

Suddenly some all too familiar red plastic platform boots appeared in front of them. Then Bra appeared in front of them and sat in front of Goten.

“Hey Blondie, Spikey and Pretty Boy!” Bra greeted sarcastically.

“I always knew I was good looking.” said Trunks with a smug grin.

“Ya righ.t” said Marron as she rolled her eyes at Trunks.

“Howdy fake in plastic.” she greeted Bra sarcastically. Bra gave Marron the Vegeta “shut up” glare. Marron just smiled at her innocently.

Right when Bra opened her mouth to say a snappy comeback to Marron, Goten interrupted her.

“Um Bra? What are all the books for?” he asked curiously.

“Oh those I’m studying for the SATs because I’m gonna be the first to get a perfect score on them in this school.” Bra bragged concededly.

“Like that’s possible.” Trunks said as he rolled his eyes at his sis.

“Bite me big bro” Bra said doing the Vegeta stare.

“Oh Goten” Bra said turning her attention to the oblivious saiyan giving him one of her seductive smiles. “Huh” said Goten not getting it. (Who does that remind you of? ^_^)

Trunks gave his sis the look while she smiled innocently at him. Right when Bra was about to put the moves on Goten and Trunks was about to kill them both her phone rang. “Hello?” said Bra answering her phone.

“Oh hi Yamcha!” (Jr.) (Yes it is what you think Yamcha actually gets married and yes he has a son!)

“No, I’m sorry I can’t tonight I’ve gotta study.”

“Ya she has a date with her books.” said Marron as her, Trunks and Goten laughed at Bra.

Bra looked away from the phone and said “Shut up Blondie.” She turned back to the phone.

“Why are you laughing? No I’m not kidding I really am studying. No it’s not just some stupid excuse. Look your not my boyfriend so you can’t tell me what to do and if you were you still couldn’t tell me what to do cuz I’m the princess. Anywayz I have two dates with really hot guys later on anyway!” She hangs up on him. (Talk about deja vu. is it just us or is history repeating itself with those two? ^_~)

“Ya Bra so are these guys inflatable or just plain made up?“ asked Marron with a sardonic smile.

“For your info they’re Nick Capt. of the football team and this guy Matt I met at the mall.”

“Sure, uh huh whatever...” said Marron when just them a fine blonde with blue streaks in his hair, alluring green eyes and an all too captivating smile walks in and goes up to Marron.

“Ready to go babe?” he asked Marron flashing her that captivating smile.

“Sure.” said Marron with a wide grin and dreamy eyes. She got up said “C-ya u guys on da flip side” to her quickly forgotten friends and walked out with her fine ass boy toy.

“Huh?!” Trunks and Goten exclaimed at the same time in surprise while their jaws hit the floor.

“She’s smitten.” said Bra laughing at Marron’s eagerness.

After the boys recovered from their shocker Goten’s watch beeped.

“Well look at the time I better meet Paris before she blows. I’ll c-ya guys later.” He flew off to meet his not too happy girlfriend.

Trunks looked at Bra “Well it looks like it’s just me and u sis.”

“Nope I’ve gotta hit the library and get ready for my dates. Bye.” She got up and walked to her car leaving Trunks completely alone.

Trunks was starting to feel a little ditched when Pan showed up.

“Hey Trunks what’cha doing?”

“ Oh nothing since my stupid friends and sister just ditched me!” “Well if your not doing anything you wanna got to the movies?” she asked sweetly batting her eyelashes at him.

“Sure, I guess” he said then thought “It’s not like I got anything better to do anyway.” and they walked away together.

Disclaimers: (Ya whatever this is) Ok, ok, so we don’t own Dragon Ball Z/GT so you can’t sue we’re just teenagers.
Authors Notes: (If you haven’t noticed there’s two of us) For the record Trunks and Goten are 18 (Goten just turned 18 for all you people wondering.) Marron and Bra are 16 (There’s a six-month difference) and Pan is 14 while Yamcha Jr. is 17. This is our first official written fic so if it sucks oh well. We just wanna say that our versions of Marron and Bra are different cuz come on look at who their parents are! ^_^ Evee da Fox: Marron would totally be the comical relief with a sharp tongue cuz Krillin is the comic relief of DBZ and C-18’s as sharp as a razor... Hehe! ^_^ Sorry mommy! I luv you! Vegeta’s lil’ Princess: Really I thought she was plastic. Evee da Fox: Shut up Monkey Girl and get the hell outta my author’s comments or you’ll get what’s coming to you. Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. She does not wear pink! Yeash! Your dad buys you one pink dress and the whole world thinks you like the stupid color! I like orange! Notice my daddy’s wardrobe! And yes I do train cuz if I didn’t my mommy would be really pissed. Did you think she wouldn’t let me fight? Yeah freakin’ right! She doesn’t want no sissy for a daughter. ^_^ Besides have you ever seen that lady mad? Let’s just say I don’t wanna make her angry. Oh yeah, I’m a pro basketball player cuz I luv to play sports, make lots of money and shop of course! Can’t forget that! Pan’s not the only tomboy I mean I’m hot but I don‘t strut my stuff and I‘m not shallow and superficial either for all you Marron haters! Get over it! Luv ya all lots! Hehehe! ^_^ Vegeta’s lil’ Princess: I’m sorry but I seriously think Bra would be a chibi Vegeta. I don’t think she’ll always be a crybaby in love with Goten. Of course she’s conceited cuz she can get away with anything cuz she’s the princess and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Evee da Fox: Whatever Vegeta’s lil’ Princess: Hey get the hell outta my comment before I blast you to another dimension. Evee da Fox: Oooh I’m soo scared! Vegeta’s lil’ Princess: Anyway, so that’s why I’m making her a kick ass princess who can get any guy she wants. And another thing she does fight, not as much as the rest, but she is Vegeta’s daughter. She can’t fly but who cares she has killer cars. I’m also making her a killer dancer and singer.