What If...
Chapter 3
Evee dah Fox

 Trunks wakes up laying on couch, looks around and sees his living room. “Ha, stupid little green man. He was wrong!” Trunks said to himself with a smirk. He then hears a voice coming from the kitchen.
“Honey hurry up or you’ll be late for work!” Trunks got a confused look on his face
“Mom?! I don‘t work what‘s up with you?! Your acting weird!” As Trunks starts to wonder what’s up with his mom the aroma of food freshly prepared penetrates through Trunk’s deep trance. He snaps back to reality and walks toward the growing aroma of delicious food. Trunks walks towards the kitchen and when he enters he sees a girl with short black hair standing by the stove. Trunks thinks to himself *Um either mom’s going through a midlife crisis, or auntie Chi-Chi cut her hair* fearing to find out the answer. Sensing someone behind her, the young woman turns around and faces Trunks.
“Oh honey your awake” she said to Trunks as she leaned in and gave him a kiss. *Woah, I must be dreaming* Trunks thinks. He looks at the young woman *And what a dream it is* he smiles.
“Now hurry up and get ready for work dear. Otherwise you‘ll be late again” Trunks snaps back to reality and answers the young woman.
“Yeah, that’s funny. What’s work?!” “You know it’s that place you go to everyday and run the company at silly!”
“What company?! I don’t work! I’m still in high school for crying out loud!”
“That’s cute dear, but you were in high school 10 years ago!” She looks over at Trunks and notes his puzzled face “Get over it!”
“What are you talking about?! And might I add who the hell are you?!”
Trunks asked sensing the woman was neither Bulma or Chi-Chi.
“Why I’m your wife of course, silly” she answered with a smile.
“What a wife?! Since when?! And stop calling me silly I‘m not a kid you know!” Trunks shouted in frustration. Trunks paused and looked at her then shifted his gaze around the room and began to calm down.
“Ok the last thing I remember is arguing with Goten and Marron...” Trunks trailed off trying to figure out what was going on.
“Why the last time you talked to my uncle was over ten years ago.” The girl stated in utter disbelief of Trunks’ last statement.
“Are you feeling alright dear?” she asked in concern then reached out and put a had to his forehead. Trunks slowly lifts his eyes from the floor and looks at the girl again He slowly begins to recognize her face.
Across town in a large office building, Bra opens her eyes and finds herself in a large executive room.
“Ok where the hell am I” she asked out loud. Bra walks around the room, looks around then she spots a huge desk from across the room and walks over to it. She notices a computer on the desk and takes a look at it. The date displayed at the top of the screen was March 5, 2010.
“What?!” Bra exclaimed in confusion.
“Whatever.” Bra then notices a mirror across the room and walked over to it. When she looked in the mirror the image she saw was nothing like the image she had seen earlier that day. Her hair was purple and put up in a sophisticated French Twist, she wore glasses but her eye color had changed from an aquamarine color to a vivid shade of Violet. She wore a black business suit that covered up more than she believed was possible.
“Ok, now where’s the sign that says you are now entering the Twilight Zone?!” As she stood before the mirror pondering what could have caused this, the doors flung open and a gorgeous man in a nicely tailored suit, with captivating blue eyes, a serious disposition and hair the color of liliacs with silver lining walked into the room.
“Ms. Galstar your late for your meeting” he said with a disapproving gaze. “What meeting? What are you talking about?” Bra asked as her eyebrows furrowed in puzzlement.
“The meeting with the important new clients. You know prospective million dollars!”
“Wait up what did you call me?”
“Ms. Galstar, that is your name, unless you changed it.”
“What?! My last name’s Vegeta.”
“No, it’s Galstar remember. You changed it in college, or at least that’s what you told me”
“Why the hell would I change my name?!”
“Because, you hate your family, want nothing to do with them, and disowned your father or something like that.”
“This isn’t happening” Bra said annoyed. She walked towards the door and before she could leave the young man stopped her.
“But Miss Galstar what about the meeting, your the President. They‘ll be wanting to meet with you.” the young man said frustrated.
“And what are you then?” Bra asked very annoyed.
“I’m your Vice President or have you forgotten already”
“Well if your Vice President then you handle it!”
“Bite Me!” before he could finish Bra left the office and took an elevator to ground level. Outside of the building Bra finds a limo with a driver outside.
“Where to Miss Galstar” the driver asked. Taking advantage of the opportunity Bra got into the limo and responded.
“Capsule Corps.”
Flashing lights all around, a poor confused Goten was being bombarded by a huge group of reporters.
“President Son”
“President Son over here!”
“President Son a few questions please!”
“Huh?!” a confused Goten answered into the millions of microphones positioned in front of him. “Ok, where am I?” Goten began to gaze around the room when a question comes to his attention.
“President Son what do you suggest should be done about the failing economy?” “Looks like President Son has a sense of humor” one of the reports shot out.
“No seriously President Son how do you plan on stopping the increasing interest rates?”
“Um, um” Goten began nervously as he frantically searched through his mind for any remains of Economic terms he learned in Econ. Goten began to scratch his head nervously in a Gokuish way. Before any more questions could be asked the Presidential Advisor stepped in. He walked up to the microphone and began to speak
“As you can see, President Son is not quite feeling himself at the moment. The Vice President will attend to any more questions you may have. Good day.” The Presidential Advisor grabs Goten by the arm and drags him off the podium. He leads Goten to his main office and slams the door behind him. “What the hell were you doing out there? Don’t you realize you re-elections to worry about? And what was that sense of humor? You’ve never had a sense of humor before, your always dead serious!”
“Me serious? Ha! I’m not serious!”
“Yes you are that’s what got you elected in the first place if you don’t remember!”
“President?! Oh,” Goten said in understanding
“You must be talking about my brother! I always knew he was a nerd! What a loser!”
“Brother, what are you talking about?! Your the President!” The Presidential Advisor exclaimed. Goten’s eyes widened, but before he could ask any more questions the doors to his office slammed open and in walked Paris.
“Ok, what the hell was that? Are you trying to ruin me? What is wrong with you? Did you hit your head again?”
“Uh, Paris?” Goten asked bewildered.
“Paris is that you, you look, um, older.”
“What you think a person stays the same after ten years? You’re not exactly 18 anymore!”
“What?! But I am! I mean a few hours ago I was arguing with Trunks and Marron!”
“So let me get this straight, your saying that you aged 10 years in a few hours? Is that it?”
“Uh, huh!”
“He’s delusional!”
“Stop talking your making my head hurt!” Goten answered in response. Just then a little boy who looked about 2 waddled into the room. The boy had Brown hair, brown eyes, and looked a little too much like Goten. He waddled up to Goten, looked up at him, extended his small arms and said one of the most terrifying phrase Goten has ever heard in his life
Marron opens her eyes and finds herself in a very large bed. She looks around and finds the most elaborately decorated room she had ever seen in her life. At the end of the room she noticed a desk, then as her visions started to focus and become clear she noticed it wasn’t a bedroom she was in but an office. *Weird* she thought to herself. She was about to get up and start taking a better look around the room when something next to her began to move.
“Ok my bed’s alive! Somebody help me! This must just be a really bad dream, I bet if I just pinch myself I’ll wake up in my house, in my room, and in my own freakin’ bed!” Marron closes her, eyes pinches her arm and opens her eyes. When she opens her eyes she still sees the room.
“Oh well can’t say I didn’t try! And it always works in the movies too! Maybe I should have taken Dorthy’s approach! Oh well! There’s only one way to find out what’s down there” Marron said with a mischivious little grin. She slowly lifts the blankets and sees an arm move, then as she lifts the blanket a little higher she sees a body. She quickly drops the covers.
“Oh my! I knew this was weird, but what the hell is a body doing next to me?! I hope it’s not dead, or even worse Trunks! Well I guess I better find out!” She pulls back the blanket and finds that the person next to her is a guy and a very cute one at that. She leans in close to his mouth to listen for breathing but as she leans in the cute young man wraps his arms around her and kisses her. Marron is startled and tries to pull back but the young man won’t let go. When he finally lets go Marron just stares at him. *Woah, what a kiss* she thought to herself. The young man, noticing her reaction gets a little self satisfactory smirk. The man is about to lean in for an encore when Marron stops him
“Hey woah there tiger. Um who the hell are you?! And why am I in bed, wait why are you in my bed?!” The young man smiles “Don’t you remember? Don’t tell me you forgot already.” He said pouting
“you weren’t this forgetful yesterday. Maybe I should jog your memory” he smiled flirtaciously as he leans in closer to her. Marron kept backing away reaching the end of the bed, but she didn’t notice and continued to back up and fell off the bed.
“Why are you acting like this precious. You weren’t this shy yesterday.” he asked with a mischivious little grin. Marron glared at him
“Ok, ok I’ll play your little game. I’m your assistant Chris Pierce, and I’m in your room with you because you invited me unless you forgot.” he said with a wicked grin. Just as he was coming toward her there was a knock at the door.
“Eve are you in there?! Eve I’ve been knocking for 5 minutes why haven’t you answered the door?! Are you alright?! Answer me!”
“Eve?!” Marron said puzzled.
“Who’s Eve?!” The young man next to her looked at her as if she had gone mental.
“Your Eve, or should I say Evee da Fox!”
“No I’m not I’m Marron!” As Marron sat on the bed confused Chris had finished dressing.
“Look Eve we both know what a jealous guy the boss is so get back in bed and I’ll do all the talking” As Marron climbed back in bed Chris opened the door and in walked Damian.
Author’s Notes: Trunks and Pan married? What will Trunks do? Why is Bra going to Capsule Corps? Goten a dad?! How did that happen? And Marron’s really in a fix. How will our four young heroes handle the weird things that are going on? Find out in the next exciting chapter of What If... That was cheesy I know but I’ve always wanted to do that! N-E-Wayz thanx for reading my fic! I hope U like it! Hopefully I’ll have Chapt. 4 up soon. Sorry bout the wait but I’ve had a big term paper I’ve been working on! @_@ It was crazy! If you want to find out what happens keep checking!
Ai-chan: *LOL*I LIKE THE IDEA OF GOTEN PRESIDENT!! I mean, we gotta have a cute president fer once^.~