Chapter 6: Almost Caught

“YAWN!” Goten said awakening. He looked over to where Trunks fell asleep. “Hmm…” Goten said
in his mourning voice when he realized Trunks wasn’t there. He got up and stretched. Then, walked
down stairs.

“Hey, Buddy!” Trunks said, cheerfully when he saw Goten come down the stairs. He was reading the
paper in the living room.

“YAWN!” was Goten’s reply. “What time is it?” he asked, groggy.

Trunks looked at his watch, “It’s around 9:15.”

“Wow, 9:15! I really slept!” Goten said waking up a little bit more.

“Yeah! I guess, I really beat you up!” Trunks laughed.

“Very funny…Hey, where are the girls?”

“Oh, they went out to get breakfast with mom,” Trunks replied. “I told them I would wait for you to
wake up.”

“Well, that was thoughtful of the guy that just beat me up last night,” Goten said, smiling.

“Well, I wanted to make sure I didn’t kill you accidentally. Chichi would kill me!”

They both chuckled.

“So, where’s Vegeta, did he go with them?”

“Of course not!” Trunks looked around. “Huh? At least, I don’t think he did…”

“Maybe he’s outside or still sleeping,” Goten suggested.

“Oh, well. It doesn’t matter. So whatcha want to do?”

“I don’t know…. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know…”

They looked at each other. “SPAR!” they yelled in unison.


“What’s cute?” Marron asked looking at Bra.

“THIS!” Bra said holding a cute white cat figure. “I am definently getting this!”

“Ooh! Where did you get that?” Bulma asked looking at the cute little figure.

“Right over there!” she pointed to the area where they were.

“Oh! I want one, too!” Bulma said walking over to the area she pointed to.

“Wait for me! I want one, too!” Marron said running over to the stand with Bulma.

“UGH! Shopping with these girls is becoming a pain!” Vegeta said to himself.

“Oh, lighten up, Daddy!” Bra said over hearing him.

SHOULD I LIGHTEN UP?” Vegeta said yelling at his daughter.

“Oh, Outosan! Think of it this way: You get to spend time with your little girl!” Bra said smiling.

“Err!” was all Vegeta said.

Bra just kept on smiling at her dad.

“Well, I think that’s about it. Let’s go!” Bulma said coming back with Marron.

“Thank, Dende!” Vegeta mumbled to himself.

They paid for their things and left towards the house.

When they got there…

“HAAAYAAH!” Trunks yelled giving Goten a blow to the chest.

“What are you guys doing?” Bra asked making sure that Trunks wasn’t trying to kill Goten, again.

“Oh, hi, sis! We were just sparring,” Trunks said a little worn down from it.

“Oh, good! I thought you were trying to kill him, like last night,” Bra said relieved.

“Bra, what’s going on? I thought I just heard you say that Trunks was trying to kill Goten last night,”
Bulma said looking at Bra a little concerned.

“Um, yeah…uh…You know how they are! “Pretending to try to kill each other”, goofy aren’t they?
Heheh,” Bra said trying to protect her brother.

“Are you sure they were just “pretending”?” Bulma asked even more concerned.

“Yeah, Mom! We were just kidding around!” Trunks replied for his sister.

“Okay, then, let’s go inside and I’ll start making lunch,” Bulma said changing the subject.

“GREAT! Just in time, too! I’m starting to get hunger!” Goten said while looking down at his stomach
as it growled.

Everyone went inside.