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W e ' r e   B a a a a c c k k . . .

   Hello! Welcome to Goten, Trunks and Marron Website! GTMis BACK with a whole bunch of new stuffs! Yes, yes i know..I've been gone for a long time (Gomen-neh! ^_^;). I was just too caught up with my job and lotsa other craps. The only time I enjoyed doing for the past few months were hanging out with friends, shopping, talking to mom ( we don't see each other everyday so it's fun once you get together and have a long conversations ), shopping (yet again ) and of course, spending some time with mah boyfriend ^-^.
   So yes, I do have a life (what a surprise!)! Maybe I'm not spending much time working on GTM like I used to anymore. I hardly have a time to check on my mails! Not to mention I'll be leaving for College this coming November and that I'm worried what will happen or who will take care ofGTMby then. *sighs* problems.. problems.. problems.. ah well!

   But hey! GTM is back for now and this time I PROMISE I'll update the site whenever I can! At least once a week.. or once every two weeks.. (-_-);; or..um once a month..

   Anyway, I will let you lovely people in and I hope you all will enjoy your stay ^_^. I have tons of fanfics, huge fanarts gallery and other cool stuffs. Well actually, GTM  is mainly a DBZ/GT Fanfics page so.. don't expect too much on this website ^_^;. Happy browsing!

GTM Webmistress
31st August, 2001

Lovely LOVELY fanart by popular fan-artist - Brianna! I just have to put this pic up on the main page because..come on, it's GTM! I always believe that these three do have a special friendship between them. Which of course, they never showed it in the series (what a shame ~_~;) But think about it, they've been friends since the early Majin-Buu saga. And not to mention their parents ( Gokou, Bulma & Kurilin) were bestfriends too since the beginning of the Dragonball hunting! And you say, Goten, Trunks and Marron never hang out together? Well think what you like. DB has ended a long long time ago and we fans have our own rights to think and do something to keep these characters alive. We can do whatever we want and create our own DB worlds where everyone can enjoy it together as a fan. ^_^ I'm proud to be a GTM fan! and I'm proud to be a T&M fan too! If anyone has something againts it, that means their..I dunno, selfish? Well I don't care. I just want to share my fandom to everyone who appreciates it.. ^_^GTM forever!

UPDATES (10th-Sept-2001):
MORE UPDATES! And this time I got plenty of new FANFICS for you! Check it out! Again, I changed the lay-out ^_^;. Oh by the way, there's something new on the Fanfics Archive. What else... OH yeah, 17 questions answered in Q&A! New links and um.. I have an important announcement here people. The FanArts Gallery by Guests is under a HEAVY (and I DO mean HEAVY) Construction! Something happened to the gallery and it's NOT a good thing.  I just realized this when Son Piper sent me an E-mail about it (Thank you Piper-chan! ^_^). So in a mean time, the FanArts Gallery-By Guest is CLOSED. 

   Desclaimer: DragonBallZ / DragonBallGT Copyright(C) by Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Shueisha Inc., Aiko Animation, TOEI Animation etc..etc..  FanArts and Fanfics belong to its' parmenat authors/artists; Goten, Trunks and Marron' Website (C) by Haruko.