Losing Contact

Chibi K
Chapter 1

“Everything all right there?”

Bulma Briefs looked over the piles and piles of boxes stacked up and filling the room. Here and there, workers ran around, carrying one or two of them.

“Yes ma’am!” A worker, obviously the chief, saluted.

“Good,” said Bulma. “Arrange them all and we’ll put them into capsules.”

A loud ring suddenly broke off the conversation. Bulma realized it was her cellphone, and picked it up.


“MOM!” 16-year-old Bra, who was upstairs, yelled into her own cellphone. “I’m not finished yet!”

“WHAT?” Bulma angrily yelled back. “You don’t have to yell like that!!!” The workers were staring at her. “Then hurry up! We don’t have all day!”

“But mom…” Bra whined. “I need two more boxes!”

Her mother sighed, and turned to the men. “Bring two more boxes to my daughter, please.” Two men immediately followed.

Bulma shook her head, as it was the third time Bra asked for more boxes. She thought, What could possibly be Bra packing? Did she have that many things? Bulma chuckled then when she remembered: Vegeta always took the girl shopping. Yes, that was the answer. She closed the cellphone, walked towards the stairs, but decided against it. Instead she opened the cell again. “Trunks? Are you finished??”

“Yeah mom, I’m done!” a male voice answered amidst the loud music coming from the room.

“Bring your things downstairs then.” Bulma ordered. “And turn down that music!”

“Y-y-yes mother.” He hung up. The woman did the same thing. Her eye caught sight of her husband Vegeta leaning against the wall. He appeared to be staring off to space.

“Did you pack your things, dear?” Vegeta noticed his wife beside him, nodded, then looked away again. After a few moments of silence, he spoke. “I can’t believe we are going to move so far away from here.”


“We’re going to leave this place right?”

Bulma understood then, that underneath his usual cold exterior his heart could also feel strong emotions even for the littlest things.

It had been half a year since Gokou’s disappearance. Or should she say rest. He promised Chi-Chi he would only be gone for a short while. And Chi-Chi believed him. She herself had believed, but not until Vegeta told her the truth. Bulma was totally shocked to hear that the boy whom she had known for 32 years was now gone forever. They would never see Gokou again, after he had sacrificed his life for all the people of the Earth.

And Bulma knew, even his archenemy Vegeta would miss him.

Bulma began to wonder if Chi-Chi knew. Of course, she had to know. They wouldn’t leave her hoping for nothing, would they? Her heart ached for what her friend could have felt when she heard the news.

The woman stared at her own husband. Thank Kami he hadn’t taken him away from her. She glanced out the window, where she held her breath – the sunset was incredibly beautiful. As she watched, the light reflected on the roof of something Bulma was sad to leave behind.

“Vegeta, look. It’s the Gravity Room.”

He stepped behind his wife and stared at the building. “So?”

Bulma sighed. “I-I’m just sad to leave it behind.”

“But you can always make another one.” Vegeta thought for some time. “If I ever need it again.”

“Oh…I don’t know. This one is special. It-it kind of brings back memories.” Vegeta gave her an amused smirk. “I see. If your dad didn’t build that you wouldn’t have persuaded me to stay here?”

“No!” Bulma was taken aback by the remark. But she pondered about it, and it did sound right. “Ah…I mean…” Suddenly she gave him an evil smile. “Well, remember the time you blew it up?”

He rubbed his chin. “Let me guess. And you had to save me from the rubble?”

Bulma’s eyes grew wide. “Honesly, Vegeta…you spoil my fun!”

She suddenly felt his strong arms around her waist. He whispered to her ear, “But it’s true, right?”

Bulma couldn’t reply but a giggle.

The two gazed at the sunset together.


“There! Finished!”

Bra dusted her palms after she put the last of her belongings inside. She then proceeded to push the tops of the bulging box in, trying to close it. However hard she pushed though, the box just pushed back.

“Aggggghhhhh!” She was about to scream.

“Need some help?”

At her doorway a purple-haired young man stood, with a smirk on his face.

“Brother!” The girl’s face conveyed joy for a second. Then she cocked an eyebrow. “For what?”

Trunks looked incredulous. “What, dear sister? You actually think I, your humble brother, would ask repayment in such a special occasion?”

Bra wanted to talk back, but she was curious. “Wh-what special occasion?” She panted after trying to push the top again, but to no avail.

He walked around the room, careful not to trip at the objects scattered on the ultra-messy floor. “Why…we’re leaving our home. The place we grew up.” He shook his head. “I just can’t see why we have to move.”

His sister sat on top of the box. “Ask the city. They’re the ones who suggested to move Capsule Corporation base.”

“Yeah,” agreed Trunks. “And Mom, ahhhh, I mean,” He cleared his throat, “I had to accept the offer since it was for the good of the company.”

Bra raised an eyebrow again, and Trunks was forced to changed the subject. “But seriously. I’m going to miss this place. I’ve lived here for 29 years…gah, 30 even!”

She nodded in reply. “Yeah. I’m going to miss the shopping mall, the restaurants…”


She raised her hands to ward off his fuming brother. “I was just joking ok?”

Trunks put on an air of haughtiness, saying “Well of course. You’ve only lived here for 16 years.”

It was her turn to react. Bra growled. “Get out!!!”

Trunks walked away huffly.

Bra slid down, and opened the box. On top was a small picture frame. Inside it was a photo of their friends and family in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, taken when she was about 5 years old. She stared at it for so long, until a tear splashed on the glass.

“I’m really going to miss it…”

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