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By Acrobat:
Best to be Forgotten -[Epics][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Chibi Vegeta
Living With Your Ghost  - [Epics]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Chibi Vegeta and Things that Go Down the Hole -[Single][Humour] Starring: King Vegeta & Chibi Vegeta
By Adah Lascano:
Happy Birthday Marron-chan! -[Single][Romance][Humour] Starring: Trunks and Marron
By Ai-chan:
Drinking Game -[Single][PG-13][Humour] Starring: Goten,Trunks,Marron,Bra,Pan and Ubbu
Happy Endings - [Epics][Romance] Starring: Trunks and Marron
What are Friends For - [Epics][Frienships] Starring: Goten,Trunks and Marron
Happy Birthday Marron!  -[Epics][Romance]Starring: Goten and Marron
Is It Just a Bet? - [Epics][Humour][Romance] Starring: Trunks and Marron
Love is Blind - [Epics][Humour][Romance] Starring: Pan and Ubbu
By AJ Marron:
Beginnings -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:Trunks, Marron Bra, Goten.
True Endings -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:  Marron and Friends
By Alicia:
The Clock is Ticking -[Single][Romance][Action] Starring:  Z-Team
Bra and her Daddy - [Single][Humour] Starring:  Bra & Vegeta
By Amanda:
Panís Surprise -[Epics][Romance][Humour][Frienships] Starring:  Trunks,Pan,Goten,Bra,Marron & Ubbu  NEW!
The Boys are back in town!  -[Single][Romance][Humour][Frienships] Starring:  Trunks,Pan,Goten,Bra,Marron & Ubbu
A Snowy World - [Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Pan
I can't live without you - [Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Pan
By Ane S. Thesia:
Drawn To You [Epics][Romance][Action][PG-13]Starring:  Bra & Goten
By Android 18:
Tell Me You Love Me  -[Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Marron

By Angel-chan:
Pieces Of You- [Epics][Romance][Frienships] Starring:  Trunks, Marron and Pan   NEW!
By Angel-Samantha:
My Weird DBGT Fanfiction - [Single][Humour][Frienships] Starring:  Angel-Samantha, Sara-chan, Tan-chan & Next Gen-Z
By Animako:
At First Glance - [Single][Humour][Frienships][PG-13]Starring:  Chibi Trunks, Chibi Marron and Z-Team
Don't Party Too Hardy - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Goten, Trunks and Marron
By Ashley:
Forget about the Stars - [Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Marron
Killing Me Softly - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Gohan, Bra, Pan & Ubbu
Five Steps - [Single][Romance]Starring:  Gohan and Bra
My Childhood Hero - [Single][Romance]Starring: Yamucha and Marron
By Being- Terminator:
The Really Weird Story - [Single][Humour]Starring: Goten, Trunks and Marron
By Bek-chan:
Bra and Goten -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][PG-13] Starring:  Bra & Goten
In Between Sleep and Awareness -[Single] Starring:  Bra
When Things Turned out Right - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][PG-13] Starring:  Trunks,Goten,Marron & Bra
Zen Experience -[Epics][Humour][Romance] Starring:Goten, Trunks,Marron and Bra
Marpa-[Epics][Frienships][Action] Starring:  Pan and Marron

By Barrie Ann:
Here We Go Again -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:Bra, Goten, Trunks and Marron
The Entire Saiya-jin Race - [Single][Humour]Starring: Z-Team
Unnoticed Love-[Single][Romance]Starring:  Goten & Bra
Unlikely Couple -[Single][Romance]Starring:  Vegeta & Bulma
Family Ties - [Epics][Action][PG-13]Starring:  OverKill & DBZ
Decisions-[Epics][Romance][Action][PG-13]Starring:  OverKill,Goten,Bra & DBZ
The Evil Within[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3] - [Epics][Action][PG-13]Starring:  OverKill & DBZ
Family Reunion[Part 1][Part 2] [Part 3] -[Epics][Action][PG-13]Starring:  OverKill & DBZ
Show Down -[Epics][Action][PG-13]Starring:  OverKill & DBZ
Dangerous Love -[Epics][Romance][Action]Starring: OverKill & DBZ
The Game - [Single][Humour]Starring:  OverKill & DBZ
By BikoNeko:
Cast Away In The Shadows - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring: Trunks and Marron
Kon-nichiwa My Concubine - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][PG-13]Starring: Trunks, Marron, Pan, Z-Team

By Bonietta:
I Will Love You More Than That - [Epics][Romance][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Android #17 and Bra
Juunana-gou's First Date  - [Single][Romance] Starring:  Android #17 and Bra
By Bra-chan85:
The Ribbon That Bonds - [Epics][Romance]Starring:  Bra
By Brad:
Vegeta's Drunken Rampage -[Single][Humour]Starring:  Vegeta
The Brad Saga - [Epics][Humour][Action]Starring:Brad and DBZ
A Tale of Romance- [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  DBZ
Vegeta's Contest - [Single][Humour]Starring:  Vegeta
What A Day- [Epics][Humour]Starring:  DBZ
Guys' Night Out  [Epics][Humour]Starring:  DBZ

By Brittany Briefs:
Love or Just Friends? -[Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring: Trunks, Pan, Goten and Bra
Marron Or Pan?-[Single][Romance] Starring:Trunks & Pan
By Casio:
Movie Disaster!!! - [Single][Humour] Starring:Goten,Marron, Trunks & Z-Team
SubZero!! The Ice Cold Revenge!  - [Single][Romance][Action] Starring:  Gohan & Videl
Rage- [Single][Frienships][Action] Starring:  Next Gen-z
Mission To Mars - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action] Starring:  Trunks,Pan,Goten and Marron
2 Years[Epics][Frienships][Romance] Starring:Trunks, Pan, Goten and Marron
By Chibi K:
Losing Contact [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:  Next Gen-Z
Marron Okaachan [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:  Trunks and Marron
By ChiChi:
Silent Blue -[Epics][Frienships][Romance] Starring:  Goten and Bra
And in the End..-[Single][Romance] Starring:  Goten and Bra
By Demon Of The Night:
Kurilin and #18 Romance Thing -[Single][Romance][Humour][Frienships] Starring: Kurilin, #18, Ryoko(Tenchi Muyo) and Z-Team
By Distel:
Red Ribbon Week  - [Single][Humour] Starring: Next Gen-Z
By Emmy-chan:
Covering 14 - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Trunks,Marron,Bra and Goten
By Evee dah Fox:
Rebellion  - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance] Starring:Marron and Goten
What if -  [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Next Gen-Z
Christmas Chaos - [Single][Humour] Starring:  Z-Team
By Gabriela:
I Love You -[Epics][Romance]Starring:Trunks & Pan
I Love You (Continued) -[Epics][Romance]Starring:Trunks & Pan
Daddy - [Single][Humour]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
By Girl_DeathSytheHell:
Akima - The Female Saiyan - [Epics][Action][PG-13]Starring:  Z-Team & Akima
By Goku Jr.:
DragonBall GT....Continued -  [Epics][Action]Starring:  Z-Team
By Goten:
The old lady in the Park -  [Single][Humour][PG-13]Starring: Trunks,Pan,Bra & Goten
Paris Dies Again!  -[Single][Humour]Starring:Goten, Bra & Paris
By Goten598:
Te Martial Arts Tournament -[Epics][Action][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Z-Team
By HaRUko^:
Just A Feeling -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Bra, Goten, Trunks and Marron
GTG-Great Teacher Goten [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Goten, Bra, Trunks and Marron
Marron-chan [Epics][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Marron, Trunks and Goten
Bulmarella [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Vegeta and Bulma
A Peek on Trunks and Marron - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
Chivalry Rains -[Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
By Heather:
Spaghetti, no Meatballs - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:Vegeta and Bulma
By Hiro:
Awaken the Sleeper -  [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Action]Starring: Team-GTM
By Hotaru:
Losing Myself/Not Far Away -[Single][Romance][Poem]Starring: Future Trunks and Gohan
By Hotaru SSJ:
Two Different Worlds -[Single][Romance]Starring: Goten & Bra
By Jen:
At First Glance [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Goten, Trunks, Marron and Sara
By Jennie:
What She Said -[Poem]Starring: Trunks
What About Love? -[Single][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Trunks, Marron, Goten and Bra
Many Years Of Secrecy - [Single][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Bra and Goten
New Found Love - [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
The Proposal -[Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
By Jessie-chan:
I Will Find Love  - [Epics][Romance]Starring: Goten and Bra
There Is Always Hope -[Single][Family] Starring: Mirai Trunks and Mirai Bulma
By J.k-chan:
Do You Love Me? - [Single][Frienships][Romance] Starring: Pan and Uubu
By Julo18:
Another Love Story - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Trunks&Marron, Pan&Ubbu, Goten&Bra
One More Time - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Goten, Trunks, Marron, Bra, Ubbu and Pan
By Jumbo Paul-chan:
Attack Of The Jumbo Fatsos - [Single][Humour]Starring:Jumbo 'Paul', Goten, Trunks ,Gohan , Videl
By Kanki-chan:
'Niichan-[Single][Family]Starring: Gohan and Chibi Goten
Superstition - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Goten,Bra and Marron

By Kaoru:
Hot Muffins and Sexy Doughnuts - [Single][Humour] Starring: Trunks and Goten  NEW!
By Katsurina Dennisu:
Chibi Trunks' Dream- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks and Kat
The Mysterious Saiyan- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks and Kat
The Saiyan Flu- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks and Kat
Big Uncle Piccolo- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks,Kat and Picollo
Thiro's Attack- [Single][Humour][Frienships][Action] Starring: Trunks and Kat
School?- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks and Kat
The New Team Rocket- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Trunks and Kat

By Kara-Pack:
Determind to be Together -[[Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks & Pan
Homework  - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks & Pan
An Unexpected Visitor...  -  [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring: Z-Team
By Kawaii Chibi Usagi:
Isn't That Ironic?  - [Single] Starring: Pan NEW!
Comitted  - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Pan and Trunks  NEW!
The House - [Single][Frienships][Action] Starring: Bra, Goten, Trunks and Pan
Gohan's Angel  - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action] Starring:  Pan, Bra, and Marron
Gohan's Angel: Part 2  - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action] Starring:  Pan, Bra, and Marron

By Kita-chan:
From Bad to Worse -[Single][Humour]Starring:  Z-Team
By Koneko:
BP-Adventure-[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action] Starring:Bra,Pan Trunks and Goten
By KrillienMGG:
Krillin's Endless Life -[Epics][Frienships][Romance] Starring:Kurilin
What About Kurilin? -[Single][Romance][Humour]Starring:Kurilin & #18
Kuririn and Vegeta's Nightmare - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:Kurilin and Vegeta
Cell Strikes Again [Single][Action]Starring:Cell2, Z-crew +Sophia
Dad, Daddy and Pappy -[Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Kuririn,Vegeta, Picollo and baby Marron
Crazy Kuririn, Angry Juhachi-gou - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Kuririn & #18
The Clue Story - [Epics][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Kuririn & #18
By Kuririn-Chan:
A Good Advice - [Single][Frienships]Starring:Goten, Trunks and Marron
Marron's Day Out [Single]Starring:  Chibi Marron & Kurilin
By Lada613:
The Best Sakura Viewing -[Single][Romance][Humour] Starring: Bra and Goten
The Last Fallen Leaf  - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring: Bra and Goten
By Lady Malibu:
Goten's Demonic Possession -[Single][Action]Starring:Goten, DBZ and Fictional Characters
By Little Pan:
It's All Because of "Veggie" -[Single][Humour]Starring:  Vegeta
Fight For The Girl - [Single][Humour][Romance] Starring:  Goten, Trunks, Marron, Bra and Pan
The Man behind the Mask - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Action]Starring:  Goten and Marron
By Marron:
Not Very Likely -[Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Pan and Ubbu
The Single Rose -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Trunks,Marron and Goten
The Virus- [Single]Starring:Trunks,Marron and Goten
The Three Little Words - [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
The Recovery- [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
Marron's Worst Nightmare [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
Marriage- [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
Honeymooners-[Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
Friends Forever-[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten, Trunks, Marron & Bra
More Than Friends - [Epics][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten and Marron
A Lesson Learned - [Single][Frienships]Starring:Vegeta, Chibi Marron, Chibi Trunks and Chibi Goten
Crash and Burn - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Marron
Growing Up - [Single][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten, Trunks,Marron and Bra
Quiet Time -[Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Marron
Knowing Him - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Marron, Goten & Bra By Marron:
By Marron:
The TP Experience -[Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Trunks and --- ^_^
By MarronChanI:
When The Future, Falls for the Past -[Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action] Starring: Marron & Mirai Trunks
Marron My Angel  -[Single][Poem] Starring: #18 and Marron
By Meagan:
Camping Out- [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Trunks, Pan, Bra and Goten
Vegeta VS Barney- [Single][Humour]Starring:Vegeta
Bra Sure signs you're Obsessed with Goten- [Single][Humour]Starring:Bra
Bra's Sure Signs you're Obssesed with Her.. - [Single][Humour]Starring: Bra
Really..[Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Goten and Bra
Cliff Can be Dangerous For who... [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Goten,Bra, Trunks and Pan
Once Upon a Time in the Old West - [Epics]Starring: Bra
Riding in the Woods  - [Single]Starring: Bra
Little Red Riding Bra  -[Single]Starring: Bra
Groin Grinders Anonymous[Single]Starring:Bra
The Stupid Zone; Popcorn   -[Single]Starring: Bra
The Stupid Zone; Skinny Dipping   - [Single]Starring: Bra
By Megumi:
he power within -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action][PG-13]Starring: SailorMoon & DBZ
By Meioh:
The Unforgettable Birthday - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Marron
Untitled- [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Gohan, Vegeta & Bulma
By Mirai Angel:
Cooking a turkey - [Single][Humour]Starring:  Trunks and Marron
By NateDawg:
A Long Day -[Single][Humour]Starring:  Trunks,Marron,Goten and Bra
Age Doesn't Matter -[Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Goten & Bra
Poor Vegeta!  - [Single][Humour]Starring: Vegeta

By NegaGohan:
No Scrub - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Vegeta, Gokou, Bulma & Chichi

By Nesha:
Contagious- [Single][Humour][Romance][PG-13] Starring:  Vegeta & Bulma NEW!
By Nichole Parish:
You'll be in my heart - [Single][Romance]Starring:Goten & Marron
The Perfect Plan- [Epics][Romance]Starring:  Goten & Marron
Long Distance Dedication  - [Single][Romance]Starring:Goten & Marron
Long Distance Dedication 2 - [Single][Romance]Starring:Goten,Marron & Bra
By Nikki:
Lonely Miracle [Epics][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma NEW!
I don't know you anymore[Part 1],[Part 2],[Part 3] [Epics][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Pan
Ya win some, Ya lose some - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Pan
The Briefs Xmas[Part 1], [ Part 2 ]...-[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Z-Team
If you're gone - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Pan
By Pan_2:
Forgotten Love - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Pan
By Pan-chan:
Summer - [Epics][Romance][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Trunks and Pan
By Paul Morales:
Big Bad Booty - [Single][Humour]Starring:  Goten, Trunks and Marron
By Princess Star:
Try Again  -[Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring:Android #17, Mirai Trunks and Next Gen-Z
Corrupt- [Single][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring:Next Gen-Z
By Queen Bulma:
Alone No More-[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Revenge-[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
History Repeats Itself - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Bulma, Gokou and Vegeta
The Elevator -[Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Trunks and Marron
Matchmaker- [Single][Humour][Romance][Frienships]Starring: Trunks, Marron and Pan
Double Trouble - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Pan & Ubbu
Why is the Sky Blue? -[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
The Ring  --[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Birthday - -[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
I Know - [Single][Romance] [Frienships]Starring: Vegeta,Bulma & ChiChi
Just A Normal Day - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Z-Team
One Letter - [Single][Romance][Frienships]Starring: Vegeta,Bulma &Goku
Memories-[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Memories of Love -[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Saiyan Babies - [Single][Humour]Starring: Z-team
Sometimes Strange Things Happen - [Single][Humour]Starring: Z-Team
Super Saiyan Bulma  - [Single][Humour]Starring: Bulma & Z-Team
Bad Day for Bulma  - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks
Bulma and The Bad Ohzaru - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring: Bulma & Vegeta
Bra's Past Adventure - [Single][Humour]Starring: Bra and Bulma
Chibi-Vegeta- [Single][Humour]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
ChiChirella- [Single][Humour][Romance] Starring: Chichi and Z-Team
The Christmas Thing-[Single][Romance]Starring: Vegeta and Bulma
Bulma's Diary-[Single][Romance]Starring: Bulma
Final FlashLight - [Single][Action]Starring: Z-Team
By Queen Of French:
Silent Hill - [Epics][Action]Starring: Trunks
By rEdmOOn:
The Great Saiyaman Strikes Back - [Single][Humour][Romance][Action] Starring:  Goten, Bra and Z-Team
Goten's Adventure -[Epics][Frienships][Action]Starring: Goten
Sunday Morning - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Trunks, Marron, Bra and Goten
By Ree-chan:
Another Chance - [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring:  Goten, Trunks, Bra, Chibi Goten & Chibi Trunks
A Day like any Other - [Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring:  Marron, and DBZ
To Save the Past - [Epics][Frienships][Action]Starring:DBZ
Please Remember Me -[Epics][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Mirai Trunks and Bra
The First Wedding and Other Disasters -[Epics][Humour][Romance]Starring:Trunks, Marron, Bra and Goten
Lifemates- [Epics][Humour][Romance] Starring:Bra and Goten
Secrets were Meant to be Shared - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Trunks,Marron,Goten and Bra
Carnival-[Single]Starring:  Trunks and Bra
The Sunriseb-[Single]Starring:  Trunks and Bra
Time to Let Go - [Epics][Frienships][Action]Starring:  Prince Vegeta
The Fight -[Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:  Trunks,Marron,Goten, and Pan
Where Do I Fit in the Picture? -[Single]Starring:Goten
By Rhionae:
Home- [Single][Romance]Starring:Bra & Goten
By Ronniesha/Ronna:
Lonely Love - [Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks and Marron
When Things Go Wrong Then Right -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Next Gen-Z
A Friend To Talk To - [Single][Family] Starring:Marron and Adroid #17
By Rukawa:
Marron's First Time - [Single][Humour][PG-13]Starring: Trunks & Marron
By Sabine:
Sabine and Vegeta's Birthday Celebration -[Epics][Frienships][Humour]Starring:  Sabine and Vegeta
Sabine-The Saiyan Princess - [Epics][Frienships][Action]Starring:  Sabine and the Z-Team
By Sailor Leo:
Shooting Star -[Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks and Marron
That 70's Show -[Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:Trunks,Marron,Vegeta,Bulma,Paris,Ubbu, Pan,Goten and Bra
By Sailor Mars:
Most Princesses - [Single][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Bra
By Saiya-jin Tiyena:
End Of The Beginning - [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring:  Z-Team

By SaiYan Brat:
The Wish -[Single]Starring: Bra
Father of Mine - [Poem]Starring: Goten
The Bad Day - [Single][Humour]Starring: Bra
How Marron Got Her Nose - [Single][Humour]Starring: Marron, Krillien, #18
Pan and the Green Man - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Pan and Picolla
Bra - One Life is Too Much -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Bra
By Sara-chan:
Sweet Sixteen-[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten,Marron,Trunks,Pan & Bra
By Sarah Slutz:
The First Date - [Single][Romance]Starring:Trunks & Marron
By Sheika:
Something's Change - [Single][Romance] Starring:Trunks & Pan

By Shaney:
The Fight - Part One  -[Epics][Frienships][Romance][Humour][Action][PG-13] Starring: Team DBZ/GT  NEW!
By Sierra Rudy:
Zutto Futari de(Together Forever) - [Epics][Frienships][Action]Starring:  Sierra & Z-Team
By Slayden:
Big Daddy Chaperone - [Epics][Humour]Starring:Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma
By Slimslyde:
Mortal Kombat VS DBZ/GT  - [Single][Romance][Action][PG-13] Starring: Mortal Kombat & Team DBZ/GT
By Son Piper:
Oh Starry Night - [Single][Romance]Starring: Trunks & Marron
By Take-chan:
Vegeta's Thong Song -[Single][Humour]Starring:  Vegeta
Wait 'Till Puar Comes - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Z-Team
Vegeta's Birthday - [Single][Humour]Starring: Vegeta
By T-chan:
Fight With Us - [Epics][Romance][Frienships][Action][Humour]Starring: Trunks, Marron, Goten and Bra
Don't Turn Towards Me - [Single][Romance]Starring: Goten and Bra
I Won't Lose You - [Epics][Romance][Frienships][Action][Humour]Starring: Trunks and Marron
The Destructive Duo - [Epics][Romance][Frienships][Action][Humour]Starring:  Bra, Goten, Trunks, Marron, Z-Team
By T.F:
The Saiyan Princess -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring: Next Gen-Z  NEW!
Best Friends Apart - [Single][Humour][Frienships] Starring: Chibi Trunks, Chibi Goten and Chibi Marron  NEW!
How Trunks and Marron Met - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Chibi Trunks and the Z-Team
Tale Of Flying  - [Single][Humour][Frienships]Starring: Marron, Mirai Trunks, Chibi Trunks
Have You Ever  - [Single][Romance]Starring: Bra, Goten, Trunks and Marron
#18 and Kuririn's First Date - [Single][Humour][Romance]Starring:  Kurilin & #18
Friends Forever -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten, Trunks and Marron
Memories- [Single][Romance]Starring:  Trunks & Marron

By Theatre-girl:
Runaway Groom   - [Epics][Romance][Frienships][Action][Humour]Starring:  Trunks and Marron, Goten and Bra  Updated!

By The.Kitts:
The Bet  -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Goten, Trunks and Marron and Bra  NEW!
By Tinki:
Play Time - [Single][Humour]Starring:  Trunks & Goten

By TrunksBlue13:
Should've Seen It Coming-[Single][Romance][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Trunks and Pan  NEW!

By Trunks Love 80:
This Is The Best Place To Be -[Single][Romance][Humour][Frienships]Starring:  Trunks and Pan  NEW!
By Writer4263:
Attack Of Biotechnology  - [Single][Humour][Action]Starring: Z-Team
Underwear Trouble - [Single][Humour]Starring: Trunks
Krillien's Party - [Single][Humour]Starring: Kurillin, Z-Team & Yoyo-Yoko
Jynxed B-day - [Single][Humour]Starring: Trunks, Yoyo-Yoko, Anzel & Marron
Werewolf....of PIZZA? - [Single][Humour]Starring: Z-Team, Yoyo-Yoko and Anzel
Dead People Girl - [Single][Humour]Starring: Trunks, Goten and dead people girl ^_^
Diary Hunter 1/2 - [Single][Humour][Action] Starring: Z-Team, Yoyo-Yoko and Anzel
Yoyo School Of HardKnocks - [Single][Humour]Starring: Trunks, Yoyo-Yoko, Bra
Trunks VS Mirai Trunks - [Single][Action] Starring: Trunks, Mirai Trunks and Z-Team

BY ZGirl:
Why me? Why Now? -[Epics][Humour][Frienships][Romance]Starring:Bra, Goten, Trunks and Marron  NEW!

By ð°VïÐ꣰ð
The World She Never Knew - [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action][PG-13]Starring: Mirai Pan, Pan, Z-Team
Lost Souls - [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring: Marron, Juuhachi-gou and Z-Team
Misery Within - [Epics][Frienships][Romance][Action]Starring: Bra, Goten and Z-Team


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