Love or Just Friends?
by Brittany Briefs

          One morning Trunks was walking in the woods. He was going to go train in his seacret ship. But he didn't feel the ki of Pan because she was fallowing him.Pan was 18 and Trunks was now 24. Trunks got to the ship and went in and Pan was fallowing him into the ship. Pan hid as Trunks went to go turn up the gravity. Oh, no I hope he doesn't turn it up to high or I'll be smoosh she thought. He was turning up the gravity to 600g, oh crap pan thought. He turned it up she sat triing to keep her self from being swash. The she dropped, Trunks heared it and turned around and saw her. Oh, man he turned down the gravity and Pan woke up so have  and nice sleep Trunks said. What? Oh oh sorry Trunks I want to no where you were going. Well now that you no of my like seret training ship don't  tell any one and come here evry day in the morning, Ok.Ok, I will I don't beleave I'm going to be Trunks all alone Pan thought. I can't beleave I asked her that but she is so hot and awsome and I'm going to alone with her. YES!! They both thought at the same time.So I thinks that's it for today your already in pain. Ya that was tence. Well bye see you tomorrow in the morning Pan yelled, ya see he reapled. The next morning Pan was there before Trunks waiting for him. When he did get there he was always eyeing her and she was always eyeing. When the day was done they went there sepret ways. When Trunks got home Goten was waiting for him.Hey, where have been you around. Lets have a sleep over at your house. Ok, go get your stuff goten then. Over at Pan's house Bra  was waiting for and wanted to no if she could come over  for a sleep over at Bra's house. Pan said sure and packed her bage and went to her house. Where Goten and Trunkswere just  going in the house. Bra lets go in side now. They went in  side and the boys where picking up there stuff and heading for the door. The Bulma said you two are sleeping out side in the  mortorhome to, why? Because where having friends over so fallow the boys. Yes, mom Bra said. So they went to the mortorhome and unpacked there things. Bra, Pan that your bed ok, ok they said with aflurty smile, well bra to Goten. Pan  was making out the bed that she was sleeping on. They got a topbunk. After they were done evrything Goten said why don't we go  into the forest and get really scared.Well, I don't no Pan said with a scared voice. Dont' worry  about it we will all be together. So they went out into the woods and tried to scare each other.
          And most times did so. Ok now me and Bra will go this way and Trunks and Pan you go that way OK we'll all meet up at the camper OK Goten said. Ok ok lets go Trunks said, well see  you later you Bra said with a wink and Pan grined. Trunksoften tried to scare her but his plan   didn't work. I no I have to tell her that I love her butit's so hard Trunks thought. Then he ran  and took Pan with him to the camper and sat her on the  bed next to her and he said, Pan um,  I wanted to let you no that I you no I you Pan I've never felt like this before for any  one and ya that's what I had to say. Pan was shocked she had loved him from the moment she saw him and now this. Um, Trunks I have loved you from the moment I saw you and I never new that you loved me why didn't you say any thing? I never newuntil about 3 months  ago and I didn't no how I should to tell you. Just then  Bra and Goten walked in. Ok now the  fun part Goten said, why do I have the feeling that you have been planing this. Because I was for about 3 monthes, it took you that long to plan this pritty muck why? No reason. Ok the next thing truthe or dare he-he-he. Um, I guess they said. Ok Trunks truthe or dare, dareTrunks said. Oh yes I dare you to go out side the camper and I wont look and go make out  with Pan......... WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Trunks and Pan said with a angergy gin blushing. Fine come on Pan, um ok Trunks, we better get this over with. 5 minites later Pan and Trunks were done what they had to do and then Pan said your a good kisser  and they walked in blushing. Ok Goten truthe or dare, Trunks said, truthe he replaid,  do   you love my sister, um well you see  ya he said. What was that I didn't hear they all leaned into hear.... YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Yepie he loves me Bra huged him and cuddled up to him.They went to bed early, in the morning Pan and Trunks woke up and talked to each other. They found each other kissing on the bed side. Bra and Goten woke up and saw them then Bra yelled out to  Goten ''you oh me 25$ Goten''. Oh man Goten said! Soon Bra and Goten were kissing too!!!Then Bulma walked in with  Gohan.....They walk in and saw them oh hi daddy Pan said with a smile. Hi Gohan my big brother hehehe Goten said with a smile!!!Then Gohan said I don't wanna no!!!! Then Bulma said me either and they walked away from the camper.5 month's later they got married Pan & Trunks, Goten & Bra on the same day same time. Goten and Trunks already got then pregent   with twins. Marron and Ubuu got married and had a kid.  Soon evry one way married making out in the bedroom and other things.

The End
By:Brittany Briefs

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