Welcome to GTM FanFic Archive! We have lotsa type of fanfictions here for you fanfic-readers. Romance, Humours, Actions, you name it. We have it all!!! Err.. Um well.. although most of the fics here are romance fics O_O;.. ah well ~_~;. Oh yeah, I made the archive devided into 2 sections: By Authors and By Alphabets sections. But either way, you still can look for the fanfics you like. The only thing about the By Alphabets section is it doesn't have any description about the fics, the type, starring of the fic..etc.. Go ahead and take a look, you know what I mean ^_^. Anyway, I'll shut up now ^_^; Have fun reading!

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Note: Who is that brown lil' sad round 'thing' you ask? That's 'KogePan'! KogePan ( Burnt Bread ) is one of the most popular merchandise characters nowadays in Japan. Yeah yeah I know, he has nothing to do with DragonBall at all! But I happen to like this little guy. And just look at him! He's sad, he's lonely, he's burnt and he even has white eyes!!

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