...and amazingly GTM won some awards. (^_^)"""


YaY! An award from one of my fav fanfic-writers! I feel so honoured ~^_^~.. Thank you so much Jennie!!

Another award for month May! This beautiful present is from a good friend of mine, Star! Thank you ^_^ *hugs*

What a CUTE award!! It has lil' Marron there....and lil' Trunks too (*_*)! One person's missing... WHERE's GOTEN?! LOL This Award is from Son Piper of PiPerZ HomEPaGE! Thank you so much, Piper-chan!

Gift From a Fan!

Yippie!!! Some people are just sooo kind they decided to celebrate GTM 2nd Anniversary together with us! This is a gift pic from Mimi-chan and Kawaii Neko-chan! You just don't know how HAPPY I am to get this! Thank you soooo much!! And we LOVE you too!!! ((^o^))

Thank you Queen Bulma!! Maybe GTM should give you an award to you too for being a talented writer!

An Award from Lady Malibu of DBZ Stories 2K! Domo Arigatou! ^_^ This award goes to all the talented writers out there who were kind enough to share their fics with GTM! ^_^ 

Awarded by Makaze of DBZD Awareness! GTM very first award!! Thank you!

Then the next day, GTM won another award!! Yay! This time it's from  Kibon Tokumei of Chichi's Cell.
Thank you!

Can We Have Some More? ^_^; tee-hee!

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