Pan’s Surprise
By Amanda
part 1, Pan’s Kiss.

“Pan i have to tell you something.” Trunks pulled up to the Son residents, “Yeah Trunks is there something
wrong?” Pan reached back to get her jacket out of the backseat. “ Pan i had a really nice time tonight.” Trunks
chickened out. “ Me too, it was fun. Well I'll probably see you tomorrow?” Pan smiled gave him a peck on the
cheek but Trunks grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips. “ Oh my god i am making out with Trunks! Holy
shit he is a good kisser!” Pan’s thoughts ran wild. When they stopped she was blushing. “ Have...Have a good
night.” Pan waved and stumbled out the door. “ Good night Pan.” Trunks smiled and drove away. Pan walked
up to the door and opened it. “ Pan was your night good?” Gohan lifted up his glasses. “ Yeah dad it was fun.”
Pan answered while she put her coat in the closet. “ Where’s mom?” Pan sat down and turned on the T.V. “She
went out with Bulma on a late night run.” Gohan started walking upstairs. “Goodnight Panny” Gohan smiled
and walked all the way upstairs. As soon as Gohan shut the door to his office Pan shot up from the chair and
ran over to the phone and dialed Bra’s number. “ Bra? Oh my god Trunks and me made out!” Pan whispered.
“Really? Oh My God he said he was just going to kiss you but i guess i don’t know what just kissing ment to
him.” Bra laughed. Then it made her think “ maybe it was just a kiss? What if he just wanted a little action to brag
about to Goten and Ubuu? I bet it didn’t mean anything to him.” Pan knew that Trunks sometimes went out with
girls just because they were models or model material. “ Pan? Did he kiss you or did you kiss him?” Bra
interrupted her thoughts. “ I uh...gave him a kiss on the cheek and then he grabbed my face.” Pan told the
story. “Wow, Goten didn’t do that when we went out. He just gave me a wave.” Bra huffed. “Well Goten just
broke up with Paris remember?” Pan reminded her. “Yeah that wasn’t that long ago and then him and me are
getting married in two weeks!” Bra thought. “Yeah when are we going to the one place to get the dress?” Pan
switched the subject. “We are getting it next Thursday.” Bra informed. “Marron still is kinda of mad because i
picked you to be the Maid Of Honor.” Bra picked at the phone cord. “Yeah how long has it been since you’ve
seen your Fiancee ?” Pan questioned. “ I saw him Monday; yeah i know it’s Wednesday but whatever he has
to work and i understand that.” Bra was talking while Trunks walked in. “who is it?” Trunks sat down on her bed
next to her. Pan was on the other side and heard Trunk’s voice. “ WHO IS IT BRA?” Trunks said a little louder.
“ Jesus Christ Trunks! It’s Marron.” Bra yelled back at him. “Oh tell her i said hi.” He picked up his coat and
walked to his room. “ God he is such an ass sometimes.” Bra talked back into the phone. Pan just laughed.
“Trunks is kind of upset that he is almost thirty and i am getting married before he is and i am only 20.” Bra
told his secret. “Oh is that why he always smarts of to your parents and still lives with them?” Pan laughed.
Pan heard her dad head downstairs. “ Crap I got to go bye I'll call you in the morning.” Pan hung up and
flipped over the couch and sat down and looked at the T.V. “Pan your watching the education channel! I always
wanted you to get a good education.” Gohan smiled. “Uh dad I am 20 years old i got done with two-year
college last month. I was flipping through channels.” Pan smiled a grin and then it slipped off. “OK Mrs.
Smarty if your 20 years old then why are you still living with your parents just like Bra?” Gohan frowned. “I am
going to move as soon as i find an apartment because Bra and me are going to be roommates.” Pan stuck
her tongue out and spit. “ Very smart use the Briefs for there money.” Gohan smiled. “Dad that isn’t funny”
Pan threw a pillow at him and laughed. Gohan walked by and knock her by the head with the pillow that he just
got hit with, “ Dad I am going to bed goodnight.” Pan waved and flew up to her room. Pan walked in and took
her shirt off and put a small skintight tank top on and white matching pants. She walked into her bathroom
put her hair in a pony and brushed her teeth. When she walked out she saw a face in the window. “
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Holy Shit! TRUNKS!” Pan ran to her door and yelled that everything was ok she just
stubbed her toe. And then opened the window, “Hey what’s up?” Trunks flew in and sat on her bed. “Hi? Were
you there the whole time?” Pan pointed to the window. “I was there when you walked into your room.” Trunks
smiled at her blushing. “ I know you called our house cause it was on the caller ID.” Trunks admitted. “And
that’s why you were watching me get dressed?” Pan gave him a look that questioned him. “No, i just wanted to
see you.” Trunks laid back on the bed as if he was going to sleep. “ You mean naked.” Pan walked back in
the bathroom. “Well, no but it was fun being a peeper.” Trunks grinned. “Now I'll get dressed in the bathroom
till i move because you wreck my privacy.” Pan whined. “Well it wasn’t my fault you should close you shades.”
Trunks defended himself. “Whatever you know you have to go soon because ah you know i need sleep.” Pan
laid down next to him. “Now go buh bye.” Pan pushed him off the bed and opened the window. Trunks kissed
her goodnight, and climbed out the window. “Good bye Romeo.” Pan joked. “ My Juliet you’re never goodbye
thou will keep you with me forever.” Trunks repeated from his high school. Pan laughed and shut the window
turned off her lights and crawled on her bed and fell asleep. “Pan! Wake up!” Videl flicked her lights on and
off. “What? MOM! Let me sleep.” Pan threw the covers over her head. “You and Bra are going to look at
houses today.” Videl reminded. “Oh yeah!” Pan tossed her covers aside and ran into the bathroom. “Mom you
can go now.” Pan reminded her mom that she had to get ready. “Oh right i better go make breakfast.” Videl
walked out the door mumbling something about food and Pan shut the door. She walked over to her closet
that was next her bathroom and picked out some faded jeans and a t-shirt. “It looks cold out” Pan said to
herself. “You bet it is.” Bra walked in. “Knock you scared me. Just like your brother but i was already
undressed and dressed when i realized he was watching.” Pan threw her clothes on the bed and went into the
bathroom. “Oh really! God he is such a loser.” Bra sat down in a chair by Pan’s bed. “Let me take a real quick
shower.” Pan shut the door and started the shower. Bra just laid on the bed and turned on her T.V. to MTV.
Bra just laid there for a couple minutes and then Pan came out. “Wow that was fast.” Bra sat up and threw
Pan’s clothes at her. “Thanks.” Pan closed the door and changed into her clothes and came back out. I am
just going to put my hair in a pony and then I'll just put some eyeliner on and then we’ll go eat ok?” Pan put
her towel down the dirty clothes shoot. “Yeah, God Mark McGrath is so hot.” Bra cut him in. “yeah sure.” Pan
brushed her hair into a pony and tied it back then grabbed some eyeliner and put it on. “I’m done.” Pan came
out. “Where is your purse Bra?” Pan grabbed hers. “ It’s down stairs.” Bra stood and opened the door for her
and Pan. “Pan and Bra breakfast is ready.” Videl stood at the bottom of the stairs and fixed the magazine’s
on the table next to the stairs. “Thanks mom. Bra and me are going to have quick bite and then go.” Pan
spoke for them. “All right, but everything is in the kitchen waiting.” Videl sat down. Pan and Bra went inside
and ate some pancakes. “Well Pan there is this one place that is so cool and it has a great view of my house
and it’s close to here i heard it’s the best place in the city.” Bra swallowed her food. “Ok well we will look there
first and then there is this house that was just built and it has 3 acres of land.” Pan raised her eyebrows and
then put them down again. “Well you know i am not going to live there were just looking for you and Marron
now. Cause i am getting married.” Bra pointed out. “Yeah then why isn’t Marron here with us?” Pan smarted
off. “Hey i don’t know i think she is meeting us at the place that i wanted to look at.” Bra rinsed her plate off
and sat back down waiting for Pan. “Pan i have a personal question for you? Do you really care that me and
Goten are getting married because i know that we’re best friends and i am going to be you’re aunt and you
know that you were really pissed when we started dating and i just wanted to know if it was really ok?” Bra
whispered. “Bra, you’re my best friend and i don’t care that you and him will be married, because he loves you
and you love him and you guys are so happy together that no one wants to wreck it.” Pan smiled and rinsed
her plate off too. “Mom were leaving. Bye” Pan gave her a kiss and walked out the door. “Let me drive i know
where it is.” Bra opened to door to the drivers seat. “Fine.” Pan walked around to the passenger seat. Bra
drove them to the place that they wanted to see and got out of the car. “Hey Trunks was talking about you
last night a lot.” Bra smiled to the doorman. “Really what did he say?” Pan stopped in front of the elevator.
“He said that you’re a really good kisser.” Bra touched the Floor 17 button. “Is it all the way at the top?” Pan
looked out the elevator window. The elevator was see through so you could see the whole city and the whole
city can see you. “Yeah the apartment cover’s the whole top floor.” Bra informed when it stopped. “The
elevator goes into a room and then there are the private doors to the house.” Bra kept talking. When they
finally got to the top the apartment was beautiful. “So if you guys don’t want it Goten and me will take it.” Bra
sneered. “Marron? You here?” Pan went looking through the rooms. “Yeah i am in here.” Marron answered her.
“Pan let’s get it!” Marron jumped up from the seat. “Fine we’ll take it.” Pan smiled at Bra. “Hey thanks for
showing it to me.” Pan hugged her. “Yeah well that’s why we’re all friends.” Bra let go of the hug and went to
the intercom. “Ma’m the people that are looking at apartment 17 would like to buy it.” Bra shouted into it.
“Bra you’re not paying for this.” Pan got up and looked at her. “Yeah this is my treat.” Bra smiled. “You can’t
that is just not right.” Marron and Pan said at the same time. “How about we all pay a little?” Bra offered.
“Yeah i agree with that.” Marron smiled and looked in the bedrooms. “I want this one.” Marron looked at the
pale yellow and blue room. “Yeah I'll take the light purple and green room.” Pan sat down on the couch. “So
you like the view?” Bra sat down next to her. “Yeah wow I bet it’s the best at night.” Pan sounded excited.
Then they heard a ding “Mrs. Briefs you said there was someone who’d like to buy it?” A lady with brown eyes
and hair came in. “yes my friends want to purchase it with the furniture, how much is it furnished?” Bra’s voice
changed from gentle friend to strong businesswoman. “ 165,000 but for you we will reduce the price to 20,000”
She smiled. “Thank you, please tell me when is the soonest they can move in?” Bra sat on the back of the
couch. “Tonight if they wanted.” The lady smiled and left the apartment. “Wow I'll move in tomorrow.” Marron
said when she came out from admiring her room. “Yeah i will too.” Pan got up and grabbed her coat we better
go. “ Trunks! Where the hell did you come from?” Pan almost ran him over. “Elevator’s there really good
tools.” He smiled. “Hey Marron how’s Ubuu?” Trunks smiled and let himself get comfortable. “He’s good. He
has been a little busy with Melissa but he is good.” She smiled with a little show of happiness. “Trunks they
broke up.” Pan whispered into his ear. “Oh whoops my bad.” He blushed. “Well I saw Melissa the other
weekend wow she has gotten big” Bra sparked the conversation. “Well Marron i have to tell you it was really
weird having to find out that Paris and Ubuu had a daughter together. I mean you should have seen Goten
when he found out she was pregnant with one of his best friend’s kids.” Bra tried to get it out in the open but
it was going over so well. “Well i have to meet Goten soon so bye!” Bra walked to the elevator. “So Trunks how
was your date with Pan?” Marron sat uneasy. “Well it was fun but we are going out again fortunately.” Trunks
looked at her and smiled. “We are? Well where are we going?” Pan got really excited. “Well it’s a surprise.”
Trunks smiled and went to the elevator well good day to you guys.” Trunks waved and went the bottom floor. “
Hey thanks for setting us up i know how hard it must be watching your two best friends go out with your
ex-boyfriends who you almost married, and why did you break up wit Ubuu?” Pan sat down on the couch and
propped her feet up. “Well Melissa looks a lot like Paris and Ubuu and i just couldn’t stand being called
mommy when i know i am not her mom and me and him pretending that everything is okay and it isn’t, and i
am amazed that when her and Ubuu go out she doesn’t realize that all the girls moms live with them and i
don’t.” Marron teared up. “Marron it’s ok, you can still be a good mom to Melissa until you and Ubuu know
where your relationship is going.” Pan got up and sat next to her. “It’s going down the drain” Marron cried.
Pan gave her a hug. “Well if it wasn’t for beer and Paris you’d be perfect, but you have to let go of everything
except your adopted daughter and her father that loves you.” Pan smiled. “Yeah but when we have kids she is
going to be like well you don’t have any pictures of me being born into your arms.” Marron kept crying. “Well
you’re the only mother that she has because Paris is such a bitch that she didn’t want even her own daughter,
now that is sad.” Pan admitted. “Hey look it’s kinda late and i have to meet my mom at the mall at 11:00 so
are you going to be good without me? Or do you want to come?” Pan offered. “No i think i give Ubuu and
Melissa a visit.” Marron smiled and went to the elevator with Pan. They walked to there cars and drove off
separately, When Pan realized that they took her car. “But then how did Bra get to my house?” Pan thought “Her
brother probably brought her to my house and then he must of followed my car. Oh well whatever,” Pan started her
car and drove to the mall to meet her mom. “Hey mom” Pan yelled to her mom when she entered the mall
entry. “ Pan are we going to go shopping or what?” Videl smiled. “Yeah i have to get something for dinner
tonight with Trunks.” Pan started walking into store and looked through there selection. “There isn’t much stuff
is there?” Videl asked. “Do you want to go to Jillson’s Jill?” Videl offered to walk over there with Pan. “Yeah
we’ll try there.” Pan and her mom walked out of the store. “Mom we bought the apartment by are house it is
so cool, the kitchen is like orange and yellow and the cups match the colors, plates, bowls, chairs, and tables i
mean everything and then the rooms are blue and yellow, that’s the guest room, i have a purple and green
room and then Marron has a purple and blue room. The living room is like red. Oh and did i tell you that Ubuu
and Marron broke up last night?” Pan said with a little excited. “Yeah i heard that from Bulma because i guess
Marron called Bra and then Bra told her mom and then she told me.” Videl turned the corner almost bumping
into someone. “What are going to wear?” Videl asked while waving to one pf her friends that she knew. “I
don’t know yet because if trunks told me if it was formal then i would wear a dress or if it’s is just regular
clothes then i would but jeans and a shirt.” Pan huffed. “Well I'll but you a dress and then you buy the jeans
and shirt.” She compromised. “Ok mom, but i don’t think i can go with Trunks tonight because i need to
pack.” Pan walked into the store and looked over at the jeans. She went through the clearance rack “There
isn’t really anything there.” Pan said while she walked over to her mom. “Well how about this dress?” Videl
held up a red sparkling dress that was really pretty. Pan nodded her head in agreement. “Yeah i like it too.”
She smiled and looked through the jeans. “Mom what did you and Bulma do late last night?” Pan wondered.
“Well honey we went out grocery shopping because Vegita was hungry and they didn’t have anything to eat
and we were running low so i decided I’d go with her.” Videl answered. “Oh we better stop at the Comet
Capsule on the way home because i need a couple for packing.” Pan reminded her mom. “Yeah ok well here
is pair of jeans.” Videl held up and pretended to model it. Pan laughed at her mom. “How come you find all
the cool stuff?” Pan checked the price. “Because i am a cool mom.” Videl laughed. “Yeah that’s why i go
shopping with you.” Pan admitted. “Well i found a shirt.” Pan held up a white one sleeve shirt. “that’s cute.
What size is it?” Videl checked the tag. “X-Small i hate you. You’re so tiny. I wear a Small.” Videl pouted. “Oh
yeah mom like that is a big deal.” Pan rolled her eyes. “hey shut-up” Videl playfully hit Pan. “Here lets buy
the stuff and go.” Pan walked to the register. “ 239.84 please.” The lady smiled. Pan and Videl put there
money together. “Thanks mom.” Pan hugged her while they walked to there cars. “We have to many cars.”
Pan complained. “What do you mean to many we have three.” Videl whined back. I will stop and get you
capsules. While you go home and start packing.” Videl got in her car. “Mom ask Trunks if it’s formal or not.”
Pan shut the door for her mom. “Ok see you at the house.” Videl drove out of the parking lot. Pan got into
her car and drove out of the parking lot too, With her stereo booming. Pan stopped at a street light and
looked over at a bunch of guys in a car. One looked really familiar. “Hey sexy how are you doing today?” One
yelled out the window. Pan looked back at the light. “yeah baby.” One yelled in the way back. “GOTEN!” Pan
shouted. “Pan? Oh shit DRIVE!” he screamed while the driver sped off around the corner. “Shit heads.” Pan
laughed while she drove home she thought about the surprise that Trunks had for her. Pan pulled up into her
garage. When she got out she noticed something sitting on top of her stereo. It was a letter. She opened it
and read it. Pan meet me at the 7:00 at my house Love, Trunks” Pan smiled and walked inside. “dad what’s
burning?” Pan walked into the kitchen. “Grandpa? why are you over here cooking?” Pan sat down in the chair.
“Well i was going to make you a cake for your party tonight but i accidentally burned it.” Goku looked at it.
“Party? Where?” Pan turned her head fast. “Uh Oh!” Goku covered his mouth. “ Chi-Chi said if i wrecked this i
was dead.” Goku admitted. “It’s ok i will still acted surprised. “Ok good well then the party is for you moving
away. It’s at Bulma’s house.” Goku answered. “Oh ok is it like formal?” Pan asked. “What’s that?” “Where you
dress up in suits and stuff.” Goku gave her a questionable look. “You know a black coat and tie.” Pan was
getting really irritated. “Oh yeah that um... well Chi-Chi bought me a new suit and she got a new dress so i
think so.” Goku tasted the burnt cake. “ that is so gross grandpa.” Pan made a disgusting look and went
upstairs. “So you know about the party?” Gohan stopped her on the way to her room. “Yeah, I’ll still be
surprised.” “Yeah sure you will.” Gohan shook his head and mumbled something about his dad. Pan went into
her room and laved her clothes out on the bed. Then she folded them because she had to pack. Pan put all
her clothes into 9 suit cases. Her electronics and stuff were stacked by her bed, and her bathroom stuff was all
in a little suitcase. “Pan here are your capsules.” Videl walked in on her moving her dresser to see what was
behind there. “Thanks mom.” “Your dad told me that grandpa told you about the party.” Videl huffed. “Yeah
it’s ok though you know that i am that kind of girl that has to know everything that is going on.” Pan smiled
and picked up an old hair brush that she lost and three rings. “Hey there is that ring that your old boyfriend
gave you.” “Yeah do you know i saw him a few days ago at the club.” Pan shoved the brush and the rings into
a small bag. “I am going to miss you living here.” Videl hugged her. “Yeah i am going to miss you too.” Pan
sniffed. “Well it’s not like were never going to see each other again.” Videl laughed. “I mean you can look out
your window and you’ll be able to see our house.” She laughed again. “Well i am going to go make you a new
cake and kick your grandpa out of the kitchen.” Videl left Pan alone. She started putting stuff in the capsule
and within a half an hour all that was left was her dresser, bed and desk. Pan walked down stairs to see what
time it was. “Mom what is the time?” Pan yelled from the living room. “4:30” “Oh shit!” She ran back into her
room and started re doing her makeup. Pan curled her hair and piled it on her head with a few curled strands
hanging down. She put her dress on and walked down stairs. “Mom, Dad?” Pan walked into the kitchen. “Oh
Pan you look very pretty.” Videl smiled. “Yeah you look great.” Gohan was sitting in the chair next to his wife.
“Pan we are going to leave and then in fifteen minutes you leave ok?” Videl fixed her dress. “Yeah mom.”
Pan looked in the fridge for something to eat. “Pan we are going to eat in a bit.” Gohan frowned. “I haven’t
eaten since breakfast.” She grabbed a apple. “Ok bye.” Videl and Gohan walked out to the garage. Pan sat
down at the table looking around. “ I hate it when time goes by so slow, i wonder if Trunks got me a gift? that is so
selfish of me to think that.” Pan’s thought was interrupted by the phone ringing. “Hey Pan are you coming to
meet my brother?” Bra asked. “Yeah why?” Pan acted. “Because He is really excited to see your face.” Bra
laughed and hung up. “Ok? that was weird.” Pan hung the phone up. “well i want to leave.” Pan locked the
front and back door and went to the garage. She started up the car and drove to the Briefs.


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