part 2

When Pan pulled up into the drive she saw no one’s car. “ wow they really planned this out” Pan shut the door to
her car and walked up the walkway to the door bell. She rang it and Trunks answered the door. “Hey you
finally came, your a little late but i will forgive you, Where the hell did you come from?” Trunks smiled. “Cars
there really great tools, you know the steering wheel and all.” Pan laughed. “You look great Pan.” Trunks took
her by the hand and led her through the house. “Trunks? i thought we were going out?” Pan acted dumb. “But
your surprise is out back.” Trunks opened the door and showed her a brand new mustang sitting in the back
yard. “Oh my god!” Pan was really surprised. Then everyone came out from the side’s of the house. “Do you
like it?” Trunks whispered. “Does it have the steering wheel and all?” Pan smiled. “ I think so last time i
checked it did.” “Well i am a pro at checking things so I'll check. Pan walked over to the car. When she went to
look at the car there was a rose with a engagement ring on it. Pan’s face went white she looked back at
Trunks who wasn’t on the patio anymore but was right in front of her on his knee’s. “Will You Marry Me?”
Trunks asked. “Trunks we went on one date. I don’t love you. No” Pan answered everyone stopped. Pan
walked out of the party. Got in her car and drove away. Trunks stood there in shock. “Goten hang on stop.”
Bra broke out of his grasp. “Trunks are you ok? I’m so sorry.” Bra hugged her brother. Trunks was heart
broken. Videl, Bulma, 18, Marron, and Chi-chi stood there in shock along with there husbands. The party
wasn’t really a party anymore. Everyone didn’t talk but stared at Trunks with the rose and his sister. Pan drove
home and went to bed. She had a big day tomorrow but she couldn’t sleep she stared at her ceiling. Trunk’s
face kept repeating in her mind. The words “ WILL YOU MARRY ME?” were repeated so many times that she
fell asleep. “ Hey SPAM! wake up!” Melissa climbed on her bed. “Hey Melissa how are you?” Pan grabbed her
and tickled her. “How come you won’t marry uncle trunks?” She asked when they stopped. “Huh? What did you
say Melissa?” “I said how come you won’t marry Uncle Trunks.” She repeated for her. “Oh i don’t love him and
i went on one date.” Pan smiled. “Haven’t you ever heard of true love Spammy?” Melissa slid off her bed.
“You know like Cinderella and Snow White.” She sat on the floor. “Your awfully smart for a 5-year-old.” Pan
smarted. “that’s what mommy said too. How come she is moving in with you and not us?” She finally asked. “I
think you should ask her that not me i am just your aunt i don’t know for sure.” after she said that Melissa
went down stairs and asked. Pan climbed out of bed and put some jeans and a shirt on. She just brushed her
hair and went down stairs. When she went into the living room she saw Bulma, Marron, Ubuu, Her mom and
dad, Bra and Goten. Everyone was quiet when she came down. “Honey do you want something to drink?” Videl
broke the silence. “Please mom.” Pan walked into the kitchen where Trunks was. Pan turned back and sat
down in the living room.
“Well i am going to start moving.” Pan grabbed her capsules and left. When she left everyone started
mumbling, and Bra went off. “You guys are supposed to be her friends, I mean we’ve all know each other
forever and now your all like people that we saw on the streets. You make me sick.” Bra walked out of the
house and Goten followed. “Well that was just great” Bulma announced. “Mom shut up.” Trunks stomped out.
“Come on Melissa were leaving.” “Where are we going?” Melissa asked. “We’re going to mommy’s new
apartment.” Ubuu helped Marron put Melissa in the car. Bulma was the only one left. But Bulma just walked
out without saying goodbye. “Well i think we better go Videl.” Gohan got up from the couch and went into the
kitchen. “Where?” Videl was sitting down where Trunks was and drinking coffee. “Somewhere because
everyone else left.” “How about to Pan’s apartment we haven’t seen it yet. Videl headed to the car with Gohan.
When Ubuu and Marron arrived with Melissa Pan was on the couch looking out the big window. “Hey Pan are
you going to be ok?” Marron sat down next to her. “Yeah fine, i just feel really bad and now i can’t look Trunks
in the eye that’s all.” Pan shrugged and went into her room and unpacked. “Here go out to burger king and
get us something to eat please?” Marron gave him 20. “Marron i have money I’ll just pay.” Ubuu picked up
Melissa and gave Marron a kiss goodbye. “Marron?” Trunks came out from the elevator. “Is Pan here?” He
walked up next to Ubuu. “yeah she is in her room.” Marron pointed to her door. Then they heard the lock turn.
Marron hugged Trunks “Make yourself comfortable.” Marron smiled “I am going to go and eat with Ubuu and
Melissa.” Marron walked to the elevator with Ubuu. Trunks laid down on the couch and within minutes he was
asleep. Pan opened her door and saw him on the couch she smiled at him passed out. She sat down next to
him and slipped something on his finger. She sat and watched him sleep. When Marron and Ubuu came back
with Melissa passed out. Marron was the first to see the ring. “Ubuu come here.” Marron motioned for him to
come and see. “Oh my god Pan said yes” Ubuu smiled Trunks woke up to Ubuu’s voice and Marron was
staring at his finger. It was her ring that he gave her and she put it on his wedding finger. “Pan is this because
you want the steering wheel and all?” Trunks whispered in her ear and she smiled in her sleep. and woke up.
“Haven’t you ever heard of true love?”



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