Just A Normal Day
by Queen Bulma

It's just a normal day and the the Z gang is in the forest having a picnic.

Gohan is reading a book.


Piccolo was meditatin.

*Must focus*

Oloong and Puar are taking a nap.



Trunks and Goten are playing volleyball.

"Here it comes"

"Hit it!"

Bulma and Chichi are talking.



Master Rouchi was telling Krillin, Ten Shin Han, Chauzu and Yamcha a story.

"There I was..."

*What a great story*

*This is the best story I've ever hear*

*Now this is what I call a good story*

*This is so boring, I hope it ends soon*

Everybody liked Rouchi's story exept Yamcha, the story was interesting but Yamcha didn't feel like listening... he had something on his mind.

*Why? Why can't I do enything to get some respect from Vegeta... just cause he's a bit stronger than me...*

Yesturday Yamcha whent to Capsule Corp and...


"What do you want now Bulma?"

"Answer the door"


"Do what I say or no gravity room for you"


Vegeta open the door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well I..."

"Go away"

Vegeta blasted Yamcha and closed the door.

"Who was it Vegeta?"

"Just a mistake"


"Never mind... so when will I get my new gravity room?"

"I'll build it pass tomorrow if you don't mess up the picnic"

"Picnic? what picnic?"

"The one we're going tomorrow"




In the present...

*There must be a way to defeat him*

Not too far Vegeta is just standing there wondering why he came and Goku was watching him.

*Why did I have to come? Why? I know Bulma promise me she'll build a new gravity room if I came but... is it relly worth it?*

*I wonder why Vegeta is allways mad at me... I think it's time to find out...* "Hey Vegeta!"

"What do you want?" *He's so loud*

"I've been thinking..."

"No way!"


"Since when do you have brain?"

"Well since... hey!"

Goku continued enoying Vegeta meanwhile Gohan finished his book and whent to Chichi and Bulma.

*It sounds it's a very interesting comversation*

"No I can't belive it"



"It's just imposible"

"But it's true"

"Excuse me"

"No, it can't be you made it up"

"No I didn't"

"What are you talking about anyway?"

"Tell me the truth"

"Are you saiying I'm liying?"

Gohan knew he wouldn't get Chichi's or Bulma's atention so he left and whet to see what Piccolo was doing.



"I see you're meditating, I'll do it too"

Gohan started to meditate. Mean while Trunks and Goten had stoped playing and were waking up Oloong and Puar.


"Why did you wake me up I was having such a nice dreem"

"We're bored that's why"

"Go play volleyball"

"We have been playing for hours"

"Then go bother somebody else"

Meanwhile Rouchi finished his story.

"And that's the end"

Everybody started making coments about they're favory part of the story but Yamcha was still thinking.

*I know I'll tell Bulma what Vegeta did... no wait I can't go complainig to her*

Rouchi saw that Yamcha was very quiet.

"Didn't you like the story Yamcha?"

"No it's not that the story was great but..."

"But you weren't even listening"

Yamcha continued making up excuses, meanwhile Goku was still enoying Vegeta.

"No, I don't think you have a brain now stop bothering me!"

"Why are you allways mad at me? what did I ever do to you?"

"I just hate you that's all"

Meanwhile Chichi and Bulma...

"No, I didn't mean to call you a liar"

"Well it sounded like you did"


"Stop making up excuses"

"I'm not"

"Yeah rigth"

"So now you're calling me a liar?"

"No I... maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"That's it yes, yes you are a liar"

"Not as big a liar as you"

"So you admit it?"

"No I... just don't make me mad if you know what's good for you"

"Ok if that's the way you want it"

Bulma and Chichi started to figth and everybody else forgot about what they where doing and when to see what was going on.

"Look they're figthing"

"Stop them"



"Let them figth"


"Anger is bad let them get rid of it"

"But they'll get hurt"

"Calm down they'll be fine"

"I agree"

"Well I don't"

"Look she's winnig!"


While some were argueing about stoping them or letting them figth and others were watching the figth it started getting dark and the stoped.

"It's getting dark we better stop"

"You say that cause I'm wining"

"No way I'll take care of you tomorrow"

"We'll see about that"

They all whent home. In the kame house Master Rouchi, Krillin, Ten Shin Han, Chauzu, Yamcha, Puar and Oloong stayed up late telling jokes until they fell asleep.

In the son house Chichi made Gohan and Goten go to bed early. Goku convensed Chichi not to figth by telling her it was a bad example for Gohan and Goten and she promised not to doit but then she told Goku he also set a bad example by figthing but it was late so they agree to talk about it tomorrow.

Somewhere in the mountains Picoolo was meditating and he was glad to be alone after watching the figth.

Meanwhile in Capsule Corp Trunks was asleep but Vegeta and Bulma where still up...

"Hey Bulma when do I get my new gravity room?"

"After I defeat Chichi tomorrow"

"You did real good do you want to train in the gravity room whit me?"

"Sure, lets do tomorrow, now lest get some rest"


The next day for some odd reson nobody remember what happened the day before and they all whent on whit they're normal lives as if nothing had ever happened... and that is just a normal day in the DBZ univers.


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