Kon-nichiwa, My Concubine
by BikoNeko
PART 1:   The Trip


  {knock, knock, knock}

  "I'll go see who that is." Marron said, standing up and walking towards the door. "Trunks!"
  "Hey, Marron!" Trunks said. "I knew I'd find you here."
  Marron let Trunks in and they went to the living room where the others were. Goten, Pan, Bra and Ubuu came over that day.
  "Aren't you supposed to be at work?" Bra asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.
  "Yeah but I got the week off and I'm going on a boat trip." Trunks replied.
  "Really?" Goten asked.
  "Yeah and I wanna ask is you guys would wanna come." Trunks said.
  "It's so obvious that I should come." Bra said. "So no need to waste my voice."
  "But isn't saying 'yes' better than the speech you just made?" Pan asked.
  "I guess..."
  "Anyways, do you guys wanna come, too?" Trunks asked.
  "I'd sure love to!" Marron said.
  "Same here!" Goten said.
  "Yeah!" Pan said.
  "I would like to try it." Ubuu said.
  "Yeah! When do we go?" said Master Roshi. Trunks stared at him.
  "The trip's for free, right?" Oolong asked. "Good. I wanna go!"
  "It's so nice that you're taking us all with you, Trunks." Kurillin said.
  "He's a generous boy." Juuhachigou added.
  The door opened and the Sons came in.
  "Hey guys!" Goku greeted.
  "Didja hear?" Kurillin said. "Trunks is inviting all of us to go on a boat trip!"
  "No, no, no!" Trunks protested. But that was all in vain.
  "Wow! Great! I'd love to go!" Goku said.
  "Trunks, you're such a nice boy!" Chichi said, smiling.
  "I didn't..."
  "I could get off work for a while to go on a free trip." Gohan said.
  "A boat trip would be great!" said Videl.
  Trunks was about to say something and then Yamucha, Puar Tien and Chaozu came in.
  "Hey everybody!" Yamucha said.
  "Trunks is gonna treat us all to a boat trip!" Goku said.
  "Really? Sounds cool. I'm in!" Yamucha said.
  "Me too!" said Puar.
  "Tien! Can we go?" Chaozu asked.
  "Sure, Chaozu. A boat trip sounds good. It wouldn't bother me much." replied Tien.
  "So we're all going on a boat trip!" Kurillin said.
  "YEAH! WE'RE GOING ON A BOAT TRIP!" everybody cheered.
  "Why me?" Trunks groaned.

  "Wow! This boat is HUGE!" Marron said. "It's practically a ship!"
  "It would have been smaller if I had kept my STUPID MOUTH SHUT!" Trunks said. Marron blinked at him.
  "Eh...*hehe*. Sorry, Marron-chan." Trunks apologized. Marron smiled.
  "That's okay." she replied.
  "Well, everybody," Trunks said with a sigh. "Are we ready to go?"
  "Ready as we'll ever be!" Kurillin replied.
  Everyone got on the boat. The Briefs (since everybody else decided to come, Bulma wanted to come and she forced Vegeta to come, too), the Sons, Kurillin's family, Master Roshi, Oolong, Yamucha, Puar, Tien and Chaozu were the passengers.

  Marron looked down at the boat.
  "S. S. Capsule?" she asked.
  "You know how things are." Bra said.
  Marron nodded. Then she looked out at the sea. "Aren't we a little far from shore?"
  "Don't ask me, I'm not the captain." Bra said. Marron sighed, leaned on the rail and looked up.
  "Uh oh." she said.
  "What do you mean by 'uh oh'?" Bra asked. Marron pointed to the sky and Bra looked up.
  "Uh oh".

  "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku yelled as the water splashed on his face.
  "I can't believe those two!" Chichi said, watching her husband, Goku and their firstborn son, Gohan surfing while she was on the beach.
  "Why can't I get them to do any real work?! Even Goten is working harder than them!" She looked at her other son, Goten, working with Kurillin's daughter, Marron. They were both working on a hut.

  "When are your father and Gohan-san ever gonna do some real work around here?" Marron complained.
  "Don't worry, Marron-chan!" Goten said. "I can do all the work for them AND the both of us!"
  "Hey Goten!" Gohan called out. Goten looked behind him. "Why don't you join us?"
  "No, thank you." Goten replied.
  "Why? Scared of the water?" Gohan teased.
  "No way! I'm doing some man's work here."
  "Or is it just because of a certain girl?"
  Goten stopped and turned a bright red. He dropped the hammer he was holding and faced his brother. "NO WAY!"
  "Then why don't you leave your work for a while and join us?"
  "I'm busy!"
  "With a certain girl who happens to be your crush?"
  Goten growled and picked up a gigantic rock.
  "Wait, wait! I was only kidding!" Gohan said. Goten lifted the rock over his head and threw it at Gohan. Gohan immediately ran away.
  "HEY! Come back here!" Goten yelled. He took another rock, twice as big as the first and followed his brother.
  "Those two..." Marron sighed.

  The two brothers ran past Bra and Pan who were relaxing on the beach.
  "Boys," Bra said. "They never mature."
  "I agree." Pan said.

  "I was just kidding, Goten!" Gohan said.
  "Why I oughtta..." Goten said to himself. Gohan started to slow down a bit and Goten threw the rock, in hopes of hitting him. Gohan quickly dodged the rock and it instead hit the boat and destroyed it.
  "WHAT THE--!!!" Trunks yelled. "IT'S RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  "WHAT?!" everybody shouted, looking up and then running towards the boat.
  "How are we gonna get back home?!" Trunks yelled.
  "It was Gohan's fault!" Goten said.
  "It was YOUR fault!" Bra yelled at Goten.
  "We can still fly home, can't we?" Goten said.
  "No, we can't." Marron said.
  "Why not?" asked Goten. "Most of us can fly and we can carry the ones that can't."
  "That would be an excellent idea if only we all haven't packed up for this THREE HOUR TRIP!" Trunks replied. Goten looked at the mountain of bags piled up by the huts.
  "Oh yeah... That." Goten said.
  "And another storm might come up." added Marron.
  "We'll never get out of this island..." Yamucha groaned.

  "Aw, man!" Pan said, looking at the boat. "We're stranded! Boys are just SO stupid sometimes, right, Bra?"
  There was no reply. "Bra?" Pan looked behind her and all she found was a peach on the beach chair where Bra was lying. Pan picked up the peach.
  "A peach?" Pan said.
  "Hey guys! Are you all right?" Marron asked as she ran to Pan. "Hey. Where's Bra?"
  "She disappeared." Pan replied. "One second, she was right beside me and the next, there was a peach here instead of her."
  "Well, she must have gone off somewhere. She surely didn't get off this island. Not without the rest of us, at least."

  "BRA!!!" Vegeta yelled.
  "Calm down, Vegeta." Goku said.
  "We should go look for her." Marron suggested.
  "Yeah," Goten said. "Like--NOW!" He ran out of the hut. The rest followed.

  "Bra!" Marron called out. "Oh...where could you be? Bra!"
  Trunks came running over to Marron.
  "I still can't find her." he said.
  "Me neither. I wonder what happened."
  "What'll happen if we never find her."
  "Your father will probably go on a killing spree."
  "You're right. Let's keep looking."

  "Bra!" Kurillin called out. "Oh man. What if we never find her?"
  "What if she was kidnapped?" Goku asked.
  "I heard that there's these big octopus around here."
  "... What if Bra was taken by a giant octopus?!"
  "Goku, be serious."
  "Goku!" Chichi called out, running towards the two with a plate in her hands.
  "Oh hey, Chichi!" Goku said.
  "I decided to try cooking something new and I want to know what you think of it." Chichi said.
  "Cool!" said Goku.
  "Goku, this is not a time to eat." Kurillin stated.
  "Oh yeah. Kurillin has a point. I'll eat it later, okay, Chichi?" Goku said.
  Chichi frowned. "All right. If that's what you want." She turned around and began to leave. Then suddenly, she disappeared.
  "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku and Kurillin screamed.

  "PAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gohan shouted. "PAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  "What happened?" asked Marron when she reached the hut where Gohan was running around frantically and yelling Pan's name.
  "Pan disappeared." Goten said. He started walking around. "One minute, she was there, the next--" He disappeared.
  "Go-Go-Go-Go-Goten DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!" Marron screamed.
  "It's all right, he just fell." Juuhachigou said.
  Goku and Kurillin came running with terrified looks on their faces.
  "What's the matter?" asked Juuhachigou.
  "Chi-Chi-Chi-Chi-ChiChi vanished!!!" Goku yelled. Kurillin handed Juuhachigou a peach.
  "That's all--that's all that was left of her..." he said.

  "Three beautiful women disappeared with three peaches left in their place." Master Roshi said. "What does this mean?"
  "If you ask me," Bulma said. "According to these clues, it looks like their next target would be..." Everyone turned their heads to Marron. "Me."
  Everyone stared at Bulma.
  "It's so obvious that it's Marron-chan." Yamucha said. Bulma glared at him and hit him on the head.
  "It's either Marron, Juuhachigou, Videl or Bulma." Master Roshi said.
  "If you ask me, we should use a decoy to see who this guy is." Tien said.
  "That's a good idea." agreed Kurillin.
  "Who do you think we should use?" Goku asked.
  "Well, it's gotta be a guy." Yamucha said. "But definitely not me."
  "I'm out." Tien said.
  "I will not take part in your stupidness." Vegeta said.
  "How 'bout Trunks?" Goku asked.
  Trunks eyes went wide open. "Why me?!"
  "You dressed up like a girl before." Goku said.
  "YOU HAVE?!?!?!" Bulma asked.
  "NO!" Trunks protested.
  "C'mon, Trunks!" Goten persuaded.
  "Can't Puar or Oolong shape shift into one or something?!" Trunks
  "No way!" Puar and Oolong replied.
  "Please dress up as a girl!" Goten said.
  "NO WAY I'M EVER GONNA DRESS UP AS A GIRL!!!" Trunks yelled.

  "Let me outta here!" Trunks screamed. He was tied around a pole stuck to the ground and he was...dressed up as a girl.
  "Hold on, Trunks." Marron whispered. She was behind a tree, holding the rope that would rip off Trunks disguise. Then suddenly, she was pulled into the ground by a powerful force.
  "Help!" she screamed. "Please help me, Goten!"
  Goten looked behind him and saw Marron being sucked in by a black blob.
  "Marron!" He grabbed her hand and pulled as hard as he could. He retracted his fist and gave the dark blob his strongest punch. Marron was let go and the black blob went up to the top of a tree. It then changed to a...'monkey man'.
  "A monkey?" said Goten.
  "A monkey?" repeated Marron.
  "Are you all right, Marron?!" Kurillin asked.
  "Yeah." replied Marron.
  "HELP!" yelled Trunks.
  "Oh no! We forgot our decoy!" Yamucha said.
  Trunks was starting to be sucked up by a similar black blob. Tien ran to the rope that Marron drop and pulled it. Trunks looked like a boy again and the black blob backed away from him. Trunks pulled away from the ropes that tied him up and chased the black blob.
  "Come back here!" he said. He tried to puch it but missed. "Cowards!"
  The blob stopped and then a bright light flashed.
  "What the..." Trunks said.
  The light was in a shape of a peach and there was a man with two other men beside him.
  "Who in the heck are you?!" Trunks demanded.
  "Allow me to introduce myself." the man in the middle said with a regal accent. "I am Prince Gensou of the island, Momonoki."
  "Where are the girls you took?!" Trunks asked.
  "They are in my palace." the prince pointed at an island behind him. "In that island. I am looking for beautiful girls to be my brides."
  He looked at Marron and the other women. "You are still welcome to join me."
  "No way!" Marron replied.
  "Oh, did I mention," Prince Gensou said. "that those who refuse to participate will be doomed to be man forever?"
  "A man?" Marron said. "What do you mean?"
  The prince took the canteen tied to his belt. "This has the special water of Momonoki to change anything into a pure man."
  "I don't believe you!" Marron said.
  "Oh really?" prince Gensou said. "Well, after this demonstration, you will soon have to believe my word."
  He snapped his fingers. One of his soldiers left into the jungle and came back with an animal. He set it down in front of the prince. The prince opened the canteen and poured water on the animal. It turned to a man and scampered away. Everyone gasped at the sight.
  "That's impossible." Bulma said.
  "Not with the Momonoki's water." Prince Gensou replied. Then a tree in the jungle fell down.
  "And did I mention that you will also be given a strength that could only be a man's?" the prince said.
  "Strength?" Trunks asked.
  "Unbelievable strength that would enable a person from being with normal people."
  "There's still no way I'm going to be your bride!" said Marron.
  "Suit yourself. I will just have to force you."
  He snapped his fingers and the soldiers took away Marron, Videl, Juuhachigou and Bulma.
  "Help!" Marron cried.
  "Marron!" Trunks yelled. He tried to run after her but they all disappeared. Trunks dropped to his knees and dug at the sand.
  "Marron..." he said. "Those bastards...THEY WILL PAY!!!"


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