The Last Fallen Leaf
by: lada613
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Staring into those lovely blue eyes, Goten wondered who this mysterious beauty could be. He couldn't understand her words...they brought much complication to his mind.

"Save me, from the unbearing tortures of the unspoken thoughts that dare yet fonder to catch even a wisp of a breath...thy love can only power my heart only if true compassion is not let our love die...set me free...set me free..." she said looking longingly back at him. A large part of his senses told him,'OK...she is beautiful...looks like a goddess...has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen...yet something tells me that she is on medication.' He looks at her quizzically, hoping somehow
she got the drift that he didn't have time to mess around with crazy chants. But he knew somehow, that he heard those words before, and that they were very important. Looking down into the deep ocean of blue staring straight back at him, he felt something quite foreign. He wanted to protect her and keep her forever. He held her close, he didn't want to let her go. Although Goten had many relationships with other girls, something about this new found stranger made him long for her...want her to be his...and he didn't know what. He grazed his finger leisurely around her silky smooth face and held her chin upright, bending slightly as his lips met hers...or would have. At that moment he saw his vision of beauty slip from his grasp as millions of pieces of breaking crystals started surrounding her and keeping her from view. He was losing her. He gathered all his strength to reach forward and steal her back but nothing reached the tips of his strained fingers but the darkness...the pure black of nothing. Tart from his defeat he looked up with pain stricten eyes only to scream,"B-chan!!!!!!!".

With that, Goten woke up with a start. Breathing heavily he felt droplets of sweat stream down his face. It was only a dream, he thought. But why B-chan? Why did he feel the things he did? Why was he trying so hard not to let her go? Why did he hold her so tight? He stared into the darkness of his room, knowing that no one was going to answer him. With no intention of going back to sleep, he looked at his clock. Great. 2:00 am. Sighing, he slipped on a t-shirt and flew out his window. He needed a break from his worries. Smiling to himself he inhaled the morning breeze, he knew where to go. With that, Son Goten headed to Capsule Corps.

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