said, grinning at her.

"Sis..." Trunks said sternly.

"OH LIGHTEN UP, TRUNKS! It's beautiful." Marron's eyes turned into gems.

"Marron, it shows TOO much skin. I don't want anyone taking advantage of-" but he was cut off as
Marron kissed him.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! Did I just interupt the 'first kiss'?" Goten said half sarcastically, half jokingly
while walking in unexpectedly.

"WHO KISSED?!?!" Bra ran out of the dressing room wearing only a short towel.

"GOTEN!! TURN AROUND!!" she said blushing. Bra then noticed Trunks and Marron looking
stunned blushing as well. After smirking, she ran into the dressing room.

"Shwooo." Goten whistled after Bra.

"Hey Goten, don't ever look at her in THAT way again." Trunks said, glaring at him.

"Woah tiger. Don't worry. I'm your bestfriend. I won't hurt her." Goten chuckled soon followed by
Trunks and Marron. Pan suddenly walked in holding Ubuu's hand.

"Hey guys! Oh...I just heard...someone was kissed?"

"Oh no. Goten, you were so loud!" Marron said half laughing.

"So...who was it?" Pan asked confused.

"Just Trunks and Marron." Goten replied.

"WOW...aren't we all getting settled!" she said not being able to hide the bit of jealousy in her voice.
Changing the subject, Goten tried to strike up a conversation.

" long have you two been on?"

"OH...well I've been seeing Marron secretly for about...six months."

"SIX MONTHS?!?! And I never saw that?!?! Gosh. B-chan must have some spell on me. I don't
notice anyone's life anymore."

" sweet." Bra said, coming out, fully dressed in her red casual clothing. She strolled up to him,
giving him a small kiss on the cheek. Finding this a perfect time to annoy Trunks, Goten turned to Bra
and said, "You always look beautiful...but I think what I saw you in a while ago showed more...color."
he grinned as Trunks rushed at him, fists high in the air. They were chasing each other like kids while
Bra, Marron, Pan and Ubuu stood there laughing. The girls each knew that the other two girls would be
happy for the rest of eternity.

And so...

"The first dance goes to the birthday girl and her partner." the announcer declared. Bra and Goten went
to the dance floor. They danced a slow dance as they looked each other in the eyes. Soon, the other
happy couples joined them on the dance floor. Even if one song was playing in the whole room...only
one was heard by Bra and Goten. A song that they will always remember.

A year later...

Bra looked upon the bundle of joy in the crib. She had silver hair, something both the father and mother
contributed to, and a happy-go-lucky face, from the father as well but beautiful blue eyes, inherited by
the mother. She smiled as she felt a strong masculine hold come upon her. Goten sang softly in her
ear...the same song that filled their whole world the night of her birthday...the night that they expressed
their true love...a night of silence and honesty.

It went something like this:

I'll love you forever,

I'll love you for always,

As long as I'm living,

My baby you'll be.


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