"Bra Vegeta Briefs, please come up the stage to receive the Most Beautiful Princess in All the Universe Award!!!" the anouncer said as the crowds bursted into a frenzious applaud.

"AHHHHHHH!!!! Wow!!!" Bra said waving frantically as she passed the happy mob. Holding the beloved award in her hand she stepped up to the podium starting her speech, "Well...this is totally expected. I am the hottest girl that this universe has seen in centuries and I'd personally like to thank my hair dresser..."

Standing over her, he smiled. Bra was sleeping like a cute little baby mumbling something about winning an award. Chuckling he sat at the edge of her bed. 'What are you doing to me, B-chan? How can you make me feel this way?' he thought staring at her. Suddenly, without warning, Bra sits right up in bed laughing with pleasure. "Maybe now that I won this award, Ubuu will ask me out!" Shocked and surprised, Goten started to growl with jealousy. 'Who is this 'Ubuu' and what is she doing dreaming about him?'

"B-chan, you're mine and only mine. Can't you see, I love you?" he murmured under his breath.

"Goten?" Bra said eyes wide open. At that moment Goten went pale and started to laugh ridiculously.

"OH B-CHAN!!! I didn't realize I was in your room. see...I for a pen I dropped the other day in your room when I visited..remember?" sweat drops started trickling down his red face. Good thing she couldn't see him blushing in the dark.

"Don't you think that could've waited til morning? Its (glances at clock) 2:46 am and you're looking for a pen?" Bra said suspiciously.

"I just really needed it. It's my lucky pen and there is a big exam tomorrow. Hehe You didn't happen to hear anything I said before you woke up did you?" Goten asked reluctantly.

Eyeing him awkwardly,"No. All I heard was your mumbling something about me not being able to see something but that's it."

"Oh ok. That's good." he sighed in relief. Looking up at the confused yet astoundingly beautiful face he got up and bid farewell exiting the window he came in. Well, maybe I'll go home and eat, he thought. Unknown to Goten, Bra heard everything he said...and she smiled at her sucess. 'It's no wonder oniichan said I'm a good actress.' With that she drifted off into dreamland thinking about her only one true love...Son Goten.

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