"Then he said good-bye and flew out the window..." Bra said with a distant look in her eyes. Marron and Pan looked at her wide-eyed. Suddenly, they started laughing out loud in unison.

"WHAT A DREAM,BRA!!!" Pan giggled.

"YEAH!! GOTEN FELL IN LOVE WITH A HIGH SCHOOL GIRL?!?!" Marron added, tears in her eyes from the laughter.

"Well, I can see why Goten is doing it. You are the richest girl in the world...and you got looks and brains along with it! Although I never thought onijjisan was materialistic!" That was it. Bra snapped. Glaring at them evilly, she stood up and glided toward the door.

"Pan, that was harsh. Then don't believe it. Now I know my friends don't believe me. Good-bye." she said, slamming the door shut. Shocked, Pan and Marron felt like someone sprayed acid upon them.

"Oh my gosh...Pan...ITS TRUE!!!" Marron said when the realization finally hit her.

"Bra wouldn't have gotten mad if it was just some dream." Pan replied with fear in her voice.

"Maybe we went too far. We should apologize. Agree?" Marron replied.

"Ok." Pan said and they both rushed out to catch up with Bra.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, Bra thought window shopping might help her drown away her sorrows. Suddenly, her eyes fell upon the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. It just sparkled there with its attractive gems, it was to die for!! But the price was too, so she smirked and moved on. Pan and Marron followed silently as well as another individual not seen by either of the three.

"Well, my birthday is coming up. In about a week, I think. Maybe my dashing lover will get me the necklace." she giggled while sighing and saying, "In your dreams Bra."

"Gosh, Bra is really serious about Goten. Maybe we should make her birthday party one that will change her life." Marron said with a match maker look in her eyes.

"Count me in!" Pan said smiling evilly. With that they flew off heading for the Sons house. "AHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Bra screamed in horror. The individual hiding in the shadows rushed from his hiding place planning to save her.

"NOOOO!!!! Anyone who hurts B-chan shall pay!!! I will give them pain they never imagined. NOW DIE ALL WHO DARE TOUCH HER!!!" he screamed with murder in his eyes. The people in the crowds eyed the lunatic strangely.

"Uh, Goten." Bra said surprised.

"Who are you trying to kill? There isn't anyone here attacking me..."

"I heard you screaming B-chan! I thought you were being att-"

"Oh." she blushed. "I was screaming because this store was selling everything half price. It's like a sale of the century." she added,quite flattered that Goten was going to protect her.

"Um...I feel like such a baka. I'm sorry I embarrassed you B-chan. I...I..." then Goten flew off.

"Goten...I'm glad you were here for me...I wish you knew...but I'm happy I do..." she said as she watched his form disappear into the horizon.

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