And In The End: Chapter 1

It was a warm summer night all over Satan City in Japan(?). People were at the park, under trees, and enjoying it. Especially two people who had just been married.(guess? Heh)

“Bura-chan!” Beediru said and hugged her. “I’m so happy for you! we’re related!^_~” She giggled as did Bura.

“Thank you Beediru-san!” Bura replied happily as Buruma, Pan, Marron,  and Chi-Chi came over to talk too!?

“Hi Bura-chan!” Pan said and hugged her. “You finally married my Oji-san!?” She smiled.

“I know! I’m happy too!?” Bura told her as the rest smiled.

“Bura…” Buruma smiled. “You’re all grown up!” Buruma said then hugged her as a single tear slid down her face.

“Aw… kaa-san! Don’t cry..” Bura said gently.

“I’m sorry.. just looking at you now, ready to start a family. I’m happy for you!” Buruma replied back. On the other side of the room, Goten, Gohan, Gokou, Vejita, Trunks, Ubuu, and Yamucha stood and talkeded! ?

“So, Bura’s finally grown up!^^” Gohan said. “You picked well little brother” He said then slapped him on the back as Goten fell. He got up.

“Uh.. yeah!?” Goten replied. Gokou is just sitting there looking at the ground.

Food food food food food! NEED FOOD! Eh…. Gokou said in his head as saliva streamed down his chin.

“Kakarotto! Get up!>_<” Vejita said with a cold voice.

Food? Food food! Gokou said in his head again not even paying attention to Vejita. Vejita shook his head.

Oh no not this again! Kakarotto’s gonna sit there and DREAM about food until he gets so hungry he eats up everything!>_< Then I’LL have no food! Well, I’ll beat him to it this time! At that Vejita got up, his eyes being closed though. He walked slowly to the food table. As he opened her saw Gokou there already! Eating up EVERY last bit of food! “Kakarotto!!>_< Ah!” Vejita yelled and was about to attack him when Buruma gave him a ‘You better not or else!’ look! She knew exactly how her Husband felt. Then she shot another look at him this time a ‘If you do, you get NO Gravity Room!’ At that Vejita got a scared look on his face then headed to the bathroom. I’ll beat you yet Kakarotto!

“Sometimes Vejita makes me SO mad!” Buruma yelled then kicked the table of ALMOST gone Food, thanks to Gokou of course. At that the table fell and the wedding cake headed down the table and fell on the ground. Everyone in the Reception hall laid eyes on Buruma as she looked nervous. You could hear the sounds of whine glasses hitting the floor and breaking as Gokou not minding ran over and started eating the cake. Bura laughed as Buruma took cover and hid from the whole crowd!

“It’s ok kaa-san! You can come out now!” Bura laughed then helped Buruma up. In the back round you could see Chi-Chi yelling at Gokou to stop and get up. But it did no good. In the bathroom, Vejita stood up against a wall thinking.

Bura’s ALL grown up and married to that Son kid, what’s his name? Oh yes, Kakarotto’s brat! At least she’s happy and won’t be bugging ME any more!  Vejita thought then laughed to himself! But then he noticed something and turned pale! But since Bura’s married to Kakarotto’s brat…that means..I’ll…see Kakarotto more now!!  Vejita said then ran over to a toilet and barfed.

“So Marron-chan? How are you and Trunks-oniisan?” Bura asked happily.

“We’re doing good Bura-chan! I hope you and Goten-kun are happy together! ?” Marron replied. Out of no where you heard a loud noise that screamed. Vejita ran out of the bathroom, thinking it was Buruma, or Bura then stopped and regained his cold look on his face. All it was was Gokou eating some other womens food.

“Gokou! What’s wrong with you?” Chi-Chi scolded.

“Well…I got hungry, and there was no more food there..and I saw her food…” Gokou saidthen looked down and itching the back of his head.

“Gokou…sometimes you annoy me!”  Chi-Chi said. In the back round you saw Vejita walking out the door. Bura seeing that and wondering.

“Um..Kaa-san, Chi-Chi-san, Beediru-san, Pan-chan, Marron-chan…do you guys mind if I go do something for a moment?” Bura asked nicely.

“Sure Bura! ?” Buruma said as Bura nodded.

“Domo arigatou!” She replied then walked slowly to the door, then she took off her high heels, layed then by a post, picked up her dress, and ran to Vejita who was sitting under a tree, with his arms crossed grumbling about something or other, ‘Kakarotto this, or Kakarotto that!’

“Hi tou-san!” Bura said then smiled as he looked up.

“Hi Bura…” He said coldly.

“What’s the matter tou-san?”

“Nothing…” He replied back to her.

“Oh come on daddy? ? I’m here to help!” She told him then bent down to him.

“Nothing…” He said back again.

“Oh fine…be that way!” She said as she slowly walked, knowing that he’d get up and tell her, but as she was walking back, she noticed he didn’t get up and walk after her. As she stepped to put on her high heels she looked back at him then walked back to him.

“ can tell me..” Bura said softly as he looked up and saw her face.

Bura is so beautiful…I’m glad she found someone that will treat her nice and fairly. After all, she is of the Vejita family. He smiled at her, which didn’t happen very often! Usually when he smiled, that was your Q to run, FAST! But this smile was reasuring and it told Bura that he would not hurt her or anyone else.

“Nothing Bura…go back to Buruma, and your friends…” He said. Bura smiled then began to walk back. She knew he was happy for her. She finally walked back one more time and hugged him.

“Thanks tou-san..” She said quietly then finally went back.


“Wah!!!!!!!!!” A loud voice cried. It was a voice of a 3 year old girl named Nah-Nah. She was Bura and Goten’s first child. The reason she was crying was because Boxers, Marron and Trunks 5 year old son, had pushed her down and taken her candy sucker!^^

“Be quiet!>_<” Boxers yelled and noticed Bura was coming so ran off.

“Mommy!! Boxers took me suckew!” She sniffed as Bura picked her up. “Oh..I’ll tell Aunty Marron!” Bura said as she took her into the kitchen and handed her another one.

Authors Note: This Means the characters are talking in their head!? 


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