Marron or Pan?

          One day at Capcule Corp. Trunks was day dreaming about Pan and Marron! Trunks...Trunks.... Mr.Briefs... ...TRUNKS..... ......Pan yelled. What? he said. Oh, hi Pan what  are you doing here? he asked. Well, I  came to see if you would like to go to  the movies with  me saturday? Se asked him worried. Well, sure Pan I'll see a movie with  you see you saturday then? yep see you   Trunks she said with a smile. Then Marron walked in  Trunks do you wanna see a movie with  me on saturday? she asked. Ok see you  then he replided  with a smile! See you later Trunks she  yelled as she skiped away.It was one  day till the date when he noticed what  he just did! Goten I said that I would go to the movies  with Pan and Marron. You what you  never told me you were going out with  my niece he said. Well, never mind that what am I going to do?  Well run to theater to theater like a double date kinda Goten said laughing. The next morning  Trunks woke up and got ready. Well,   here I go he got in his car and met Pan there because she was early. She  went in the theater  and Trunks said just wait and ran to meet Marron he got her in the one theater. Finally after all that running that way and this way the  movies were over.He went to the bathroom and when he came back he saw the two girl  grining at him. Oh, no  he said under his  breath. So Trunks so like us bothe you  go this way and that way with of us.  Do you like me or HER?Pan asked Trunks . well, well,  well I dont no.Well we'll give you 1 day to think about it Marron said.  With that they went home. Trunks went  home and sat and  thought who he liked better in many  way's. Yes, I no who I like he said   and went to bed. His dream was about  the one he really cared  for the one for him. Next morning the   girls came to the door. So who do you   like more Trunks they bothe said? Well  I'll really like Pan   more because the love for her is  nothing I felt before she so cute it hurt's, with out her my life would me  weird wiht no love I Trunks Brief's love Gohan's dauther Pan Son.  Pan stand there in confusen of him  answer. You love her more and Marron  ran away. Pan started to cry and kissed Trunks on the lip's. They got married one year later and had two twin a boy and a  girl Lei and Goket.

By: Brittany Briefs

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