A Snowy World
By Trunks_lover 80

B: I got it, oh hi Kelsey what's up?
K: ah nothing, you, oh I was stopping by to give trunks his sweatshirt he left in the car last night. She smiled as she handed it over.
B: oh ok well I'll give it to him later, he is at work right now so do you want to stay a while? She asked putting the sweatshirt on a chair.
K: uh I am so sorry but I can't my parents are coming in from California and we are going out for dinner. I have to get a dress and pick up a tuxedo for Trunks.
B: wait he is going to eat with you guys he can't! she pointed out. K: why? Oh my god shit I forgot Pan's Birthday. I am so sorry I will talk to my parents and Trunks. She said acting like she was sorry. She sure fooled Bra though.
B: yeah-well ok I got to go bye she said shoving her out the door and walking away. Paris: how'd it go?
K: not that bad. She smiled , I hate Bra and Pan, oh and whats her name? Marron.
P: yeah they get annoying! And especially when they go shopping that rich little bitch is going down! She is after Goten did you hear.
K: no but Pan is after Trunks and Marron is after Ubuu.
P: seriously, Jennifer is not going to be happy.
K: yeah well since we all aren't going out for supper we are probably going to have to go to the Princesses birthday. Let's go get her damn present! Make it cheap too.
P: wait! We should go get Jennifer! She probably wants to get away from Ubuu he is always all over her.
K: well I wouldn't be surprised you 2 are so pretty with your perfect brown hair that curls at the bottom and your brown eyes.
P: be quiet. You are really pretty even though you're a blonde she laughed. I love your eyes! The blue and slight emerald color in them.
K: you are to flattering she said starting up there new PT cruiser and leaving for their house.
J: hey you guys! Where are we going? Oh yeah to the mall foooorrrrrrr?
K: to get that stupid Princesses gift!
J: why? She said straightening out half sleeved blouse that had a gray tank top under it with a choker and her hair pulled up in a tight pony tail.
P: nice choker but isn't that the one Goten gave me? She said leaning back in her seat.
J: uh yeah I borrowed it ok?
P: fine what ever!
J: bitch she hissed under her breath.
P: hey! Shut the fuck up slut!
J: what!
K: hey, hey come on we are here!
P: fine come on we have to get dresses too!
K: where are we getting all the money?
P: hey I am a model! So are the two of you! so be quiet. And hurry up! Here just get her this. She snapped and threw it at Jennifer.
J: uh that's kinda mean oh here is a pack of barrettes! Wow enjoy! She smiled.
K: here get her a puppy! It's only 30.00. I'll get it.
P: uh I want it it so cute! I'll ask Goten if he will get me one. She whined and went to go get a dress for the party. Here she picked out her dress a black leather shirt and a pale green halter-top. She paid the lady and met up with Kelsey who was holding a puppy.
K; here hold him and let me get my dress okay? She said and bought a pair of leather pants and a red tube top. She grabbed Jennifer a really tight little skirt and a pink halter-top.
J: oh thanks make me look like the Slut!
K: sure why not she laughed and they started walking when they saw Marron and Ubuu eating together laughing and talking just having a jolly ol' time.
J: Bitch!! Then she walked casually over to them
Hey Ubuu! She waved and came over
U: hey gorgeous, he smiled and scooted over. What are you doing here?
J: oh just doing some shopping! Buying Pan her birthday present, see she pointed to Paris and Kelsey talking and playing with the puppy.
U: oh that was really nice to buy her a puppy, he smiled at Marron who was playing with her food.
M: hey she said looking up, I am going to go and get my dress for tonight see you two later. She waved as she paid for the check at the counter and left. (just to let you know that Kelsey, Jennifer and Paris are really in love with the guys it just doesn't seem like it)
U: so what time do you want me to pick you up for the party?

P: hey Trunks! She smiled as she came in the office to drop off his messages.
T: hello Pan, Happy Birthday! He gave her a kiss on the cheek. How is my second best Friend? How long has it been since I've seen you?
P: uh thank you, fine, and I think 15 minutes ago? She said smiling. The governor called about the Capsule Corp., and how much more land we need. She smiled. What did you get me for my Birthday?? She laughed.
T: something he said sitting next to her. Wow you really have grown up how old will you be? 18?
P: no 21! I have been in college! Remember? I am graduating?
T: right he kinda felt bad thinking she was just getting ready to vote when she did already four years ago, and thinking she was going to start college when she was going to finish it this spring. Great now I feel like shit.
P: it's okay I thought you were forty but your thirty five, thirty six, well i was close she laughed and left.
T: having a 21- year- old secretary who is your best friend is weird he said to himself and got back to work.
P; I swear he was blushing, oh he so cute! She whispered and went back to work.
K: hello Panny! Is Trunks in?
P: *oh damnit I hate that name! * yes he is! She smiled as she walked through the big doors. * BITCH BITCH BITCH *
T: hello Kelsey how are you? he smiled as she walked her way over to him. In her tight black skirt and yellow tube top.
K: hey sexy she smiled.
T: are you going to Pan's party? He said looking at her blue eyes.
K: yeah I bought her a puppy. She said sitting on his desk.
T: really? That was nice. Outside the door P: what's so great about a damn puppy? They probably bought it at the pound. Then she heard them kissing and it made her sick so she left. Inside the office after the making out session.
T: will you marry me? He said bringing out a box with a pretty good size diamond ring.
K: yes!!! I will
T: we will announce it at Pan's party.
K: * perfect * she smiled as she put the ring on.

P: Goten? You here? She walked into a dark living room, and heard a noise a kissing noise. Goten? She turned on lights to see Goten and Bra on the couch half making out and half having sex, no clothes on except bra, underwear, and boxers. YOU ASSHOLE! AND SLUT! She ran out of the room.
B: oops !!
G: that sucks! He got up put on a pair of pants and a shirt and a coat and flew after her.

At The party.
T; hey Kelsey you go on in I am going to wait for Goten.
K: okay, I will be waiting she smiled and walked in side the big house that was once his before he moved. She walked in and took off her heavy coat and walked inside.
Krillian: hey Trunks he waved as her took his wifes hand and lead his family in the house , Marron flashed him a little smile under her heavy coat she looked really pretty with her hair all wrapped with the snow falling.
Chi-Chi: who are you waiting for?
T: oh hey Chi- Chi I am waiting for Pan.
C: oh she is coming soon.
T: thanks She walked in the house with her big family. Except Goten and Pan, they came last.
G: hey congrats
P: Congrats for what? She said looking curoiulsy her long black hair was piled up and with the snow falling she looked beautiful.
T: nothing can I talk to you?
P: sure she smiled, after they walked a little.
T: Pan I need to ask you something?
P: sure what?
T: I am getting married to Kelsey, and what do you think ?
P: * no* she cried a little but no one could tell it was pitch black as a small tear fell, well I think you should do whatever you want Trunks! She tried to sound normal, but I think she isn't right for you.
T: what makes you say that?
P; I don't know
T: I love her with all my heart and soul I would do anything for her…….
P: Trunks you would do anything for anyone if you could she said quietly.
T: yeah that's true
P: she just isn't right for you.
T: why?
P: because………
T: yeah
P: because………… I ……I ……love you.
T; what?
P; never mind have a nice night Trunks she cried and flew back to the house
T: * she just said she loved me!…… maybe she is right Kelsey I have only known for a year, and Pan ever since she was born!…..i love them both* He walked back into the house,
K: are we going to annpuce it? She said excitdely
T: trunks took a glimpse of Pan's face it was filled with tears she was crying, Yeah…. He stood up on a chair and said excuse me! I have a couple annocements to make, first happy birthday Pan! 21 huh? He smiled to everyone who was looking for Pan but wasn't there, and second to my girlfriend Kelsey I purposed to her today, but I found out it was a mistake. Everyone was silent Kelsey was on the verge of going crazy, I am in love with someone who has been close to me my whole life. I am sorry Kelsey
K: WHAT! Sorry it's that Slut Pan !
T: hey Kelsey! That was so uncalled for!
K: I am leaving!
T; Pan will you marry me?
P: yes she smiled coming in from outside, and hugging him I love you Trunks.
T: I love you too Panny.