Five Steps
by: Ashley

    Bra narrowed her eyes at the couple going into the small house. She wanted to go and scream at them, but what good would it do? She turned around and walked away from the couple.

    'I can't believe him! I thought he liked me!' She thought back to the couple walking into the house. She shook her head. Whatever they had was over. He seemed infatuated with her now.

    'You could have at least warned me not to fall for you, Juu-kun. Why didn't you tell me you had a thing for Pan?' She wrapped her arms around herself as she walked out of the woods.

    Gohan looked at the glass before him. This would be his seventh drink. He growled in frustration. 'Why can't I get drunk!' He lifted the glass and downed it in one gulp. He would kill Trunks tomorrow and find a way to get back at Videl. 'Why did she have to cheat on me? Haven't I always treated her right? I thought she loved me?' He set the empty glass down. His eyes were glued to the glass. 'And Trunks! I treated him like a brother and he repays me by getting my wife pregnat?!' Another low growl escaped his throat.

    "Bartender, another please." He smiled inwardly. The alcohol was having some type of effect on him. His words slurred slightly.

    The bartender stopped wiping the glass and looked at the man. Something didn't seem right about him. "Sir, I think you've had a bit too much. Drinking your sorrows won't do any good." He smiled sympathetically at him.

    Gohan rolled his eyes and was about to ask for his drink again when something caught his eye. "Braa?" His words still had that slight slur to them. He looked directly at the younger woman. "Bra, is that you?"

    Bra stopped and looked for who had called her name. "Gohan?"

    He managed a feeble grin for her. "What are you doing in a place like this?" He patted a stool beside him after he spoke.

    Bra followed his unsaid directions. She looked at the counter and sighed. Her eyes drifted over to him. He had been drinking, a lot. He didn't have that familiar spark that was normally there. "Gohan." she said quietly, "have you been drinking?"

    He looked at her and smiled. "Is it that obvious?" He called the bartender for another drink.

    She shook her head. Her eyes followed the bartender as he brought him another shot. She licked her lips slowly. "Bartender, make that a double."

    Gohan paused in midair bringing the glass to his lips. He looked at her with confusion as she gulped the drink down. "Bra?"

    Bra wiped her mouth and looked over at him. "I've had a bad day," she said like it was obvious to know.

    "Not as bad as mine. Videl cheated on me," he said sad and slowly. He pushed the drink away and looked at her face. "She cheated on me with Trunks. She's pregnant with his kid."

    Bra nodded. She heard the venom and hate in his voice. She reached for his hand and squeezed it. "I know what you mean."

    He looked at her hand before looking back at her face. "You wouldn't understand." He felt her hand tighten around his and her face flush.

    "Don't talk to me like I wouldn't understand." She looked at him with a cold glare. "I know exactly what it means to be cheated on by someone you would give your life to. I understand exactly what it means to be cheated on by someone who was like a sister," her face softened, "in your case a brother." She eased her grip on him but still looked at him sadly. "So don't tell me I don't understand. It feels like a slap in the face, doesn't it?"

    He sighed. She was right. It was some time before he finally responded to him. "So what's your story?"

    She ordered another drink before answering his question. "Juunana-gou and I had a little thing going on. We didn't tell anyone. I think it was like a trial basis thing." She sipped a bit of her hard lemonade. "I went there to see him and I saw him go into the house with someone else. He had that lust crazed look in his eyes," she breathed in deeply before continuing. "He walked in with Pan. It wouldn't have bothered me really but, he never looked at me that way. He's never looked at me with a raw passion burning in his eyes. That is what got me."

    He hung his head. He had nothing to say to her after that. Both of them had a rough day. His eyes went over her frame. She grew to become a pretty girl. "Bra, how old are you now?"

    She set her glass down and looked at him. He was cute in a mature way. She remembered back to when she was younger, he was cute then too. "I'm twenty-three now."

    He nodded his head. 'At least she's legal,' he thought. He hit his head lightly. Where did that thought come from. He shook his head to clear it. It wasn't right to bring someone else into his problems. "Two wrongs don't make a right," he whispered under his breath.

    "Excuse me?"

    "Ohh, nothing. I was just thinking out loud."

    She rolled her eyes at him. "Do I really look that stupid?" She waited for him to turn his head towards her. In a low voice she whispered under her breath to him. "If it makes you feel any better, I was thinking the same thing."

    He looked at her confused. "Bra... no... it's not right," he said softly.

    She laughed lightly. "It's not right what they did to us, why can't we have any fun?" She scooted over towards him. "You can't lie to me Gohan. Admit it, you want this as bad as I do."

    "Yes," he growled. He wanted her badly. This was not him. Maybe it's the alcohol playing tricks on him. His eyes went over her again. Alcohol would not have made him think like this.

    "Stop resisting it Gohan. You know you're sober enough to know what's going on." She laid her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it gently.

    'How can she know me so well? We hardly talk,' he thought. His eyes met hers. 'She just wants to get back at them,' he thought. 'I can't say I blame her,' he thought sadly when Videl and Trunks entered his mind. He didn't look away from her. 'Things can't get more complicated than it already is. W- We both need this.' He stood up and brought her up with him. "Let's go," he said as seductively as he could.

    Bra smiled at him. She was scared and afraid of what was going to happen, but she needed this. Both of them did. Her eyes followed his hands as he paid for both of their bills. "C'mon, lets go to your place."

    She nodded following him out of the door to his car.

    When she opened the door to her apartment she bit the insides of her mouth. She thought briefly if this was the right thing to do before he came and started nipping at her neck. All of her thoughts of resistance soon vanished.

    Gohan began to panic when she opened the door. 'Videl probably wasn't nervous when she did this? Why should you be?' He listened to the voice in his head and advanced towards Bra. When a soft moan was heard he picked her up and took her to where he believed her room was. From then on, he didn't have one guilty thought about what he was doing.


    Bra woke up feeling more tired than normal. She stretched a bit and felt something warm next to her. Her eyes glanced up to meet Gohan's face. "It wasn't a dream," she mumbled. Her hands reached up to trace his jawbone. His hand caught hers.

    Gohan loosed up on his grip of her arm. He opened up one of his eyes lazily. He shut them back quickly. He brought a hand to his head and prayed this was a dream. 'This is not real. This is not real. This is not real. This is not real,' He thought over and over again. When he opened his eyes again she was still there. "Bra..."

    Bra looked up at him expressionless. There was nothing she could say. What they had was just a stress reliever, nothing more. She looked away from him and stood up holding the sheet tight around her. "Gohan, I think you should leave now." She looked at him sadly before leaving her room.

    Gohan looked at her as she walked away. When she was out of eyesight he hit his head again. 'Stupid. Stupid. Stupid," he thought. He should have explained something to her, but would he say?

    He got up off of the bed and looked around for his pants. He put them on before looking for his shirt. When he was fully dressed he walked out of the room. He took one last glance at the bed that held a memory he wished he could erase. He didn't bother to say bye to her, he just left.


    It had been a week since Bra had seen Juunana-gou, Pan, or him. She pushed the food around on her plate. She could give a damn about Pan and Juunana-gou. She wanted him. 'I wonder if it meant anything to him at all? Was it just a one-night stand?' She was about to go back into depression when a knock sounded at her door. She pushed her plate forward and walked to the
door. "Gohan?!"

    Gohan smiled at her shyly as she let him in. Both stood there in silence. When the silence became to overwhelming for him he dropped his act. His eyes became lust filled and a strange fire burned in them. "Bra, please don't tell me that didn't mean anything to you?"

    Bra felt tears sting her eyes from the look in his eyes. She looked away from him when she felt her breathing become faster.

    Gohan felt like kicking himself. Maybe what they did meant nothing to her. He looked away and walked to the door.

    "Where are you going?"

    He looked at her. "I thought you were not inter--" He was cut off when she was pressed up against him. Her mouth found his in a hot kiss. When they finally parted he looked over at her. The same lust filled passion was evident in her eyes. Another pang of guilt washed over him. 'I wonder if this is what Videl felt before...' He wouldn't think about it. If she could do it, so could he. He already hurt Trunks, now he had to get back at her.

    His eyes trailed over her body. He knew this wasn't all about revenge, but it was easier on his conscience if he thought it was. He pulled Bra against him and began to nibble on her ear. He stopped when she pushed him away. "What?!"

    She looked down. She wanted him now more than ever, but she had to know before she gave into temptation. "Will you be here in the morning?"

    Gohan looked at her. He would have done anything she asked. "Yes, and I'll be here tomorrow morning too."

    Bra didn't waste anytime going at him when the words were out of his mouth. She would think about Juunana-gou later. Right now she had him.

Ashley: Umm.... that was different. Should I continue it??
HaRUko^: Now that's an odd couple (O_O); but of course! Continue it! please! ^_^

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