It was a regular Saturday morning at Capsule Corporation and the Briefs were eating breakfast.Mrs.Briefs was cooking some more kabob while Bulma was washing dishes.Vegeta just sat looking at the newspaper sulking as Trunks voraciously ate his breakfast and as Bra was being picky about her oatmeal.

 "Bra,eat your breakfast!"said Bulma.
 "But I don't like oatmeal,"said Bra."It looks disgusting and it probably tastes the same way."
 "God...your such a picky brat,Bra,"Trunks commented."You think everything is disgusting.....even jello."
 "Hey!You can get dirty and ruin your clothes with one dinky drop,"said Bra.
 "Yeah,your clothes are all you even care about,"Trunks replied."Honestly,your four years old and you say 'oh no!My dress is getting wrinkled!Well,I guess that means I have to get a new one. Daddy,can I have some money?'That proves that you are one spoiled brat."

  Bra pulled down her eye lid and stuck out her tongue but her insults never impressed Trunks.Bulma suddenly stopped washing dishes for she saw a strange light outside the window. She put down everything and yelled,"You guys!What the hell is that?"

  Everyone stopped what they were doing and ran outside.They looked up and something came out of the light,which looked similiar to a portal.The object was big and shiny and Bulma and Vegeta easily knew what this was.The figure came down and softly landed on the ground.Trunks peered into the object to see a man who looked similar to him.He had purple hair,wore a Capsule Corporation jacket,black semi-baggy pants,and boots.He walked up to Bulma and smiled saying,"Hello,mom."

 "Hello,Trunks,long time no see,"said Bulma."You've grown and your very good looking."
 "You've become quite strong,I see.But you still aren't as strong as me,"said Vegeta,with a smirk.

 Trunks and Bra just stood there mezmorized by this event.They're jaws were wide open and they were confused.

 "Trunks.......who's that?Why'd she say your name and why does he look like you and why did he come from the sky?"said Bra.
 "I don't know,"said Trunks."But whoever he is,he sure is acting like a hotshot."
 "Trunks!Bra!Come inside.We need to have a discussion,"said Bulma.
 "It's probably about that guy,"said Trunks and he walked inside with his sister.

 Everyone sat at the table while Mrs.Briefs tipitoed downstairs to give Dr.Briefs some breakfast.The man,similar to Trunks kept staring at him and sneering.

 "'ve probably noticed this man right here.Trunks,there's something about this man you should know about,"said Bulma when she got cut off by the man.
 "Mom,why don't I explain.You see.....Trunks.....I'm you.Only I'm you in the future.In fact,the last time I saw you,you were a tiny baby,"said the man.
 "Let me get this straight......your the same person as me,but in the future,and you came here a long time ago,when I was a baby.Right?"said Trunks.
 "Yes,that's correct,"said the man."To not get names mixed up just call me Mirai instead of Trunks.We can tell each other apart this way."
 "So Trun-I mean Mirai....what brings you ere?"asked Bulma.
 "I"m taking a vacation off.I was wondering if I could stay with you guys for a while and besides,I missed you,"said Mirai Trunks.
 "Mirai,all of our vacant rooms seem to be messy so why don't you stay in Trunks' room.This way you two can bond a little bit,"said Bulma.
 "I thank you greatly,"said Mirai Trunks.
 "So,Mirai,what ever happened to your precious sword?"asked Vegeta with a smirk.
 "It broke.....remember?I sure wish I could have another sword but it has to be special and one of a kind........the type I can get used to,"said Mirai Trunks while Trunks was arguing with his mother about Mirai Trunks sleeping in his room.
  "Oh long as he stays one night....then I sleep on my bed again,"said Trunks.

 Bulma lightly shoved Trunks and he turned to look at Mirai Trunks.He walked over to him and reluctantly said,"Mirai....I'll show you to my room.Sorry if it's messy."
 "It's alright.I can clean it up for you,"said Mirai Trunks when he was cut off by Trunks.
 "No!I mean....I can clean it myself,"said Trunks nervously.

 The two counterparts ran upstairs to Trunks' room and sat down.Mirai Trunks walked around looking at the things in Trunks' room.He smiled and looked at Trunks saying,"Wow,even though we're the same people we sure have some differences."
 "We sure do,"mumbled Trunks."Your an unoutgoing goody-two shoes and I'm a outgoing man of style."
 "Well you don't have to worry about me invading your room because my stay won't be prolonged.I'll only be here for one day,"said Mirai Trunks.
 "Good,"mumbled Trunks.
 "TRUNKS!Anzel is here at the door,"called Bulma.
 "Okay!I'm coming.Oh yeah!"said Trunks and he raced ownstairs to the door.
 "Hey,what's up Trunks?"said Anzel.
 "Nothing much.Just some company,"said Trunks and he started to get angry as Mirai Trunks was walking down the stairs.
 "Hey.That must be your company,"Anzel said,looking at Mirai Trunks."Why the hell does he look like you?I thought your mom and dad did'nt have any brother's or sister's so he can't be related?"
 "Yeah,the bad thing is he IS related to me.I know your confused...I'll explain it to you once we get to the skatepark.Just let me get my skateboard,"said Trunks.

  Everything was understood once Trunks and Anzel arrived at the skatepark.Even for Anzel it was hard to believe.

 "Oh.....that's weird.His story seems to be tragic but he does seem like the goody-two-shoes-school-mama's boy,"said Anzel.
 "What?Now I don't know what you just aid but from what I hear about Mirai's mom and him.....he's defenitly a mama's boy,"said Trunks.

 About an hour and a half later the two boys decided to head on home.Trunks layed in his bed and read a "Dr.Slump" manga.Mirai Trunks entered the room and Trunks got irritated. Mirai Trunks sat down and from time to time he kept on staring at Trunks.Trunks noticed this and put down his comic book and ran down the stairs.Just then,the doorbell rang and Anzel was,again,at the door.

 "Hey Trunks.I wanted to ask you something.You see this sword I'm holding?Do you want it.I have too many swords so I thought I'd get rid of at least one of them.You only have one sword but this baby cuts as smoothe as silk,"said Anzel.
 "Maybe I can determine if it cuts as smoothe as silk,"said Mirai Trunks and Trunks got irritated.
 "Who the hell is he?!A stalker?!"Trunks thought.
 "What do you know about swords?"said Anzel.
 "I had a special sword and I learned from using that,"said Mirai Trunks and he tossed back the sword after examining it."It's well made and I think your remark is correct."
 " seem to be attatched to this thing.Now,which one of you wants it?"said Anzel.
 "ME!"said Trunks and Mirai Trunks at the same time.Then both of them started to exchange looks.
 "I think I should have it,seeing that you already have a sword and that mine broke,"said Trunks with a sneer.
 "I........I.....need a new sword.This thing is crummy and I need a new one,"said Trunks pointing at the sword on his back.
 "You know what.To settle this why don't we have a little match?It'll be one on one.Trunks VS'll be a great battle...just like the Tenkaichi Budokai and instead of money the winner will receive the sword,"said Anzel.
 "Yeah,"said Trunks and Mirai Trunks.

   The three boys went into the backyard to finish business.After ten minutes of warming up both men got into position.Trunks took off his Capsule Corporation jacket and threw it on the ground.Trunks did a few stretches and kicks to warm-up.Both future and present Trunks' got into position and Anzel waited to call out "go"

  Trunks made the first move by attacking Mirai head-on(which is pretty stupid).Mirai Trunks kept blocking his attacks and then counter attacked jabbing his stomach and roundhouse kicking him backward.Trunks got up again and blurred behind Mirai Trunks kicking his face and sweeping him to the ground.As Trunks was praising himself(and as Anzel had a huge sweatdrop)Mirai Trunks got up and grabbed his foot and threw him into a wall.Trunks was down and Mirai Trunks had the opporutunity,in which he took,to beat up Trunks.Trunks was on the ground and Mirai Trunks looked down and then looked to Anzel and the sword.

  Anzel was about to give Mirai Trunks the sword when something zipped off grabbing the sword.Mirai Trunks turned around and saw a lady.She was wearing partially baggy pants,boots,short sleaves,she had a big smile,and short black hair[Writer is known to have long hair but when she turns to a woman her hair gets buzzed off by Kuririn,when he practices controling his genki disks].Anzel's face turned red and he sheepishly turned around not facing the lady.

 "Hey!Yo Anzel![surprisingly she still talks slang,lol]This ain't no fair fight. Trunks here-I mean Mirai Trunks is from the future so he's eventually more stronger.I think I can make this better....seein that you two muscle dude counterparts want the sword so bad,why don't you see who's a better swordsman,"said Anzel's mother as she threw both of them swords."I wanna see ya'll fight with swords.This outta be sweet!"
 "Well,Writer,I see you've grown up...but you still haven't changed,"said Mirai Trunks."Well....maybe except or your hair."
 "Mom!You don't have to bud in!"said Anzel,impatiently.
 "Chill sonny!You should be glad,"Writer said,"and not embarrassed of ya own mama."
 "Why the hell does she always have to talk like this?!Why can't she be a normal mom!"'Anzel said.
 "Well,get your swords and fight!"said Writer with a grin.

  Both men flapped their swords into the air and caught them,getting into position.Trunks made the first move by pretending to charge but right when he was near Mirai Trunks he jumped up and summersaulted high up into the air.Mirai Trunks wasn't impressed because he already knew this trick.He quickly turned around and once Trunks landed
on the ground and they began fencing with their swords.After five minutes of fencing there was an outcome.Mirai Trunks trapped Trunks in a corner.When all of Trunks' hopes went down he jumped over Mirai Trunks.Mirai Trunks lifted up his blade and Trunks' leg got and cut and a big droplet of blood fell onto the ground.Trunks fell to the ground touching the huge cut.His hands were drenched with blood.Luckly,Trunks did'nt care and pulled out his sword again.This did'nt help for Mirai Trunks,again,backed him up into a wall.Mirai Trunks then slashed off the blade from Trunks' sword.

 "Whoa,she was right about this thing,"said Mirai Trunks.
 "Well,I get the sword,"said Trunks as he dropped the sword(which had no blade).
 "Give me the sword later.Right now,healing Trunks' huge cut,which i'm responsible for,is what's important,"said Mirai Trunks as Botan(Anzel's younger sister)ran inside to get a cloth and water.

 After fifteen minutes,Trunks' cut was taken care of.

  "I feel guilty about the cut,"said Mirai Trunks."I hurt you.That's why I think you should have the sword.Besides,you tried really hard."
  "Really?"said Trunks.
 "Yeah.I guess I can give up a sword.I at least have my mother,"said Mirai Trunks.
 "What about your dad?You know,Vegeta?"said Trunks.
 "Oh...he's dead.Along with the other Z-fighters.The androids came long ago and practically destroyed all of my town.Luckly,I came here to warn you guys and help out.When I got back I defeated the androids and other harmful beings.My mother and I are the only ones left,"said Mirai Trunks."That's why i like coming over here.You guys act like family to me.Out of everyone,I really like you because your like a brother to me.I never grew up having any brother's or sister's so your the only one that's close."
 "Whoa,I never knew.I've been a jerk all this time,"thought Trunks,feeling guilty.He handed the sword to Mirai Trunks."Mirai,you can have this.You won fair and square.Besides,I already have a sword so this won't do me that much.Come on...take it,man!"

  Both smiled at each other and Mirai Trunks took the sword saying,"Wow.Really?That's really nice of you.Right now,I'll put this dirty cloth where it'll be clean."

 He slipped the sword into his case and out of nowhere,Yoko came by.

 "Hi Trunks.I saw the entire thing.Trunks.....I know you were jealous of him,"said Yoko with a grin as Jawnouchi(Anzel's older brother)and Wratchet(Anzel's younger brother)came out.
 "Yeah Trunks.We all want to know,"they said.
 "So,shoot,"said Writer.
 "Fine!I tell ya'll...I mean you all..................he was more respected then me and betterlooking ,"Trunks said.
 "Excuse me,please verify that last phrase you said,"said Wratchet.
 "FINE!Geez....he was more respected and betterlooking than me.There!Happy?!"said Trunks.


  Mirai Trunks packed up his things and everyone was there to say farewell to him.As Mirai Trunks entered his ship he waved goodbye saying,"Thankyou for all your support!I had fun and I'll hope to see you again!By Trunks!Little bro!"
 "See ya,Trunks!Big bro!"said Trunks waving back to him.

 The time capsule blasted back and everything was the same and boring.Trunks ran back inside to his room and plopped onto the bed looking up at the ceiling.......


Author's Note: This is another fanfic I wrote.I hope you liked it.I worked really hard on it.

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